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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 10 August 2013

People Are Preparing For The Second Coming

Especially since June 2012 when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee year, a great number of people are experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ, who is also known as Yahushua, Yeshua and Isa.

"If anyone of you have not sinned, let you be the first to throw a stone at her"

One of the stories that has been told throughout the generations, is when the men were to about to stone a woman and Jesus Christ stopped them. The lady was set free from being stoned to death that day by the Law of God.

People prepare the way for the second coming with keeping the name of Christ alive. This is done in families, church and community. Today the internet allows people to share their truths and even the interpretation of truth.

This photograph is taken from the public domain. In my vision during prayer in October 2012, suddenly he showed himself returning to earth on a white horse, Not only was the sky black - there were no clouds apparent either. The light radiating from his body was magnified so much brighter white than this - like the sun during the day and radiating a great distance. You will see this.

Some time ago I came across a song written about the relationship between Christ and a woman. The song was heartbreaking with being presented that she was the reason that he was crucified. Perhaps I did not understand correctly. Being someone who has made so many mistakes and known a lot of hurt too, it is through prayer and confession to God, I realise we can be forgiven too.

There are people who do not care who they hurt and do not even consider that there is an afterlife. If we are to follow these people, we might be hurt by these people too. If we are to follow the light, the one who was born to lead us all in truth, even if we trip and fall, make mistakes and even go down the wrong path in life, we can also decide to find the right way again.

Some time ago I wrote an article about a fire destroying the interior of the Tabernacle Temple Church in Provo Utah. Surviving this was the par of a painting of Christ as above. Realising that people may have strayed from the right message and even be misteaching, there is evidently more to this and perhaps, the people had forgotten Christ and this being His Kingdom. That night with eyes closed just to go into a deep sleep, Christ revealed himself to me again with his arms outstretched before me, similar to above.

It is by no accident that masses of people are returning to the faith, bringing their focus on Christ. Seeking forgiveness and living with repentance is more than lip service. We can apologize and yet not everyone is sincere with this. We can go to confession and yet already Christ knows what is written in our heart and mind. He knows if our confession is sincere.

It is so easy to store up feelings from various situations and experiences and these build up like a pressure cooker that can eventually explode. It is easy to ignore our personal process and take our anger (from pain) and frustrations on other people. It is not so easy to become self aware and to take responsibility for personal process. Our words and tone of voice can be far reaching. Our intention with communicating any message to anyone, whether in our personal life or on the internet must be known.

There are people who shout because this is the way they communicate. Using a loud voice on stage in a preaching way, can also be drumming into people what the person wants to say. Personally I respond more to the gentle voices. There are people who are quiet and even shy may with so much to say and yet they hold back; or self doubt. Many voices are often sounded out.

Everyone is given an opportunity for repentance except there are some things that are not forgivable. This includes taking a life of another human being and still it is God who is the judge of what is to happen. There are people making decisions to take lives who are in positions of power power. Some people are doing so to gain and maintain positions of power too. There are people who are in positions carrying out orders given by their overlords too. When people are obedient to oaths, they are taught to conform too.

If Christ can forgive the people who tortured him and nailed him on the cross to die, then he is our teacher by example. We can be sure if we do not learn our lessons, in some way life will teach us the lesson we are meant to know. Jesus Christ was not excusing all the terrible abuses that were taking place in his time, or even to pardon the people from their learning. He was sending a very clear message that these people do not know any different. There are today people who are very cruel and do not know any different.

We are living in a time when millions of children are being raped around our world and the most terrible atrocities are taking place. It is worse because there are the most horrific abuses happening behind the scenes 'in the name of God'. However, Christ made it very clear that people would be better off to cut their own hands and feet off than cause the downfall of children. In other words, resist or suffer the consequences for what will happen as a result of causing the innocent ones to stumble.

In the time when Christ walked on this earth in his ministry, people were given the understanding and guidance that was pure. They people were also shown many miracles and validations of the person as Christ, who the world had been promised as their/our savior. So to be living in a time when a vast number of people do not believe, it might be because they do not want to put their faith into someone who has walked this earth 2000 years ago and then have some overlord claiming they have the right to rule over him.

In the Orthodox Church, God is a loving God who is merciful and forgiving. The expression to Fear God comes from Fearing the consequences if we are to harm anyone, cause the downfall of anyone and mislead anyone 'with taking his name in vain'. In reading Holy Scriptures I have been guided to pages that warn monarchs and condemn the Judges whoa re perverting justice.

Last year I came across a video message that a lady posted on the internet - a message to the Bride of Christ. This message really hit home with suffering and enduring legal corruption with homeless threats as an innocent person. The difference is between my situation and in the time of Christ, lawyers boast they can get away with lying and no one will ever prosecute them. Understanding of accountability is not known by the people who abuse and oppress and yet this dos not make anyone exempt from paying the price.

We can choose to live by the Laws of God 'in context' or be obedient to man. The people who are incapable of living by the Laws of God 'in contact' are subject to the laws of man. When the Law is written by God not to kill, this is because God is the decider of who shall live and who shall die. He is the punisher and Judge of All Mankind - especially those who work in the law courts.

Some time ago I learned about a man who was said to be translating the teaching of Jesus. He was not divinely guided and he was not hearing the Word of God to be carrying out his intention. One day lightning striked him down dead. One women who claimed to know this man spoke of what a good person he was - she did not understand that changing what is already written is forbidden.

There are many people claiming to be Christ, Kings and Emperors by right to rule over people. Then there is the oversell of a baby who is not born to be King and rule over anyone. We do not know what has gone on behind the scenes by the people who defy God. There is no difference between the wannabe Kings and Empowers to the one's who are being sold to the people in the media.

Sacred Majesty means to interpret and serve the Word of God. So this means taking the Holy Scriptures and to study for understanding 'in context' and to also be guided by and deliver the Word of God to people. To be 'crowned' can mean to be spiritually crowned by God and this would reflect with being divinely guided by God. To be Physically Crowned Queen by Right would indicate that person has been chosen by God and Crowned accordingly. However, State employed ministers might place a crown on someone who is not.

We are living in a time when people right at the very top are divided because they know of terrible goings on; yet are powerless to do anything about it. The people right at the very top know there are children being murdered and first born killed. There are people who have been willing to do anything to be in positions - being initiated in rituals too. A society that has fallen is not because of the people. It is because the system in place has been influencing the people and they know it too.

People are quick to say Mary Magdalene was a Prostitute. Even today a mindset of people see a woman associating with men as a prostitute. Imagine, Mary Magdalene, the apostle of the apostles, spent time in the company of many men to learn and teach. In being cleansed of 7 demons, Christ helped purify her (7 Chakras) mind body and emotions so she could be a vessel of divine guidance.

When the King of Netherlands was inaugurated he did not wear a crown. However his solemn oath took place in the New Church. No one who is a sincere believer wants to suffer or instill suffering on any people, whoever they are. In a time when there are truths coming to light and people being named, it is important that people are not looking to 'everyone' in any family as the same. It is important not to look at society in the same way, because one individual has gone the wrong way. This is a delicate time for everyone.

People of faith walk in faith, knowing in some way and at some time wrongs have to be rectified. It is in the burying of mistakes and refusal to put wrongs right that these people have decided that they are not fit to even be ruling over anyone.

Our world has a far greater healing need than people can imagine. It is global peace and healing where the focus is given. It is with addressing the errors of ways to give people an opportunity to put wrongs right. It is in shining the light on what is being revealed so that we are not forced to accept the scripts of other people, to like who we are sold, or to wear, eat, do, drive, and behave to how the influences are conditioning people. There is a eugenics mindset who are unable to consider they might be degenerates.

The system particularly in England has been operating to keep people down and blind. The system continues to lie to the people instead of doing right by the people. A structure of society where people have been conditioned to be in a hierarchy, have been taken away from, or forgotten there is a spiritual hierarchy. Very few people truly believe and trust the authority right at the top.

In UK people are being trained to reject God and to reject Jesus Christ.

History has shown Empires fall and Kingdoms be destroyed. This time people are going to see the Kingdom belonging to Christ is not a sold myth 'as people say to have people to conformity and oppression'. The fake smiles are not sincere.

There is a difference between being a Prophet of God who is delivering the Word and Truth of God, with Visions given by God, than someone using their position to place their interpretation on what they think should happen. Yes warnings have been given of destruction and even I was given a vision of a palace being flattened which was indicating that it will be no more. Whether this takes place literally or is to show me something that has happened in history, to warn people, is known by God Himself.

It might even be a sign to show the end of the British Monarchy!

The meaning of Apcalypse is 'lifting the veil' so that we see clearly. People have been conditioned by people who have been conditioned from generation to generation even to live very destructive lives. The layers of illusion must fall away.

High above on the Hollywood Hills is a land map that is more in line with preparing the way for the second coming. As people are saying America is a Godless country - is this really the truth? What people say and what is the truth are often different. In my learning and discovery, keeping an open mind is necessary. There is a difference between teachers who deliver information and people who deliver understanding. My sharing includes my learning and what is being given to share. Keep an open mind.

Just listening to this gentleman, sharing and searching, his gentle way is also humble in seeking the truth in prayer to be guided in the right way. It is with sincerity of heart that we are going to hear the Lord's Voice to lead us to truth.

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms 91:1-2

When you first start to hear 'divine guidance' you might be hearing only a few words. What you will discover is, what you are given will be relevant and validation will be given too. If you seek the truth you will be guided in truth.

People who are spiritually enlightened and divinely guided, are not up on stage preaching, or even want to be in the public eye. These people are not seeking or wanting any puppet overlord who has no right to rule over anyone. If people really want to know Christ, they can do so by communicating directly with him and not through a mediator. Over time people are claiming to be mediators for Jesus Christ, yet not encouraging personal relationships with him. Through Christ truth is revealed.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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