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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Green Chippy East Asia Greek Family Owned

'Paul Bradbury and his wife Rachel took over the Chippy On The Green, in Hapton Road, Padiham, Lancashire less than a fortnight ago. He insists customers 'want to know they are going to be served by somebody English' - even though the shop had previously been run by English people of East Asian descent and of Greek descent.'

Green Lancashire countryside is known as Red Rose County.

East Asian and Greek bloodlines have been given the Spiritual Wisdom to share with people and be the protectors of people too. British people have rejected their own family.

Sian Green, who is British, has the name meaning Princess of Asia. While the colour Green is often associated with Ireland, this is 'emerald isles'. The emerald is a mineral. There is Greenland. Also England is known for Green and pleasant land. Jerusalem by William Blake.

With the name Paul, how many British people remember Saint Paul? There is Saint Paul's Cathedral in London and if I recall a recent flood in London where the main pipes burst, St. Paul's Church appears to be on the hill, from googlemaps. The sign is in Royal Blue with Yellow writing.

Rachel is my French Grandmother's middle name.

Rachel meaning "ewe", as described in the Bible, the favorite wife of Jacob, one of the three Biblical Patriarchs. Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

After Joseph's birth, Jacob decided to return to the land of Canaan with his two wives, Leah and Rachel, and twelve children. His father-in-law. Laban chased him and accused him of stealing his idols. Indeed, Rachel had taken her father's idols, hidden them inside her camel's seat cushion. Not knowing that the idols were in his wife's possession, Jacob pronounced a curse on whoever had them: "With whoever you will find your gods, he will not live" (Genesis 31:32).

Laban proceeded to search the tents of Jacob and his wives, but when he came to Rachel's tent, she told her father, "Let not my lord be angered that I cannot rise up before you, for the way of women is upon me" (Genesis 31:35). Laban left her alone. The curse Jacob had pronounced came true shortly thereafter when she gave birth to Benjamin, she died in labor.

Rachel's son, Joseph, became the leader of Israel's tribes.

Joseph, prepared the way in Egypt for his family's exile there.

The Mashiach ben Yosef (Messiah, son of Joseph), 'in the Rabbinic Jewish view, will fight the apocalyptic Wars of Gog and Magog, preparing the way for the kingship of Mashiach ben David (Messiah, son of David) and the messianic age.'

'Mordechai, the hero of the Book of Esther, and Queen Esther herself, were descendants of Rachel through her son Benjamin.'

A local from Lancashire told me Chippy means carpenter.

The fish is a symbol connected with early Christians.

Fish and Chips.... The expression 'chip off the old block' also 'the old oak tree'. The Royal Oak is named accordingly with public houses named too.

The East Asian and Greek family have moved on

There is a difference with Vikings and King of Kings.

The Goddess is connected with Greece and Asia.

The Green Goddess...

A man told me the other day he was a soldier of Gaia. Mother earth caretaker....I told him to take the day off and to remember this land that belongs to Jesus Christ. He did not. He doubts Christ ever lived. Millions of people in UK reject Jesus Christ and HIS ROYAL Family.

There are signs everywhere. The mind does have the ability to understand beyond what it is told and sold. If you reject people from other lands, you reject Jesus Christ too.

Far too many British people are racist and judge people by the colour of their skin. Or rather they misjudge people. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing and men who wear wigs.

Beware of false idols...

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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