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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Valencia: Lladro - The Hand of Justice Lawyer

So much has happened in these last couple of days and yet so little at all. Who would think that gifts from someone, can bring messages of relevance in this time? Again this is so.

Recently I was hearing 'The Jews are Ruling from Valencia'

After writing articles, still there is more to come to light, and the media articles, by looking at the images, is bringing even more information to light too. So much information.

This is how providence works to bring the truth to people.

After writing my article about the passing of Prince Frisco of the Netherlands, something happened. Someone knocked on my door to give me some ornaments and paintings - prints.

Two of the ornaments are Lladro figurines from 'Valencia'

What a find to discover the Hand of Justice Lawyer now.

Just now while looking at something, I was guided to discover this Lldro figurine by looking on the internet. This is not what I have. It Validates The Hand of Justice from Valencia.

A Lawyer and Judge, when ethical is under the authority of God. They have the obligation to take due care to administer Justice and whatever they may say, they are accountable too.

All ethical lawyers know the value of their degree and the burden of responsibility 'that is on THEIR shoulders' when they make errors in judgement and pervert the course of justice.

In Switzerland a few 'greedy' lawyers are in prison.

What is most profound, my Dutch friend has almost perfect 'Star of David' in his natal chart by 1 degree. He also has a Law degree of an exceptionally standard.

My Dutch friend made a point that he took his oath very seriously to God to be a lawyer. He did not take his oath to Queen Elizabeth 'who is a symbol' - actually the Crown is a Symbol that ALL people, especially the Queen is under the authority of God and there is always a back up plan.

Ancient Egypt was destroyed by the Wrath of God and the Israelite slaves were led into the Holy Land where they were instructed to be obedient to the Law of God, not the rule of man.

The Star of David is in the Flag of Israel.

The Rule in England is that NO ONE who is not a lawyer can become the head of a Law Corporation. The law was made that the future monarch comes from the Church of England too. So when the laws are manipulated, is this keeping a structure of people preserving their interests and disregarding the best interests of the people. Also Usury is promoted by God Mockers in UK.

With Prince William being 'given an honorary law degree' and being openly publicised was so that he could be the Head of a Law Corporation. This was said at the time and recently I was guided to discover that an eternal Court corporation has been set up. The corporation has the Master with the title Lord King William with heir apparent, the same name as William's brother Henry.

An Honorary law degree has as much merit as Diploma Mills.

If William knowing his position had studied law as did Princess Beatrix of Netherlands, his degree would be credible and any honor in recognition that is given to son the bases of ethical work would not be in question. When I was being asked to reconsider taking a law degree, I was then put in a very vulnerable position, to prevent me in doing so. I am not in position to prosecute corrupt lawyers and provide free legal help for innocent people in prison by their crimes.

What calculated manipulators do not realise, there are people who are Jewish who know THE LAW and GOD'S LAW TOO. Someone Jewish said the British royal family are Pretenders.

1. One who simulates, pretends, or alleges falsely; a hypocrite or dissembler.
2. One who sets forth a claim, especially a claimant to a throne.
In particular - a claimant to the throne or to the office of ruler (usually without just title)

The Queen is sitting in a position as the Font of Honor and the Font of JUSTICE! When for 30 years that I know of there is a huge problem with injustice and human rights abuses.

There is a reason why Jewish people were chosen, in the divine plan. First they have been given the Oracle of God. After being tested very severely, it is from the Jewish people who were found to be tribes 'who are obedient to the True God'. Everyone is tested, very severely.

People who make mistakes are given chances to put wrongs right. People who take an oath of office and then refuse to do with, especially to work for justice need to rethink their job.

Some time back I asked my lawyer friend about the Holy Land and what he thought - He replied over the telephone (so this known by those who monitor our calls) 'Both have a right to exist and live side by side in peace' - The Lawyer who does not work for money as a priority said this.

King Solomon, was given a choice and asked for what he wanted and he said 'Wisdom'. Not ignoring that the Queen of Sheba came and sought him out and she was also the Queen of Wisdom.

The Dutch Lawyer asks questions. He is searching for truth.

The truth is always very clear to see. Truth is validated.

Jesus Christ said "The Jews are Ruling from Valencia"

The King of Spain is also The King of Jerusalem.

Muslims, Jews and Orthodox Christians wait for Christ to return. My lawyer friend was so angry when asked 'When is Jesus going to return'? He is a Protestant. He also said 'why does God not put right all the wrongs in the world' - He has set things right for people for man to learn the lesson.

There are many times I pulled back from situations and declined opportunities, because I knew my limitations. Also I am from a spiritual school of understanding not to earn 'dirty money'. If the only job available was to be a soldier and kill people - I would never do it.

The monarchs have been possessors of land, that is supposed to be preserving the land, 1) to ensure people can live safely and thrive, 2) to ensure that no injustice is done 3) to keep this land until Christ returns where he will rule from This World Kingdom with the Righteous Law of God.

Someone with the title Master - does not mean he is. Someone with the title Lord, does not make him Equal to Christ. There is a difference between a Viking and The King of Kings!

Without ethical Justice, people suffer. Assisting in the theft of the Acropolis marbles, where was once the Seat of God's government on earth; says it all. If a system does not have God as the Ruling authority, then what entity are people pledging their allegiance and obedience to?

I am no lawyer....but there are enough scriptures to warn officials that injustice is inexcusable. Thrones in history have been overturned and this is expected again. The difference is 'it will be an inside job'. Perhaps the wizard wand waving royals signed their own exit card too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement intended.

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