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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Washington & Imperial Byzantine Connection

From my previous article, it has been shown that George Washington was divinely guided and the people at the time would be, as they are today aware of Providence. The meaning of Providence is with God's ever active presence upholding this planet. Evidently man still has not learned to Trust HIM.

Just yesterday I was looking at the Dolce and Gabbana Byzantine Sicilian collection. This also provides evidence of why I was guided to 'see' a connection in a Sicilian years ago.

In looking at the blue detail on the design of this dress, this is much like has been included in the depiction of George Washington inside the Temple as can be seen above.

Not writing yet about this collection, evidently because of my Greek heritage, this caught my attention. Inside Hagia Sophia Cathedral, Byzantine mosaic is seen and found in other parts of Europe, including Sicily. In Europe and Middle East, also a large percentage of Jewish people are religious as in they take God very seriously and being obedient to His Laws.

Katy Perry was pictured wearing the Byzantine Cathedral Crown, at the Metropolitan Ball in New York. Already I had another lucid dream that showed Kate Middleton being photographed 'pretending' to pray inside a Mosque to appeal to Muslims. The pictures taken were published.

A crowning ceremony took place in Saint Barnabas Cathedral in the Solomon Islands. Perhaps William and Kate can explain to the world, because I was not there! Katy Perry wearing a Cathedral crown, shares the same forenames as Kate Middleton, spelt differently. Ms. Middleton suddenly wanting to be known as Catherine, married on Saint Catherine's day, wearing a Halo tiara - all staged.

Lady Gaga wearing a full crown of flowers on her head, wearing deep emerald green, at the Treacy fashion show in London September 2012. The timing of this is just after the Secret Crowning ceremony takes place. Lady Gaga has also made reference to Princess High.

Jesus Christ appeared in my dream 'standing' inside the Patriarchate of Constantinople, wearing black radiating gold light from his body in the shape of a large Gold Cross, to alert me, so I discovered. This happened on the 9th May 2013. On the 10th May the Turkish media published an assassination plot on His Holiness Bartholomew - Skyfall 007 movie was centred around Istanbul too.

"What I tell you in darkness you must speak in the daylight, and what is whispered in your ear you must shout from the housetops." Matthew 10:2

Looking closely as this particular dress the dark stones are green in colour, with crystal clear and not knowing the detail of the gems used to create these fine garmets This is heavily embroidered with gold and what appears to be rose gold coloured thread. Other gems used are red. In front and above the head is a diadem to show that the designers recognise being spiritually crowned.

Because Journalists have been murdered and people are scared to speak out, there are other ways to bring the truth to light including creative expression. Sometimes pictures can speak a thousand words. Understanding the messages means looking at the hidden meaning.

"The look is inspired by fantastic cathedrals, like Monreale in Sicily, which is very Byzantine, very rich with incredible icons," said makeup artist Pat McGrath. "Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana wanted the girls to be more aristocratic, sophisticated, chic. It's a nod to couture, but modern at the same time." Notice several of the models are wearing crowns.

Throughout Europe and Asia, people have been encouraged to evolve spiritually. The Buddha was born Royal Prince and spiritually enlightened. He was born spiritually crowned.

There is a difference between a Viking and a King of Kings.

These gold crowns are symbolically shown that the crown wearers are connected to the angelic realm and divinely guided in this way. The heavy crucifix earings are symbolically showing that they are hearing Jesus Christ as many people are today. This is an important message.

The divine plan is not to have self appointed overlords, while people who are all born from one family of humanity are regarded as lesser beings. Promises were made to people.

George Washington was and is instrumental to deliver the truth and there the divine plan to restore the Holy Temple Church. The Jewish people speak of rebuilding the Temple too.

The Lion is an astrological symbol, Leo the Lion of Judah. Again we are shown the four petal design with the Lion on top in a ring with blue and red gems.

Last year I was given a gift, a reclining crowned Buddha. On the crown is depicted red gems and on the gold clothes red and blue gems. One of the children who has chosen the name 'Michael' told me when that Jesus Christ visited him (he appeared through the ceiling) he was wearing a gold crown with red and blue stones. In this visit Jesus spoke and said Peace be with you'.

People are creatively inspired, even to bring designs, this is meant to be. Orthodox Christianity pertains to Spirituality. People are encouraged to be like Christ, to attain Christ consciousness, this means with pure heart and pure intentions; necessary to be divinely guided too.

Yesterday the four year old who Christ appeared to, told me 'Jesus is the King.' Asking him how he knows this he replied 'Jesus told me'. The innocence of children.

Many artists and designers are bringing beautiful creations. Inspired heart is bringing a message to know. People are being reminded of the Byzantine origins

Within Hagia Sophia is Jesus Christ - Pantokrator. The meaning of Pantokrator means ever ruler. I really do not know why some people take issue with this truth. Truth is Truth.

'Of all the major Fall Winter 2013 collections, none made more accessory impact than Dolce & Gabbana. Keeping with the theme of its collection, which was inspired by the treasures at Santa Maria Nuova Cathedral' - Inspired by the Treasures at Saint Maria New Cathedral.

Santa Maria Nuova Cathedral, Monreale Sicily, Italy.

Having known people from Sicily, I also experienced a profound connection as if we could be related. Of course that is a silly thing to say when we are all related in some way.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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