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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Yellow NY Cab Severs Leg of British Sian

Yesterday I wrote of my experience traveling to Manchester - the title Torcross Road, Heaton Park Manchester. Just now I have seen a crash report of a Yellow Cab in New York.

The Daily Mail wrote 'An out-of control New York City taxi has hit a cyclist beneath the Rockefeller Center and plowed into a British tourist, severing her leg in a dramatic mid-morning scene.

TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has an office nearby, was among the people who rushed to help 23-year-old Sian Green. A plumber used his belt to make a life-saving tourniquet for the woman's leg while a pizza truck owner raced to put her severed foot on ice.

Ms Green, who arrived from England last night, had reportedly just bought a hot dog and was eating it by the fountain with a female friend when she was hit by the cab.

Witnesses said the vehicle was on Sixth Avenue and 49th Street just after 11am when it tried to avoid the cyclist but hit him before jumping the curb, crashing into the woman and coming to a stop by a fountain.'

Yellow is a colour that is connected with Christ 'that I see to pay attention to the message'. This is yet another terrible incident where the media has brought to our attention, just one out of thousands of car crashes every day. This is s happening for a reason.

There are a number of photographs on the main article.

Just with the above, there is a black kiosk type building and my thoughts were 'black box', as in recording device. There are cameras everywhere now that record details of everything and everyone. The photograph above also has the car mounted up on one side, giving the impression of a wheel missing, although it could be that the photo is taken this way.

Why do cars spin out of control? I have been in a car crash where an invisible force took over my steering wheel. Also a few months ago an invisible force pushed me down the stairs. In telling my doctor that I am under spiritual attack, wanting some medications for asthma - he must have tried 10 times and could not get into his computer to print the prescription.

These freak accidents are not happening without reason.

Just yesterday I wrote about the Healthcare alliance and here is an article with a famous doctor who has come to the scene to help. The plumber also was perhaps a lifesaver for this young woman who took his belt off - thank God he knew what to do in this situation. And the Pizza truck owner too, was able to help and preserve her leg, so perhaps it can be reattached in surgery.

'Heroic: In an image he shared on Facebook, Dr Mehmet Oz, left, poses with plumber David Justino, who Oz praised for his quick action when he took off his belt to act as a tourniquet on the woman's leg'

Mehmet is another name of Michael. Michael is also the name of an Archangel who is the protector of Israel. Oz, is a reminder of the Wizard of Oz and also Oz being a term used to refer to Australia. David Justino, is a reminder of King David and the Just King. The pizza most often connected with Italy and Rome. We see something extraordinary in this scenario to help.

The Muslims, Jews and Romans have not always been best of friends. It took this terrible situation where a young women was thrown in the air and lost her leg, for people from different backgrounds and cultures to come together to help and make sure the girl is to get medical care. This girl was not am American, she was British and no one could plan an accident would happen.

A few years ago I had a series of visions to pen for a movie. One scene was very different than this, someone was robbed and pushed - they were hurt and fell to the floor. People were walking past and ignoring not wanting to get involved. Suddenly a man Doctor ran from a cross the road and helped the lady, ordering an ambulance and this person had no money or insurance. The Doctor became her angel that day and settled the bill - there was no charge at all.

The name of the British tourist who was injured, Sian Green brings to mind the film 'The King and I' with Yul Brenner and Julie Andrews. Sian or Xian is a city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC. Was there an Empress, who protected the earth?

China is in Asia and as discussed in other articles, the Crown of Asia is connected with the Churches in the Book of Revelation. The Holy Bible has been published in over 100 different languages and so people in Asia know about Christ too. Globally people wait for his return. While China is often most associated with Buddhism, Buddha was a Royal Prince who was born Spiritually Enlightened. Since the ancient times, the Wisdom Teachers enable people to evolve accordingly.

With the British Sian being injured in New York, I hope this is not another sign that the wizard wand wavers are trying to injure someone who connects all the Ancient Churches of Asia?

With this crash happening beneath the Rockerfeller Center, also what is seen is granite marble. A rose gold colour while not the same colour of what was revealed to me in my vision seeing the Ark of the Covenant in Heaven, it is a reminder of God's Laws to be established now.

There is also in Turkey a place named Marmara that translates into Marble. Marmara caught the international attention when the flotilla sailed to Israel and what was to happen next was traumatic, horrific and devastating too. In Istanbul, Turkey is Hagia Sophia and people in the know, also know that the successor to wear the 'spiritual crown' must be connected to this Church.

Of the crash, witnesses told Fox that 'multiple people' were hit.

'As we were crossing [the street] with other pedestrians, the cab started to pull into the crosswalk,' said witness Jeffrey Hayes, who is in town from Massachusetts to visit family.

'The was a man riding along this way on his bicycle with a backpack and he got picked up by the cabbie and was thrown up on the hood and up on his windshield.

'The cab really accelerated at a great speed. We couldn't believe it,' he said. 'It smashed into the barrier here. There was a woman... It just nailed her.'

The other day older children said they saw Jesus in black carrying a cross and nails, No blood. They said he looked really ill and pale. When he disappeared, he vanished in Purple White and Black dust. Asking the child to explain he said 'like the dust of Death Magic'. I knew it was a warning of danger and what these children thought was Jesus, may have been a demonic manifestation.

Before the Olympic games in London, I read a report that was writing of a bomb explosion killing 13,000 people and wrote about it openly. There are people who want to get rid of the British royals and it is shown how they manipulate to keep positions and possess lands. Ethical people of high intelligence and people with integrity do not want wizard waving overlords.

New York, the City that never sleeps, holds also many truths in this land area. Learning about the Dutch immigrants who set up their home in 'the New Netherlands' and learning there is land that was part of Holland under water now. New York, a City where there is tremendous wealth and yet tremendous poverty and homelessness too. A city that has grown to become what it is because of the people, from an international community, is also home of the Headquarters of the United Nations too.

New York is where the Metropolitan ball was held, when Katy Perry wore the Cathedral Crown and Dolce and Gabbana Byzantine Inspired dress. Metropolitan means Mother City.

My thoughts and prayers go out Sian and all who were injured. Also much appreciation to all the public servants and healers who reach out to help people, especially in need. From this we are shown the breaking down of barriers and people coming together in a crisis. It does not take war to bring people together and to realise, in perspective, what is really important in life.

Earlier I was meant to go somewhere on public transport. A feeling inside was concern something might happen. Reading this makes me feel sick. There are people who want powers, including the power to maim and kill innocent people. Kate and William asked for the power to be invisible.

It was by reading something a Muslim wrote, there are people who can cause injury to people just by knowing their mother's name. Was Athena the Empress of Asia? Just a thought.

What is the name of the mother of Sian Green?

The name Sian means Princess of Light!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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