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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Princess Diana: Looking At Why She was Killed

An article in the Daily Mail is now revealing information that was kept quiet years ago. Perhaps with people speaking out, evidence and confessions being in the public domain, no longer can the truth be hidden. Diana being pregnant and having a scan has been openly discussed too.

'The allegation that Princess Diana was murdered by the SAS is under investigation'

It is in coming across articles by people in the know of what is happening, that we begin to learn that actually we are living in a world run by cold blooded killers.

Annie Machon Ex-MI5 discovered grave criminal misdeeds by the intelligence services on behalf of the British government, she decided to leave the service and expose the truth.

Diana's death came at a time when about to campaign on behalf of the Palestinians, becomes the most profound and significant revelation by Annie who is a credible resource of information.

These days I have been looking for evidence about 'the light flash' before the car crash. Thank You Daily Mail for providing this information. Just seconds before the train crash in Spain killing a large amount of people, there was also a very bright light caught on film too.

Back in 2007, the Daily Mail published an article with the headline 'Diana: The unseen evidence which has been mysteriously ignored until now' - The UK Legal system has mastery of fob offs.

What is blatantly apparent, the world sits and watches while the British Justice system obstruct and corrupt Justice. When British Justice officials are complicit in perverting of the course of justice, the Crimes against humanity grow because no one is bringing them to an end.

The information has been provided is for a reason.

Zooming closer to see that these digital images show a dark navy blue car behind the black Mercedes that Diana was traveling with Dodi AlFayed, the driver and her bodyguard

Someone from Newcastle Wrote: "Maybe Diana wasn't the intended victim. Mission may have been deemed to be successful because it was obvious that another person in the car was definitely deceased." - Jules , Newcastle, Australia, 31/8/2013 10:39

With a car traveling close behind with full beam headlight and the flashlight coming from the front the driver would be surely blinded. If I recall the white uno disappeared.

The Daily Mail have indicated this was a preplanned collision with intent at high speed to seriously injure, and possibly 'paralyse' Diana. (How many times has this happened before?)

The image shows someone dressed in dark blue who went to check that Diana was hurt. However, if we look closer, the image is presented before the car had been crushed.

People are openly saying Diana was Murdered. This instinctive reaction is without evidence. People are not commonly aware that sorcery is taking place to disable people. Murder is a serious crime. Intention to cause injury or death to someone is a very serious crime indeed.

My previous article provides evidence of a former MI5 officer who states that if officials report murder they can be prosecuted for breaking the official Secrets A ct law.

With officials scared to rock the boat - Evil acts escalate.

Diana did not die in this car crash. She died afterwards.

The shocking picture of this car, brought back a memory of seeing the car that my mother was in before she became paralysed from the neck downwards, at 12 years old. The blue colour worn by officials, is one I have been trying to place - found to be in Paris, France.

'Conspiracy theories have long surrounded Diana's death in Paris in 1997 despite the official finding that it was an accident caused by paparazzi photographers' - unless there is evidence there is no proof. We can build a picture from what we know. One report said the cameras that were usually on 'were turned around' - credible witnesses are vital to build the picture of truth.

Muhammad has spoken out angrily about the British establishment and Prince Phillip. This car crash stole his son's life too. A letter from Diana being injured in a car crash was published in the Daily Mail. If this letter was handed over to officials it would have surely vanished.

The Daily Telegraph headline Princess Diana letter: 'Charles plans to kill me' The note written by Diana, Princess of Wales to her butler Paul Burrell.

Spencer - Diana's maiden name. The name of the Spencer Court building in Newburn, Newcastle - the physical building being created to set up the corporate entity of a Law Court too! When royals disregard Royal Law and the Highest authority, people are no longer safe.

The Daily Telegraph Headlines Today : The sun goes down on the Althorp shrine to Diana, Princess of Wales - The commercial exploitation of the Princess’s life is coming to an abrupt end in Britain and America.

The 31st August marks the 16th anniversary of Diana's death.

Diana's body rests at Althorp, on an island in the Round Oval lake. Thousands of people come each year to visit and pay their respects.

This week Charles, the ninth Earl Spencer, mingled with the crowds and signed copies of the books he has sedulously written in the years since his sister’s death. One, a slim, silk-bound copy of the incendiary address he delivered at her funeral, sells for £25.

'Althorp shut its doors yesterday and when they reopen next spring virtually all trace of the Spencers’ best-loved daughter will have disappeared. The sandstone stable-block which houses a standing memorial to the Princess will have returned to other uses, the nearby cafe and shop closed and shuttered.'

All will remain is merely a stone temple bearing her name, and an elegant column marking the place of her burial.

In Manchester, I noticed a former underground toilet being converted to the Temple Bar, strategically placed. Perhaps this is the temple above the ground that connects with this.

Diana's foundation has made £ millions for the lawyers. The commercial rewards from profiting since Diana's death has been seen for what is was planned to be right at the start. The selling or royal trinkets of Kate and William and now a baby is also highly profitable too.

Another depiction of the life of Diana is being filmed with Naomi Watts, a 44 year old actress. This is not the first with commercial interests guaranteed to gain, with Diana's name. In another aspect, by keeping the name of Diana alive, is so people do not forget what happened.

When my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards, then years later died, for many years since were really difficult, to try and comprehend 'why this happened'. Now I know from personal experience that Diana has served a far greater purpose and continues to do so. Diana was brave and selfless, she was the example to set for her extensive family and the royals to learn from.

When Diana campaigned against landmines - she set the example for other royals to address real issues as they are wanting positions of power to bring change. If the Queen cannot make a decision to end the wars, what power has she got? The Queen is not ending injustice either.

The Independent headlines: IoS Investigation: The shocking truth about landmines As casualties from landmines rise for the first time in years, campaigners say another Diana figure is needed to revive international will to tackle a terrible legacy of war

Diana wears on her front The Halo Trust logo and Red Cross Badge too. In 2010, Prince Charles has renewed his commitment to the British Red Cross by signing up to another five years as the charity’s President. The causes of the need created is not being addressed and resolved.

Diana was killed before campaigning FOR the Palestinians!

The sad thing is the monarchy is an industry and if Diana had not married Charles, people would not have been so keen to profit from her life and death. One significant way to remember Diana would be to light a candle in her memory and keep the love she shared and replicate that.

Today there is a point of light in Paris - a monument built in the form of a golden flame. The Flame of Liberty at the bridge's north end has become an unofficial memorial to Diana. In France, is where the Princess died, so as with other tragedies and catastrophes more will come to light.

When a King dies, people say 'the King is dead, long live the King'. When the Queen dies, the people might say the 'Queen is dead, long live the Queen'. When Princess Diana died, if she was murdered, what was the real reason, we will never know. The Truth is Known in the heavens!

When Diana died, she appeared in a dream and we had a conversation 'as if' she was alive - sitting together on an 'Embankment' in London. We went together into Buckingham Palace and encountered the Queen who acknowledged us both. Diana said she is FREE now and SHE KNEW MY PLANS. She said: "MANY PEOPLE LIKE ME NEED YOUR HELP - PROMISE ME YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP!"

If Diana Knew my plans, so did her husband and the Queen.

The freak car crash that was likely meant to be to paralyse me in 1982, happened at high speed, two rear tyres burst after a truck pulled in front of me spilling builders nails. Then the steering wheel spinning uncontrollably and my car hit the crash barriers in three places the motorway serviceman said. A decade later I was warned of being in danger from 'black magic' - I was told of Master magicians and realised this must be being born in the Imperial bloodline.

Diana was a rear seat passenger with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, when the Mercedes car smashed into the 13th column of the Pont D'Alma road tunnel in Paris at 12.23am on Sunday, August 31, 1997.'

The Engagement Ring: On October 2007 Mail Online (Daily Mail) headlines: Diana jeweller: It WAS an engagement ring, but police made me change my story

Mr Repossi claimed that the late Princess personally chose the ring from the Dis Moi Oui (Tell Me Yes) collection during a visit to his Monte Carlo shop in early August 1997.

Mr Fayed then collected the ring from his Paris shop, close to the Ritz hotel, just hours before the couple died on August 31.' - the evidence is here with references below.

Looking at the Roadmap in Paris, this is revealing.

Pont de l'Alma (Alma Bridge in English) was named to commemorate the Battle of Alma during the Crimean War, in which the Franco-British alliance achieved victory over the Russian army on 20 September 1854.

The Quai d’Orsay is part of the left bank of the Seine, The Quai becomes the Quai Anatole-France (fr) east of the Palais Bourbon, and the Quai Branly west of the Pont de l'Alma. (Anatolia France connects France with ancient Greece seen here)

Tuileries Palace: Since 2003, the national committee have proposed to rebuild the Tuileries Palace. 'The Tuileries Palace was a royal and imperial palace, the usual Parisian residence of most French monarchs, from Henry IV to Napoleon III, until it was destroyed in 1871.

Across on the other side of the bridge. Av. de NEW YORK, Cours Albert Ier and Cours la Reine run along the embankment. From Pont de l'Alma, Av George V leads to Champs Elyses, leads to a 12 pointed star effect - 12 roads meeting one center point.

Above Cours la Reine 'Madeleine' and Pl de la Madeleine and Madeleine Catholic Church. Roads and landmarks: Rue d'Anjou (Plantagenets) Mercure Paris Royal Madeleine, Queen Mary (Queen Mary 2) Hotel Royal Opera, Hotel Athenee (Athens) Hotel St. Petersburg (Russia), Hotel Sydney Opera (Australia) Theatre Edouard VII, Square Louis XVI (was Mary Magdalene related) Also Hotel du Triangle d'or (Triangle of Gold connects with Mount Athos)

Cours la Reine is a garden promenade created in 1616 by Queen Marie de Medicis between the Place de la Concorde and the Place du Canada, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

(Readers might remember the French publishing topless photos of Kate Middleton with the headline LA REGINA A NUDA) Was the media letting the world know the Queen is Exposed?

Zooming closer 'road names change' Voie George Pompidou - Prime Minister who facilitated the accession of the United Kingdom to the European Community on 1st January 1973.

Pont de l'Alma - red arrow. At the far side of the image Ave Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister is connected with Pont Alexandre III - A former Russian Emperor. These roads also lead to Avenue des Champs Elysees - this connection is most important to discover.

Diana knew the plans and agenda of her husband and family.

The Royal family knew if Diana had a baby girl from Dodi with her lineage, her daughter, with his Egyptian heritage could be a born Princess. This is likely one reason why she was stripped of her HRH status. With Diana gone, the British monarchy continues; hiding many secrets.

Diana Dodi Memorial Harrods, London. Where the pyramid is also

In the East, the Royal lineage has been through the Mother. The spiritual key is seen held by the Egyptian Goddess - born a Princess. The Ankh is known as the Key of Life.

Innocent Victims Memorial - Harrods, London.

Diana was far from stupid. She discovered once married the fairy tale was not quite as it seems. We cannot turn the clock back. Diana's choice was to help people and make a positive difference. She wanted to be remembered as the Queen of Hearts. The Power Diana chose was to Love!

Charles threw away a very precious heart. His choice!

On the day I was injured in a minor car crash, 19th November 1999 (19111999 a combination of numbers) Mohammad Al Fayed was in Court with the Hamiltons so speaking to him was not possible in my original planned journey. At that time I wanted to offer my condolences in person.

According to BBC News report: Desmond Browne QC had told the High Court Mr al-Fayed had "forfeited all sympathy" through his reaction to the accident in Paris two years ago.

Seeking to depict the Egyptian-born tycoon as a habitual liar and a bully, the lawyer suggested his account of the deaths was false.

"What Mr al-Fayed has said repeatedly is that to prevent the forthcoming marriage of Dodi and the Princess of Wales they were murdered by British intelligence on the direction of Prince Philip," Mr Browne said.
Mr. Al-Fayed took his oath on the Koran.

At the inquest in London 'on 18 February 2008, Fayed accused The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales of killing Diana and Dodi because the Prince was furious that Diana was dating Dodi.'

The British legal system had many chances 'under the watchful eye of Allah/God Almighty - The All Seeing and All Knowing God. The Wrath of God is not known by the God Mockers.

The world is watching what is going on. I hope and pray that Mohammad Al Fayed can have some closure as the truth comes to light, this way the grieving process can be complete.

The Daily Mirror on 18th September 2012 headlines 'new topless pictures fury at lawyers slur'. In the French Court, Kate Middleton sued in her maiden name. In England, refusal for redress for justice and compensation, The British royals ran to claim compensation in this case. Says it all

The overturning of a carriage, with the image of what looked like Diana was eerie! The Egyptians believe in reincarnation of the soul. Media reports of Kate Middleton's pregnancy said she had signs of expecting a baby girl with her aggressive sickness. A boy was presented.

There is so much we do not know. God KNOWS EVERYTHING!

'THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN, that will not be revealed and nothing concealed that will not be brought out in the open' (Luke 8:17, Luke 12:2, Matthew 10:26)

In closing, I refused to be a lawyer, even though my father said I would be a very fair judge - IF I had chosen this career path, I would be prosecuting corrupt lawyers and getting them struck off. Even with what has come to light in relation to Diana, The Firm, is a Corporate Empire!

Diana Spirit lives on as an instrument to bring TRUTH.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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