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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Mystery of the Mary Magdalene Rose

In my last article, the reincarnation of souls has been raised to people's awareness to understand. We are all here to learn lessons, to heal grow and evolve spiritually.

With Goddess Lakshmi being worshiped as consort of Vishnu, both have had their unique role. Lakshmi being Spiritually Enlightened, she would be an intercessor for prayer, spiritual healer and divinely guided too. The images show Lakshmi with a halo being guided and guiding Vishnu.

With Nepal being in Asia, the 7 Churches of Asia are identified in the Holy Bible. The Spiritual Crown is sometimes shown as a physical crown. This means that the person was physically crowned. The Spiritual Crown wearer unites people in peace and with love.

Pink is the colour of unconditional love. There are Pink Palaces named for a reason and as all of what is to be is unfolding, in a given time what is happening is meant to be.

In 1999, a NEW rose named Mary Magdalane was created, The rose is named after the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Albrighton. (All Bright Town etc) 'The rose combines the best qualities of the Old Roses with the vigour of the new. The clusters of delicate, pale pink flowers are always excellent in a pastel scheme, where they fade to white, and they have a gentle, distinctive scent.'

The rose gives an impression of two roses growing within with many petals. Actually as we have many layers to our being, the complex blossoming rose is quite fitting to this.

People who are meeting their soulmates when the are ready. A soulmate is a two way relationship. This is a relationship between two souls with a connection that is beyond physical attraction.

Twin souls can be described as two people cut from the same cloth. There is a spiritual connection that cannot be broken and this is compounded because they are in some way related.

Every rose is unique - every one is beautiful. Every one is so delicate. Just like human beings we are all unique with our own DNA and yet no matter how much man defies natural reproduction, even with cloning people, and this is really happening folks, the truth will prevail.

The cultivation of this particular rose is seen to show the theme of the same truth - an era of a new Mary Magdalene. As there are many people saying they are Christ there are quite a few women who believe they are Mary Magdalene too. In Europe Maria is identified. Magdala is a location that is replicated, from Ethiopia, Israel and Germany. Maria is connected to these lands.

The double heart rose, shows the interconnection between the hearts of Jesus Christ and (the Virgin Mary - I wrote and leaving this here) with Mary Magdalene. Because Mary Magdalene is connected to the Virgin Mary too. Direct descendants from this family bloodline live today.

The spiritual connection between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene is profound. If you are to examine history, while Christ taught out in the open, inside synagogues, he also spoke in homes because as a way of being he was connected to his Father within his being. In delivering his truths, this did not come with a price tag. There are people today masquerading as Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene who are not only taking people away from the truth, people are handing over millions of dollars.

People have been warned about false prophets and Jesus said, as it is written in the Holy Scriptures For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.Matthew 24:5

Throughout the ages, people who have been born for spiritual service to humanity know this from early childhood. Life prepares us. In a materially driven world, it is easy to abandon our spiritual calling, due to demands and distractions. There are people not happy with their life and wish they were doing something else. There are people, men and women who marry for security and for someone to provide, without love or compatibility. On this foundation, commitment cannot form.

It is with experience and what has been revealed, that everything about YOU is already known, what you think, feel, do, your pain and your joy, your struggle and your deeds. Jesus Christ will reveal His Truth to you and if you meet anyone who claims to be Christ, HE will know EVERYTHING about you. Jesus Christ is not a deceiver to people and he invites everyone to know him.

Over the Well of Jacob is built a Greek Orthodox Church, named after the lady from Samaria - Saint Fotini is known as the Great Martyr. Being sanctified she became spiritually enlightened and actually her name means 'enlightened one'. The Apostles and Saints all point people to God. The Church should be pointing people to Jesus Christ and reminding people that HE will reveal HIS TRUTH to them. People are handing over millions of dollars to ministries and yet are not having their personal spiritual experience with a personal relationship that everyone has been entitled to know.

The spiritual waters continually flow from the heavens.

Finding this video with another Mystery Mary Magdalene Rose.

It is interesting that Mary Magdalene is an Aquarian - the astrological sign is the water bearer. I am not an Aquarian born in June as a Gemini sun sign. However the Mid-heaven constellation in my natal chart is Aquarius....The finest detail in reminding people the truth has already been planned - however we all underestimate the Power of God Almighty even in this present time.

There is a lot of speculation about Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ and yet one of the most important lessons shared in their relationship is being twin souls. Mary Magdalene was known and still today regarded as the Apostle to the Apostles. She continued to be a teacher in her life.

When people are being starved of spiritual food, this explains the materialistic desires quenching the thirst that might be a temporary distraction. Once we have a spiritual experience connected with Christ and once the door is opened, there is no turning back at all.

On 7th January when Jesus Christ appeared in a vision he was standing in an open doorway wearing his crown and mantle, long cape and glowing the most golden light from his heart. This was so unexpected and yet, I had my eyes closed and talking to him at the time before sleeping. My spiritual eye is open to be sure that what I am seeing is truth. With so many fakes in our world and deception taking place to the people, there has to be a way to bring the truth (to me) to everyone.

In the ancient times, dreams were regarded as sacred messages from the Gods - dreams are the way that God is communicating to people. Only you can understand the messages that you are being given. The pure message is for you - perhaps for your healing, to assist wholeness or guidance.

Christ is appearing to children and adults around the world when not expected - He is validating his LIVING presence to the innocent ones. Locally, a lady was at church when her grandson said Jesus was sitting nearby listening to the minister. No one else saw him. She does not believe him.

In the Mystical Mary Magdalene Rose we see the twin rose - how two souls are interconnected in one heart. Once a connection is made with Christ it is never gone. The rose is a reminder that Christ lives in our heart, it is with our heart we communicate with him. The reason why Jesus Christ is accessible to everyone is because we all are related to him in some way.

Through the male bloodline - males inherit their male line YDNA all the way back. Women inherit the MtDNA from their ancient maternal lineage. The ONLY male Chromosome Jesus Christ inherited was from The Holy Spirit from His father. So in this rose is the reminder of the Holy Spirit.

It is impossible to state Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene had children when I do not know this truth. However a lady with my French Grandmothers maiden name was Marie Madelene. The mystery of the Rhesus O Negative bloodline, predominantly in Basque region in Spain with origins in Europe. While this blood is connected with Royals, people with Rhesus O Negative cannot accept another blood group. Having children in this blood group has been bypassed with medical intervention.

In time all is going to come clear. What is most important that people go back in time and remember the Law of Grace that was given to the whole of mankind. The Jews were given the oracle of God and they are today just discovering more understanding than was revealed 3000 years ago.

Knowledge without understanding has no purpose. Information sharing has no purpose if it does not make sense. Many months ago I had a dream being given a bunch of keys by a woman. In my dream these appeared to be physical dreams and yet they were symbolic of spiritual keys. So in this process of learning and discovery, I am sharing and may you also experience from your own prayers the guidance and discovery, the spiritual and practical understanding that is relevant to your life.

The Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene story inspires true love; and a reminder of the Sacred Marriage this being, two souls being brought together is because this is meant to be.

Every Queen and Princess has a rose named after her.

From the rose pictured above, this was done with careful thought and the creation of the rose with tender loving care. As human beings we are not always strong when we are battered by the elements. Like the rose with it's delicate petals, the Royal bloodline has weakness too. In one of my weakest times, a lady wrote a message on a birthday card 'Pauline, like tempered steel you are developing the strength of Samson. Even though not feeling it...the message brought a smile.

Roses, one of my favourite flowers that remind me of my mother. And yet her favorite flower was Snowdrops that she would watch growing in the season from her wheelchair. I wonder how many first born women in the Royal bloodline appointed by God have been physically disabled. My mother's cousin has spent much of her life in a wheelchair and housebound. Another close friend Matilda - Tilda who Loves London has been plagued with the most crippling Arthritis. Is Satan's time up yet?

Remember the stolen Acropolis marbles...Elgin?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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