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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Phillipines Typhoon Haiyan - The Devastation

My mind is cast back to remember a video with Michael Jackson and in this the great wind - This is the mighty wind that destroys. The video was a reminder that we must return to the right way. In another video, he sings 'they do not really care about us'.

The aftermath of the devastation is shared here. 'In the worst-hit areas, 235mph winds created 20ft waves that are thought to have killed between 10,000 and 15,000 and left 500,000 homeless after their houses were reduced to splinters.'

Typhoon Haiyan has 'flattened' the Philippines, destroying towns and wiping out families. A survivor in Tacloban, said: 'Two out of every five corpses I saw were kids.'

A man carries his lifeless daughter in his arms.

The photographs in the Daily Mail Online article are powerful and thought provoking. They also carry a warning that at any time and anywhere, catastrophe can strike.

Scenes of people being transported away from the scene by military rescue, with people waiting are shown in the original article. We cannot imagine our home being completely destroyed and yet these people have watched people being killed too.

'A survivor salvages belongings from her damaged home'

Biblical prophesies has shown to expect catastrophic events and yet these are happening for a reason. Some years ago, writing down the Word of God, as it was given to me, He spoke of energy and what is happening on this earth brings a reaction on this earth. If we are to apply the understanding, something concerning power over this land, evoked the reaction from the skies/heavens - not a reaction from 'under' the ground.

All we can do from this is consider possibilities of why this has taken place. What came to mind is the New World Order agenda and if this does not have Jesus Christ as the King of the World our world would be ruled over by man. This cannot be ignored.

'This image taken by astronaut Karen L. Nyberg and released by NASA shows Super Typhoon Haiyan from the International Space Station'

Victims shelter inside the Catholic church in Tacloban.

'More than 330,900 people were displaced and 4.3million 'affected' by the typhoon in 36 provinces, the UN has said'

We cannot imagine someone else's reality in these conditions. We might be shown a very poor people, who once knew prosperity. Land owners and possessors of lands become overlords and when keeping the people down, this is when we see people struggle and suffer. Looking down on anyone 'anywhere' is a sign of being spiritually blind.

There is a reason for everything - especially for poverty and homelessness. And when these devastating acts of destruction take place, they are a reminder of a far higher authority that rules over the lands, who many people have forgotten or ignored.

'This picture shows acres of flooded rice fields in the Iloilo Province, another area devastated by the typhoon'

It is easy to take food for granted and yet food scarcity comes when there is shortage. If crops are destroyed, there will be no growth in this time. The cause of the problems in our world is not solved by a King taking control of this world; for a self serving agenda, perhaps the floods are because of the rulers over lands, as has shown in UK to wash away the ruling authority who have exploited the lands and people.

'Ruins: A resident sifts through rubbish inside his ruined home, flattened by 235mph winds in the devastated city of Tacloban'

'Flattened: The typhoon has ravaged most of the city of Tacloban and destroyed the airport' - specifically hitting here, who is in control of the port authority?

'The Philippine Islands, derived from the King Philip II of Spain. The name itself is Greek, and can be traced to the name of the father of Alexander the Great, Philipp II of Macedon.' 'Despite the presence of other names, the name Filipinas (Philippines) was eventually adopted as the name of the entire archipelago.'

'The Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean.'

'After World War II, the Treaty of Manila established the Philippine Republic as an independent nation. Since then, the Philippines has had an often tumultuous experience with democracy, with popular "people power" movements overthrowing a dictatorship in one instance, but also underlining the institutional weaknesses of its constitutional republic in others.'

'Remains: Survivors have begun find corpses as they rummage through the wreckages of houses in a bid to find food to feed their starving families'

Mandate of Heaven came to mind earlier. Mandate of Heaven is the right to rule claimed to have been granted to ancient Chinese rulers by the gods. 'The Mandate of Heaven had no time limitations, instead depending on the just and able performance of the ruler. In the past, times of poverty and natural disasters were taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement.'

'The Philippines president is considering introducing martial law in Tacloban city (pictured), where up to 10,000 people are feared dead'

'US Marines stack gear onto a pallet during preparations for disaster relief for the Philippines at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan'

The vessel Eva Jocelyn was taken from the sea on the land.

Trying to find the connection with the name Jocelyn and the Holy Bible to discover the following 'Sister Jocelyn Monette is a member of the Sisters of Sion, an international group of women religious who are called to witness to God’s faithful love for the Jewish people and to hope in the promises confided to them for all humanity.'

How is it that God's most powerful messages are coming to people when there is devastation in our world is a mystery. Perhaps because people have forgotten to listen to Him and to take notice of His Signs. Here is loss of life and people are right to ask God - Why are you cruel? because this is not an act of man. Actually it is consequence of man.

With everything planned to the finest detail, everything has a reason. Notice two ships are both royal blue colour and also the roofs of buildings that appear to be undamaged are green. This photograph could indicate this is about royals ruling on the land.

'A battered town in Samar province in central Philippines. Dazed survivors begged for help and scavenged for food, water and medicine on Monday, threatening to overwhelm military and rescue resources'

'Blown inland: A ship lies among the ruins of a built-up area of Tacloban after the vessel was swept inland. This photograph was taken by the Philippines Air Force'

Even the big ships can be moved and this is a reminder to everyone when we see this. There are Princess Ships and Queen ships named. While people might think these mighty vessels are bigger than any authority, we saw the unsinkable ship Titanic Sink. There is also a prophesy about water drying up and exposing land - it could happen on a grander scale. As we have seen floods, there have been throughout history droughts too.

The reason why this happens, is always known in heaven.

The message is clearly being written here.

'Residents watch as others throw looted goods from a warehouse in Guiuan town. Authorities appealed for calm in the chaotic aftermath'

There are more photographs and the reminder of Hurricaine Katrina comes to mind. People suffered and died, homes destroyed, people were rescued and eventually are rebuilding their lives. Here we see debris strewn from what were homes, next to buildings that are still standing. Building stronger houses should not be an obstacle.

'AFTER: Cargo ships washed ashore four days after super typhoon Haiyan hit Anibong town. Dazed survivors begged for help and scavenged for food, water and medicine'

If we compare the before to above and also below.

'Guiuan Bay, island before the devastating typhoon. Desperate survivors told how they had to steal from the dead to eat'

'AFTER: This aerial photo shows the devastation on Victory Island off of the town of Guiuan in Eastern Samar province, central Philippines'

The island was named Victory for a reason. Victory belongs to God and it is said that Christ is victorious. Victory also means winning and overcoming. If we can consider that this land has suffered the most catastrophic devastation, is this so Christ can reclaim this land back and rule over the land and the people with Divine Laws?

Quoting what is written in the Daily Mail Online:

'The Philippines has known disaster at the hands of mother nature as recently as 2011 when typhoon Washi killed 1,200 people, displaced 300,000 and destroyed more than 10,000 homes.

In September, category-five typhoon Usagi, with winds gusting of up to 149 mph, battered the northern island of Batanes before causing damage in southern China.

Bopha last year flattened three coastal towns on the southern island of Mindanao, killing 1,100 people and wreaking damage estimated at $1.04 billion.

Cambodian authorities said they were closely watching the development of the world's biggest storm to materialise.

Storm trackers have predicted the storm could reach China on Tuesday, but the wind speeds will have dropped to between 25 and 35mph.


TO donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Philippines Appeal, visit, call the hotline on 0370 60 60 900, or go to any high street bank or Post Office. You can also donate £5 by texting the word SUPPORT to 70000. Stay up to date with developments at or at'

The port and shanty housing in Tacloban city were hit on Friday by this catastrophic event. What was happening in relation to this land in this time? The Philippines is in Asia and it might be the Crown of Asia is in some way connected.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people, with appreciation for all the help given especially to the people who serve the people in an official capacity - with care.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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