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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Young Maria Found in Greece Saved - Validated

A few weeks ago I had a dream vision - starting to share here and not sure if actually writing about this openly. Not all articles started are completed - there is always hesitation to write about serious matters. There was a reason why I was given this vision beyond understanding.

The child I saw in my vision had very light blond hair and was cowering - leaning against what looked like a corrugated wall. The floor looked like ground, a reddish coloured earth and there were bits of straw. There was also a boy child with black hair and dark skin, Could have been Asian.

In my vision, looking towards the corrugated 'steel' wall, was a Buddha face of shiny silver. At the time I had the impression upon waking of someone else clearly seeing what is going on.

Then just coming across this video. Maria looks like the child in my vision. He hair is of the same color blonde - except the child in my vision had very blonde ponytail too.

It could be that Maria's hair has been colored to appear darker, as reports say she looks nothing like the people she was with. With steel featured in my dream vision - this was symbolically telling me the child had been stolen. The concern how many more children are stolen too?

As with other dream and waking visions, validation has come shortly afterwards and perhaps, hopefully my dream vision was preceding the child being found. Hope so.

As it happens the child is named Maria, is found in Greece.

Since the 80's and 90's there have been an infux of people from outside Greece who have no work and are begging. There is also an increase of prostitution too. There is a huge problem, adults sending children begging day and night and putting these children at risk.

When I am in Greece, I confront these people and at least the children hear that it is wrong what the adults, who I thought were their parents. Adults training children to beg might be with their being neglected and abused too. What is their future - exploitation and possibly prostitution and crime? There are people who will do anything for money - exploiting children.

Years ago living in Greece, I noticed the train beggers - Over the course of the day they encounter thousands of people - Begging can be profitable. There is also another concern 'if' people were being deliberately maimed, to attract more sympathy for people to give.

The problem is not just in Greece - it is an international problem and there is necessity for people to start to be more alert to what is happening. Not to be silent if you suspect abuse. Not to be silent if there is something that is not right about a child - not to ignore if a child suddenly appears on the scene out of nowhere who looks lost, frightened or withdrawn.

At least Maria has been found...

There are around a million children who go missing every year in our world. Not all parents are alert to this and not every parent is protecting their children. The warnings are real.

Only a parents can win the trust of children and ensure that their child always tells them where they are. Sometimes I feel like being a stuck grammaphone record reminding adults to watch their children, for children to tell their parents where they are, not just wander off.

The heartache of parents with missing, cannot be imagined, unless we are in these people's shoes. I struggle to understand how parents are blind to the dangers around.

In 2012, a five year old suddenly asked me about Jesus and said he wanted to go to church. I told him we can pray at home too and he asked if we could say a prayer 'for everyone'. He asked Jesus to help all the parents to look after their children because they need lots of help.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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