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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

George Clooney Has 'Yet to Find His Great Love'

The man who makes hearts race as viewers watched the acting doctor in a series about Accident and Emergency - Heartthrob George Clooney has a huge fan base - while my friend was ogling at this man, I spend the time watching her gush and not being hesistant to say she wished she could spend one night with him. The husband was away and new of his wife's fantasy (years ago)

Flicking through the magasine center fold was a lifelike side of Georges head. Discretely I went up to her bedroom, pulled back the covers on her husband's side and strategically placed the picture of George next to her pillow...It was one of those impulsive 'innocent' moves

Hours later, bedtime - her reaction and the memory will likely still remain.  ....we laughed so much about this afterwards - She got to spend the night with George 'in this way'

The movie industry has stars attracting millions of fans, which places 'shy men' especially who are serious a positoon of being terrified of woman....Today women are preditory and go for what/who they want. Not all women are and yet, while a man is single he might take up offers. When a man is ready for love, they know what they want and yet might need a little help of a friend.

In the latest Art Issue of W Magazine George Clooney has been made over as part of a custom-designed art installation by 84-year-old Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama. A Black Giorgio Armani suit and bow tie have been hand-painted with white spots, while a white shirt is painted with black spots, the striking contrast is ofset with the life in his face and pink in the text.

The Daily Mail Online reports that George has said he has yet to find his true love. In this time, people are seeking within and want more than superficial - they want more than just sharing space and a bed. There are people who are looking for their soulmate - The One who is meant to be

'Yayoi Kusama made me Snoopy!': The Oscar-winner laughed at his transformation, pictured sitting in his spotted suit against an entirely spotty background, which was hand-painted by the 84-year-old Japanese artist'
Love this picture - reminds me of the eye test and seeing the message written.It is so easy to see the actor as a face and public figure, do we really know the people who are in the limelight.

The makeover suggests that the artist is showing the importance of seeing the person as being important.
From an artistic perspective the surrounding is black and white - writing is black and white too. Bubbles are used to show communication in comic books and sometimes in graphic art story telling too...The 101 Dalmations comes to mind too...

The film stars Glen Close and villainess Cruella de Vil - A feminine translation to be easily understood by everyone has the anglisized meaning  'Cruel Devil'

A story based in London when in the end 'All of the Dalmatians get home by the Metropolitan Police Service who arrest Cruella and her henchmen......

Earlier in the year I saw a children's program depicting the Queen being arrested - having one of those jaw dropping moments,  it took in real life for Jay Z to come to England and bring to international media attention the Magna Carta - that coronation oath was violated so many times.

Georges face is shown in colour -  a man who more than just black and white. He wears black and white....This man is creative too - being involved in the film industry.

The mans face and hands are shown alive...a man who uses his head and hands - does he write too? Is George divinely guided too....quite possibly. The movie industry serve a very important purpose in sharing their inspired works and interpretation too.

In the present time, the television  industry is showing a series of The Bible - in a country where people are not generally studying to read their rights and officials ignore God's Law. There are a great many God mockers here and I do not give my allegiance to Satan that is for sure.

We are living in a time of a cruel devil...time will tell what will be.

George gazing up towards the heavens...the picture is black and white. The car is white and yet the spots are black - a black car could have been chosen, it was not. Nothing is by accident.

What you see as being white and pure, might not be! What you see as being someone who is working on the dark side might not be. If anything if we are not taking notice of the message people are delivering we will not learn their truth. I recall the film 'The Day after Tomorrow'.

Promises have been made to people by God that he will never flood the earth again as he has destroyed humanity who had gone the wrong way in history. How many times must people be given chances and warnings....2012 film has warnings of earthquakes and destruction - this is shown because of what is happening on the land and the people who are ruling over the land.

When George played the role of a Doctor - he was a reminder of the emergency services. Lifesavers are many - there are also people who use science to kill people deliberately too.

There is so much more to George Clooney that meets the eye.

'George is a fitting cover star for the annual art issue, having co-written, co-produced and directed new movie The Monuments Men, in which he also stars.

The 2014 release, which is based on real events, tells the story of a group of museum directors, curators and art historians - led by Clooney's George Stout - who join forces to rescue art stolen by Adolf Hitler during World War II.'

 'Art takes different forms, but it represents something that is basic in all of us - our history,' Clooney explains in the accompanying article.

'We wanted to do a movie where the good guys win and you’re fighting the ultimate bad guy -Hitler. This was a story that nobody had heard about,' he continues of the project his writing and producing partner, Grant Heslov, championed after stumbling across the 2009 Robert M Edsel book of the same name.

'In The Monuments Men, we question whether saving art is worth a life, and I would argue that the culture of a people represents life. With the end of a country’s culture goes its identity. It’s a terrible loss, down to your bones. 

'Hitler pulled off the greatest art heist in the history of the world - luckily, some of that art has been recovered.'

' 'I haven't met her yet...': Asked about his great love in a questionnaire by Tracey Emin, the star admitted he was yet to find her - seen here posing for Catherine Opie in one of two simplistic shots against a black background'

The people who are illuminated - divinely inspired are in some way active in using their awareness to share this with people....On this earth, there is so much that has been hidden from people and yet nothing can be completely hidden  forever. In some way the truth will be revealed.

Keep an open mind with all that I am sharing and what is quoted from other reports, is quoted as given. The caption in photographs in the news and headlines are meant to gain our attention.

Photographs in their simple form might be staged and yet they portray a truth - more can be discovered from what is presented.  Serious George is looking for someone....He is holding the roses.

With the war of the roses...he likely knows the way to peace too.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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