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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Education India - Children Teaching Children

This is actually an excellent application to inspire an educated society of young women in India. Moving children away from being exploited as cheap labour and childhood marriages, has been easily applied when education is encouraged. Young minds having ideas to aspire to their dreams.

People think that a financially  'poor' people might be of a lower intelligence. Quite the contrary. If anything these people have shown with being allowed to study according to their strengths that they can become highly educated in their chosen field. The visionary teachers have set the standard to encourage children to grow and evolve as human beings, something that starts from a very early age.

In England it is not uncommon for young boys who want to be a footballer, or girls who want to be a famous celebrity. Not every parent values education and so the child is likely to follow. There are adults in England who cannot read and write - their teachers have failed them. The governnent's decision to put adults to school for basic learning, can also delay development in other areas. They could provide a platform for focus on developing innate skills and abilities.

During Counselling training, reading a book if I recall, A Way of Being' a chapter about a child banned from school, actually broke into the class to attend lessons. The psychological process of children,  is vital to understand to enable development and learning, not just spoon feeding information.

When children are put down in class, society and by a social heirarchy - the resut is people who believe they are not good enough. This suits a social hierarchy. When any parents are not interested in learning and being educated, they might not be a positive influence on their children if they choose to do something ....there is a chain of limitation that desperately needs to be broken.

In India education is highly valued. This movement of the passion to learn is not exclusive for India - if not, in other parts of the world people would not continue study. Here is the biggest school in in the world in Montesorri India. The example of starting smalland growing the demand is given.

There are some lands where parents make huge sacrifice to ensure that there children have the best possible education, whether this is put to use or not. The learning enables development and also achievement. When following the inner calling for specialist areas, this is taking the future input of learnng and discovery to greater potential of what has already been attained. 


School Under A Bridge: Teacher Under A Bridge in India.

With higher education being made 'expensive' and available for people who can pay, there is also the option for students to take out loans and get into debt to learn.  Being undiplomatic, while governments think nothng of paying out billions of dollars for war (perhaps because this is making huge profit too) Surely schools and education, providing higher learning would reap dividends.

If the standard of education is to be the best, then it requires that the most highly educated people who have understanding of their subject with the dedication to teach being placed. Looking at the salaries in England - these future places might be filled with people who are dedicated to enable furtherment of children's learning, replacing the teachers who complain, who at times resent their job.

Where there is a will there is a way. This is a bus travelling poviding education to children. The motivation and passion to ensure that children have an education, this is happening.

Breaking the cycle of poverty, adults and children begging and living a life that might take them down a negative path, takes many hands and minds - many willing hearts.

Teachers hold a powerful role of responsibility and influence. Teachers who are most remembered are those who encouraged learning and those who did not. If a teacher in their heart has no real desire to enable childen in their learning - they can easily become a block to learning.

Campaign against Poverty and Slavery in India

When grown men can become emotional by seeing children passionate to learn in India, perhaps he can see the lack of this in England. Children and adults have been deliberately kept down.

Bonded labourers - slaves. Slavery must be abolished.

When children are learning - they become teachers to other children. Videos show an ethusiastic children who are keen to learn and children teaching accordingly. As long as there is focus and a standard that maintains learning - there is no reason why this cannot be shared.


India, getting urban children out of work and into school

People who hinder learning, stunt growth and prosperity.

However a new generation are here and these children who have known poverty and struggle, also the blessing of education providing opportunity through learning. These children will be making decisions and influencing the future generation...It is error to look down on anyone because a lowly status or because of their lack of wealth......Out of these people will be future leaders.

Jesus Christ set the example - was he wealthy? Not at all. 

There is within our being as children, a desire to learn and understand. If this is captured when young,  it is easy to set a cycle that enables personal development. If stunted, what next?

India's Right to Education, a Hope for Poor Children

Meeting a lady fron Romania, both she and her sister grew up in a time when the lights were turned off early and at night she would study with a candle. They wrote a book on science problems that was of a standard to be educating people at university. There are genius minds where there is lack.

The television also can hinder mind development. What people are being spoon fed through the box - my father refered to as the gogglebox, is teaching and programming people too. Of course we have the choice to watch what we want to. Many families watch soaps in England, neglecting communication within their own household and taking care of the interests of their family...Strange.

A Glimpse into the Lives of India's Rural Children

There are children who dream of being able to read and be educated and parents who have had this denied because they did not have the money or there was not the educational provision available.  Any parent who wants to give the best opportunity for their child, often values the importance of education - only a limiting system would stunt this influence. Fortunatley change is taking place.

Geographically, it does not matter where anyone is being educated. The learning process and standard being set can enable or hinders development. Education enables society to prosper.

Peace, love and best wishesS
Pauline Maria

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