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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Russell Brand on The Illuminati

As the video recorder says, this is a poor quality video visually and yet the vocals are clear. He has gone to the lengths to get the oration subtitled. Russell is given a mind and voice,  uses it to speak his truth and also he shares some seeds of truth while appaearing to be masqued in humor. Sometimes speaking the truth brings laughter when it shoulld be waking people up to seek the truth and take control of their lives.

Recalling my father saying when a teenager that there are cartells controlling food - the rising prices might also be to do with food wastage and shortage. Today, the great scam going on is poisining our drinking water and making billions out of bottled water. So whoever is controlling the land and water 'industry' is booming in this business too. As Jesus Christ was baptised in the River Jordan, the British royal babies are also baptised in this water,perhaps to justify their positions as Royal overlords.

Who owns the cigarette brand names. Windsor Superkings, Superkings, Royals, Regal etc? - The goverment takes around a 70% cut in taxes and meanwhile turn up stress levels by increasing the cost of living.  Smoking assists early mortality so poeple die earlier than they did hundreds of years ago.

As the Queen's personal business interests and investments are kept private, it would be in the people's interest if she and her family profit from the detriment of the health and well being of people. Being Queen by the Grace of God implies that she is Queen by divine right - is she really? She might be!.

Recently I asked a man about his solar panels and he said they were installed by a company called Solar King - (Sun King). The government partnership made several calls to offer people 'free solar panels', with people paying every month (so not free at all) with the government reimbursng a cheque (20 year contract). The solar panels  are not free at all and the Sun King might be the mask of the dark lord.

When contracts are sold by coercion, misrepresentation and blatant dishonestly, it is also inclusive with deception to the people, they are voidable in an ethical law court. Unfortunately too many lawyers in England are far too focussed on profit as a priority and not so bright to seethe bigger picture. Not so bright to realise there are consequences to refusing to work for justice. This is why evil escalates.

How many millions of people have been killed just in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Whether this be by war or by cancer, the introduction of aspartame in around 6000 consumable products is with knowing that it gave brain tumors to rats -the FDA banned this finding it to be deadly and dangerous.

Traditionally, the illuminati were people who were spiritually enlightened. The people who are spiritually enlightened are spiritually connected. As people are awakening, the dark destructive forces increase and yet ignorance has been the reason to why the people havebeen kept in darkness.,

Russell Brand is a free thought flowing individual - some of what he says might be shocking and yet, he has also been instrumental to bring the truth to people too. He states the serious with smiles, speaking out probably because he is also aware of what is happening -with people suffering in our world.

Noltice in the media photographs, how many people are holding cameras. Everywhere we go on theinternet is tracked, what wewrite. Even on our computer is cameras - windows, we can see out of these. Has it not occurred that we can be seen too. I take comfort in knowing there is a far higher authority ruling over this entire world than the few who have been decieving the masses.....God mockers.

The system is in place - how this system is used can be to the detriment of people. There are people in our world who are not meant to be conformists and are also against the military mindset.

Have no worry about speaking out. Seek the truth and do not rely on what someone else says as being facts. If they are speaking from personal experience, then the information becomes interesting. How we are going to move from  a military controlled world to people  being free involves a shift in consciousness.

Russell Brand calls  for a  Joyful Revolution.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria.

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