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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cancer 14,800,000 Deaths USA Since 1971

The cancer industry continues to thrive..Can people survive?

The epidemic proportions of cancer should be guiding people to identify the root cause. When the focus is just on finding a cure, why is it that people are ignoring the root cause of illness.

No one has all the answers. In the healing profession, a team of people can be involved in the process. In the same of identifiying cures of illness - and yet, it is known since ancient times, people have been poisoned, We cannot excuse that there is a biologicical war and psychological war taking place.

In losing loved ones to cancer, people have been witness to see their nearest and dearest  being confronted aith a medical prognosis - a shortened sentance to early death, that does not always happen. And yet the danger is with people being kept in the dark about the power of their WILL POWER and the Power of THEIR MIND to self heal - to assist our healing process in any illness is vital to recovery.

Many people who develop cancer already tell theirselves they are going to die. The repeating of the suggestion that is programming the mind to react on the body, might also be contributing to the cause of early death. This is something that I was lead to discover as a child and witnessing someone very close to me defy doctor prognosis.  The fact is some people overcome cancer and some people do not.

If the focus is to heal the person and cure the illness, where there is the will, there might also be the way. There is a book that came my way after training in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy called Healing Breakthrough by Dr. Larry Dossey and that provides some insight in mind over matter.

As a child I was interested in personality development and human potential. My interest was in mind over matter to be able to self heal and life has shown that we all have untapped potential.

In the ancient times, people have used Chi energy by people who are disciplined in channeling this to cure illness and again today people are looking to examine the possibility of this. Chi energy is universal life force energy. The best teachers of this are people who understand their own process and how this works. The best teachers for this are people who may not have gained recognised diplomas and yet, they have used this power down the generations -  Jesus Christ is a healer with the Life giving Power.

Chi Lel Chi Kung disolves cancer tumor | 1996 

Reversal of cancer can be clearly seen as diminishing the growth of cancer. The focus by an external influence has set this process. The patient is likely someone who is also receptive to this process.

When the internatl process of the individul is focused on wellness and health, the mind will influence the body accordingly. As people are focussed on health and nutriton, they might find they do not desire to eat certain foods and yet desire more fresh foods - fruits and vegetables. The way we eat and what we eat can trigger internal reactions and ills - as stress can trigger internal reactions and ills.

Over the generations people have been conditioned to buy and eat what they are told and sold, while ignoring thieir inner process. People have been SOLD DIETS, not seeing the word 'die; is written clearly. So again the power of suggestion is given by the indididual by what they read and eat.

Is the experience of feeling hungry - is this a hunger for food or a hunger for something else. When the body is ill, the body is reacting to something. When we feel tired - there is a reason for this. When we have a headache the solution might not be taking asprin, it might be that our eyes need testing, we are dehydrated, or exposed to intense radio waves - what does a microwave do to food?

What are we really eating/ Is this good for humans?

'Dr. Michael Greger gave to the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii. The full link to the whole presentation is given below.

The exploding rates of cancer globally Dr, Greger explains are reaching levels where 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Greger convincingly explains that these cancer rates are to be attributable to eating fast foods and meat. He advocates the Vegan diet and is an example for us to follow. Dr. Greger's passion and dedication to human and animal health is unsurpassed.'

There is a lot we do not know but sometimes having common sence and looking at everything quite simply, we can arrive to some logical explaination. If we can grasp the understanding that we are more than our physical body, the being within can become stronger and the body will become stronger too. We only need to look at people who havve lost limbs and with physical limitations who are defying the odds - breaking new records in the Paralympics. We are shown that mind over matter applies.

However there has been decades of focus on the physical body shape and creating a percieved perfection, while ignoring the inner self - this has allowed people to be 'sold prodcuts' - in a multibillion dollar industry that continues to thrive. Today people are not satifisfied with how they look because decades of conditioning people that they are not good enough - now surgical procedures are also booming.

There is an expression 'Junk food' and if we are eating Junk food and giving this a label, we will be giving a message that we are only worthy of junk. Everyone is worthy of nourishment. Your choice!

Aspartame banned by the FDA and deemed deadly and dangerous while reports write of testing being done on rats revealed brain tumors - observing also the swollen abdomens too. The question is why is a product that when tested on humans produced a vast range of symptoms of illness and yet was released to be including in so many food and drink products bought in the supermarkets and stores.

Spraying pesitcides on fresh fruits and vegetables while growing - is that contributing to cancer too? GM food is genetically modified and so it's natural structure and source of nourishment has been changed. The monster creating cancer is not going away when officials who have been 'taken oaths' and hold authority to prevent the spread of illness and protect the people ignore the problem. The lawyers and police who sit back and say 'we should not be in other countries fighting wars - what are they doing about it?

A court judge is not  a scientist and his family are not exempt from being touched by cancer. The socially acceptable disease has people accepting this terrible illness without considering when it is time we start to value life, all life. We are presented these lessons throughout the generations in history.

Cancer does not choose it's victims from a social class. When the RMS Titanic sank it was not just the steerage class who perished. We are all born and one day we will all take our last breath.

There was a time, in biblical times recorded when people have lived hundreds of years. In listening to people speaking locally - there are many who have given up on life at 40 in England. Why?

Flouride in our water is contributing to cancer. The society in denial might drink and smoke theirselves to death, it does not change the truth. The more stress people are under, they might lean towards taking some recreational drug or alcohol to ease their suffering - the UK government takes a big cut in taxes. The more stress people are under, they can become self destructive, this contributes to illness too The pharmaeutical companies are booming and yet, can illnesses be preventable? Of course they can..

There are doctors who are not focussed on healing - with lawyers eager to make their cut from any lawsuits that take place. The ratio presented in England from a lady being injured - she was to get £5,000 while the lawyers earn over £100,000 - the system is evidently the cancer in this country. In my situation laughing and saying I will never get justice - one saying I am a nothing or nobody - HOW LOW THEY STOOP!

America a land where it is not so uncommon to hear of people with vast medical bills, while in England, the NHS system can easily be taken for granted. As profit is motivating many decisions - evidently saving life and especially saving souls is not always the top prirotiy here. What if someone has a serious long term illness and progresses with cancer in America - how do they pay for treatment. I am not sure.

The fiance of a friend of mine has built a hospital to treat people with cancer in America - a gentleman who made his wealth and has again shown to be someone else who has been blessed to be in a position ot identify a need and follow this through. There are many people in America like him doing this.

How much money has been collected by the cancer charities globally and exactly where is this money going to? The cancer industry has thrived for decades. Just in America the title gives the figure of 14,800,000 since 1971 is deaths by cancer, it was in 1972 while meditating, hearing the voice of the Lord say when you ask  you shall be given, seek and you shall find - knock and the door will open. (This was perhaps 20 years before being guided to open a Bible given by my French great autie and read these words.

In1972 my mother became paralysed and she also developed cancer. By then I had aleady made a promise to God to do all I can to assist healing and peace in the world. All I could do is pray. It is written on her death certificate that the cause of death is cancer by a doctor who had never met her before in his life. My mother was not his patient - He lied. He wzs informed of her condition....

The cause of cancer can include trauma - that which cases the internal reaction to grow. Having seen my mother die and brought to life a few times, actually there were 31 times in 24 hours if I recall, I have been a witness to this Lady who was riddled with cancer who was evidently braindamaged from the progression of her illness - SLOWLY SLOWLY over a long time she came back to awareness, still paralysed, but stronger mentally and with a sprititual experience, seeing the light. .

The question that has been on my mind - is how we can use our mind to diminish cancer. If we become conscious of the language we tell ourselves, we can also ensure that we are not contributing to this illness. It is one thing denying an illness - when focus is with intention to heal, and eliminate the cancer - as Jesus has said BE GONE and history has known miracle healings have taken place.

The problem is people selling fad diets and also making promises ....and this gives false hope to people. There are people consuming replacement products instead of the natural - instead of eating what they body needs and reducing quanity. How many people consider what is in their food?

For healing, if I am to draw inspiration from anyone, learning from people who have discovered the will to live and people hwo have been diagnosed with cancer and survived. There are people who have not studied or understand how the mind and body works, who are selling diets and so called miracle cures - when they would be doing humanity a service to point people to the medical experts who are ethical.

One lady contacted me after she was told by a self styled healer that she was healed. He also told her she did not need to go to the doctor. She came to ask me what I thought about it...Asking if she had any symptoms - she said breast lumps. I instructed her to go striaght to the doctors and to expect a mamogram to ascetain if these were cancerous or fibrous tumors. As being trained to assist healing, it is a role paid or unpaid to refer to people - or point people to the appropriate experts for examination.

There will come a day when these false healers will be stopped.

There is an important movement to bring to the peoples awarenes of what is cancer - ie a fungus. What causes cancer, ie Bacteria. We must keep asking the right questions to eliminate the causes of cancer. This healing theory on mind over matter is not mine. It was given to me by the Lord to share openly.

There was a time when medical doctors and nurses took an oath to God as his helpers to heal the people. With the right focus, with pure heart and pure intention, with people praying for the right guidance to assist healing,  healing will become less traumatic and faith can be generically restored in doctors too.

In recognising the valuable service that health professionals provide, there is a hierarchy and yet from the porter, to the receptionist who takes down details, the assistant nurse, staff nurse, consultant, surgion and everyone else involved in the healing and recovery of people, each person is vital. The paramedics are a vital service provider saving lives. The cause of cancer and illness must now be addressed head on.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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