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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cousins:The Heritage Global Family Tree Project

Interesting article today, especially as already it is known 'somewhere' who we are related to. How is this possible you may ask yourself. Well, a long time ago there was a law made to register people to collect taxes. And there has also been the census recording information too.
By law each birth is registered. Each marriage is registered too. So right at the very top, there is someone who knows who is who and who is related to who.

There are agendas with people lusting for power to control and posses this world - the property of God. There are people eager to trace their lineage to some royal....we can all play at Princess's and fairytales, except there seems to be a lack of understanding of the role of the King to make laws. Perhaps that was forgotten at the time Jesus was murdered - silencing the truth, but really I do not think so.

It would surely be productive to trace our family tree back to ancient times and learn from the tribes we came from - to understand our spiritual and ancesteral roots, not by classification.

Were your family one of the people stood at the bottom of Mount Sinai in Egypt when Moses brought down the Ten Commandments from God. Are you related to one of the people who was led out of Egypt from slavery to live under new laws...Laws given by God - meaning that God becomes your authority? Do you really understand why Jesus Christ was born and  how he can be the saviour of mankind?

The Heritage Global Family Tree project is showing that people are related to eachother in some way whether we like it or not. And how we are related has also been brought together by love and war. When wars have taken place and people relocated - tribes have intermarried and children born.

Prime Minister David Cameron is a 13th cousin of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and the Queen is a distant relative of socialite Paris Hilton, according to a new global family tree project.

George Clooney, Prince and George Bush Snr are just a few other celebrities who can now call each other family thanks to The Global Family Reunion - a massive heritage project encompassing 77 million people.

Project organiser Al Jacobs, a New York author who describes himself as 'your cousin', is asking people to join his campaign and discover their own famous relatives.

'Mr Jacobs himself claims to be related to astronaut Neil Armstrong, crooner Frank Sinatra and actors Daniel Radcliffe and Patrick Swayze

A celebration of The Global Family Reunion will be held in June next year on the site of the 1964 New York World's Fair, now home to the New York Hall of Science.

There will presentations, activities and speeches - and what Mr Jacobs hopes will be the largest family photo in history.

Tradition names passed down are for a reason. Jacobs - of Jacob's family,  Pietersen - Peter's son, Thomason - Thomas' son. Look how many women in Europe or from European background have the names Mary, Maria or Elizabeth - we are given opportunity to remember. Jacob was a Patriarch - Father of the People and the Tribes of Israel.

Even non beleivers are being inspired to name their children' after traditional names. One lady told me her baby is Jacob 'she was inspried. Asking her name she said Rachel. In Biblical times Rachel was the name of the favourite wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin. (these details and scripture is found online - I am not a walking encyclopedia)

In the ancient Eastern Orthodox Tradition, names have been passed down the family and so this is how we are guided to discover who is related to who. We are given a Saint name in our Baptism for the mysteries of this is all part of the unfolding Divine Plan.

Jesus Christ was born in a specific bloodline to remind people that everyone is equal...The person who is supposed to be maintaining The Law and also the Kingdom of Christ is Who? An island named the United Kingdom is a Christian Land. Without God it is not.

It is timely that this Global Family Tree Project is happening now and published today. Perhaps people are now ready to remove the barriers of prejudice and see that we do live in a family that in some ways have lost its way. with problems, disfuction, fights, arguments, and with love can be healing too.

In learning the attempts to keep people in the dark (Satans Plan) history has seen the deliberate destruction of genealogy records. In learning the Temple of Jerualem was destroyed in 70ad, in this building there would be official records held of the people who could trace family bloodlines. The Roman Occupation had also taken the records of people to pay taxes and so they have known who is who.

In 1910, I read there was a fire at Renne's Town Hall,, This area is connected, it is suggested with Mary Magdalene and the family who came over with her also their descendants. In 1922, a great fire destroyed the Greek quarter of the City of Smyrna. Here there were people who descended from Royal bloodlines that united people and nations together too. With this destruction, new laws were made in England.

When 9/11 and destruction of the World Trade Center (the name in itself is quite revealing) also destroyed was Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Inside the buildings were records of people - family records that would allow people to trace their family history. Of the evil that takes place, especially today, as long as people do not know their God given birthright they are easily enslaved.

As a little girl in Greece being told 'You are a Princess' it really did not make sense why this would be important. Belonging to Christ living in England is with realising the Antichrist is here.

It is with being guided precisely by Christ when necessary to know, is also to share openly, The significance of  names can also be found in the Holy Bible. The male line genealogy is identified.  Jerusalem was built to be the centre of the Kingdom of God. New Jerusalem is foretold too.

The people who are being guided in truth are many today. Not everyone realises that they are being guided by Christ and yet there are meany who are now asking to be sincere servants of God today.

 'Make me an instrument of your peace' - 'Help me to be guided in the Right way' ' Guide me to know  your truth' - this is a prayer focus that will bring some realisation to who we are and why we are here.

There are wars in our world, chaos and confusion is being created too. As long as people stay in ignorance of who they are, our God given birthright and divine right continues to be denied.

The Heritage Global Family Tree 'Peace' Project can be built on what we understand to be truth. What it takes to move hearts and care, wakens people to realise actually we are all cousins.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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