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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This morning a leaflet dropped through my door

We warmly invite you to an encouraging Bible discourse entitled


The convention has the theme

Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom


Everyone.  You won't be charged admission and no collectoin will be taken.


Ausgust 22-24th 2014

Manchester Phones 4U Arena Fri  9.20an -5.00pm
Victoria Station                         Sat 9.20am-5.00pm 
Manchester M3 1AR               Sun 9.20am-3.55pm

On the main page it is written in lilac and white

A World Government
Why do we need one?
Is it possible?
Who is qualified to rule?

The leafletis brought to you by JW.ORG (c) 2014 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in Pennyslvannia.

Because this is an important issue that concerns everyone - the Law given by God is written in the Holy Bible. The empahassis on Royal Succession is found in Deuteronomy 17, however the example of being King of the World is found in Lord Jesus Christ as he was - a man who walked with God inside his being and was completely in service, selflessly for the people.

Jesus Christ also corrected wrongs - He was a threat to the time with officials knowing who he was at his birth and his arrival as an adult was to change from man ruling who had swayed from keeping the truth and the Law, to  become the Kingdom of God on this earth with Divine Laws 'in context.

What happened - THEY killed him. They Broke God's Law

What happened. - Jesus rose and God took this world back!

Today what has happened - THEY CONTINUE TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. 'They' plan to kill the anointed ones and there are warnings, if they harm the prophets or annointed ones they will come to ruin.

There is no throine on this earth now.

There is a throne made and brough to the world attantion - THE IRON THRONE that sits in Belfast. The person who has sat on this throne, symbolically while initially portrayed she declined, is Queen ElizabethII

Is the Game of Thrones almost over...the wars and treachery?

Is th elust for power going to subside...

Officials say England is ruled by the powers of darkness!

All officials working in the system have allegiance to this.

When officials laugh when I say 'Do you not care that innocent people are slaughtered in wars and your sons and daughters are killing the family of Jesus Christ' - then it becomes time to confront the evil.

Jesus said a long time ago 'It is better to save the WHOLE OF HUMANITY by removing one family'. Then I did not understand why this was said precisely.

In the oaths of allegience, this is taken to the Queen, her heirs and successors. If a Queen has made a pact with Satan, her children will also be of the Seed of Satan...

If the allegiance was just to Queen Elizabeth in this time, then the message would be clearly delivered - as in the ancient times, King David was the 8th Born child are not even expecting to be choen as a leader or ruler - somene who was to pray for the people and defend the people too...

Then the people understood the Authority of God. Now?

In a documentary made in 2012, I think, about Queen Elizabeth, it was said that THE NEXT QUEEN will be the HEAD OF THE ARMED FORCES . IF a secret ceremony has taken place to rule over lands and people by deception, that means Queen Elizabeth may have been removed from her place - keeping the royal family in their positionsof gain, why the breaking of the Royal Laws began long ago..

The British Royals have never brought forth the Word of God - however they have remained with publishing another Edition of the Holy Bible. When the Monarch allows the corruption of the Law that is written,then it is an obligation to correct this and remind This United KINGDOM is not THEIRS and people born to be slaves - The Kingdom of God is to be maintained for people to live safely under His GRACE.

The Crown - a symbol is a reminder of God's Authority.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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