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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Holy Icons, Fayum Portraits:Reincarnation & Family

Sharing this information for something to think about.

There are Holy Icons - people who have been SpirituallyEnlightened by the Lord, the Prophets, Kings and of course Jesus Christ who is remaining alive...He is also shown with his mother Mary as being alve too. 

Because photographs have been destroyed and Icons too, maintaining the icons are purposeful because we are not meant to forget the people who have ascended. We are to learn by reading what happened in the ancient times, that after Jesus was taken up to heaven, when Mary went to sleep (she did not die) she was also bodily asssumeed to heaven too..So they remain together -  depicted together as truth.

The Fayum Portraits are in museum saround the world..later learning these are paintings that identify the person who has come to the end of their earthly life. In the ancient times, people believed in the afterlife. The preparation of the afterlife was understood. The knowlege of the soul ascending was valued.

Everything that happens in our life, even when and where we are born, who was there - everything happens for a reason. We see just a little of this bigger picture...Reincarnation is one of the most intriguing subjects in this world, and yet I believe this is a subject that must be carefully considered with an open mind..

It the 1980's I met a Spiritual man who he said 'I know you are Portuguese'' when my reply was actually 'I am mixture of Greek, Spanish, French and others...Portuguese is new to me'. But in the bigger picture there is a Portuguese connection somewhere...My journey of discovery this life with view of how to assist to bring global peace...there are those who do not want peace, except on their terms!

As a young girl in Greece 1976-1978 asking why the elders were doing the sign of the cross when seeng me, my grandmother replied 'Oh it is because you are the image of the ancient Princess' . Asking where I can find the picture to see for myself - in her reply she stated 'she is famous' ....

This is Theotokos with Christ, sharing to show characteristics can also be inherited in the family generations. The Virgin Mary lived not far way in the vicinity 'up the hill' where my Grandmother lived, in the province of Smyrna, (Izmir).  This image also provides a very realistic image of Jesus Christ. 

When Jesus Christ was crucified he ressurrected alive and then was taken up to heaven. When the Virgin Mary went to sleep, she was also taken up to heaven bodily. We can see in Jerusalem, this icon of Mary and Jesus is preserved in a way that is recognisable by the Holy Orthodox family.

Around 25 years ago someone gave me a picture they collected from the Louvre in Paris..At the time I was in Spain. Looking at the picture feeling a connection...asking who she was, I was told 'she is connected with you'. The lady was part of a Greek entourage in Egypt..I felt a spiritual connection with her..

Portrait of a woman, known as "L'Européenne"
Department of Egyptian Antiquities: Roman Egypt (30 BC - AD 392)
The lady has no named. The Lady of Europe. The European.

The portrait is painted on a wooden board, originally rectangular, cut to match the shape of the mummy, this distinctive form apparently being characteristic of the city of Antino√∂polis. Over this were applied several small squares of gold leaf, which cover the neck and part of the clothing, without however masking the oval of the face.

She is dressed in a purple tunic and a yellow cloak, which is fastened with a round brooch set with a large emerald.  
The shine of gold, resembling that of the sun, made it a magical metal, a symbol of immortality. It never, however, obscures the features of the face, for the individuality of the deceased had to be preserved

(Whatever happened to the  emerald...was it inherited? Sheba is also connected with Emeralds.) Notice the very small gold round pin on her head - this is situated on her crown chakra for a reason.

Many of the lifelike Fayum portraits appear to be painted when the person was alive and then attached to mummy caskets. The ancients beleived in the afterlife. Google 'Fayum Portraits' for many people who look as if they are family and even familiar faces. (Did the tomb raiders disturb the dead)

This mummy case is located in the Egyptian Museum Cairo. Notice she has around her head what appears to be 15 stones, not sure if these are connected with the tribes of the ancient times. Again there is a trait that is identified - the narrow forehead and big brown eyes. The lady is wearing a crown.

Notice the detail, the bracelets on her arms and wrists. The lady is wrapped in gold and yet her dress can be seen she is jewelled and wearing purple. Purple was restricted to be worn just in the Roman empire. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned she was given bracelets and cloaked in gold - the Imperial mantle.

This is Hypatia of Alexandria -notice she is wearing a jewelled diadem, a gold necklace with different coloured stones, a royal blue dress with gold edging and a white draped sash...While Elizabeth has blue eyes, their facial features are not so dissimilar that could show a family line connection. It would be inappropraite to say this is Elizabeth in a previous life when it might not be.

In Bolton, not far from Portugal Street, Hypatia street has been named. The connection of two dividing roads and a bridge is where Hypatia Street is named. A church has been built and named 'The Bridge'.

In Queen Elizabeth's reign she has been a bridge between people. That was her purpose but it is not for her family to maintain the reverance of being gods when they are not. Stop worshiping false idols.


Here is a young woman who reminds me of Angelina Jolie. It is by no accident that Angelina Jolie is world famous or that her husband Brad Pitt are together as a team. The movie industry is just a little/LOT more than a storythat is being told...There is a reason digital productions are brought to life today

Celine Dion comes to mind with this lady.

This is a boy dressed in white to indicate he was a holy boy, perhaps in the temple. Talking with a noble lawyer friend in India, sensing also a brother type connection, I sent him this image and he confirmed as a young boy he had similarities facially to this boy. Writing on the vest would give more information. In the ancient times, the law and government came from the temple..

This lady reminds me of my mother's cousin when she was a young women...there is also a noticable trait with Christina Onassis seen in my aunt that might indicate a family connection. The name Christina came from Christ Athina - my aunt - mothers's cousin is named Athina. Both families came from Smyrna.

My mother said three generations before, family lived in Egypt and so similarities in facial characteristcs is not unusual. It is not my place to say these are reincarnations of people, because only the individual can know their experience. A few years ago I understood that God always had his back up plan.

This reconstruction of Queen Puabi reminds me of my neice..Holli Rae has been guided with three close friends a documentary filmaker and sound technition with 'the Goddess Project Movie'

Crown of of being inspired from the heavens.

This image is found on the page about 'Rachel' who married Jacob. It was after finding a paper that documented my French Grandmothers middle name being Rachel - the Hebrew connection is a reminder. The French connection is evidently is the Plantagenet bloodline.

What is most important that are liberated from oppressors.

Keep an open mind...notice the people in your life..feel the emotional language going on internally..Everything happens for a reason...the people you love the most, even the people you lose happens for a reason. One lady spoke of many relatives dying early and feeling alone...Perhaps, her heart is being pulled to focus to higher realms towards the heaven.because the soul does not die. The soul is immortal.

There are some of us who understand the Spiritual Crown in context that is to unite people in peace and not to be in positions of power over people and allow the oppressing and suffering of people.

Notice the seriousness on the faces above...

Today long lost family are reconnecting...

People are remembering the promise made by God.

The Holy Covenant is unbreakable. It is Eternal.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No Copyrignt infringment intended.

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