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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Istithmar, Dubai World - Burj Khalifa, Fly Emirates

Istithmar World ("istithmar" is Arabic for "investment") is an investment firm based in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates (UAE). This company is a state-run business owned by Dubai World, a Dubai government-owned company, and was established in 2003. Originally known as "Istithmar," the company was renamed as "Istithmar World" in 2008

Quoting wikiepeda still

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with offices in Shanghai, China and New York, United States, Istithmar World invests through its three separately-managed divisions: Istithmar World Capital, Istithmar World Aviation and Istithmar World Ventures.
  • Istithmar World Capital is the private equity and alternative investment arm of Istithmar World. Since inception, IWC has made over 35 investments. I will rule the internet soon..
  • Istithmar World Aviation invests in fast-growing sectors of the aviation and aerospace industry, including airlines, manufacturing, engineering and financing.
  • Istithmar World Ventures is a venture capital platform that provides promising start-ups and greenfield ventures with the necessary financial and managerial resources.

Somehow I think the Arabs have cottoned onto the naming and taking domination of the world..said in the spirit of pure intentions and observation...somehow I am not so sure that the Arabs are as blatant God mockers as the wizard wand waving royals are here in England.

Actually it is only with not having connections to form and provide a very cheap global internet service this was never established..As a global visionary the structure is in place 

It was a few years ago noticing 'Kingdom Holdings' - perfect name choice the Royal Prince Alwaleed has chosen as his holding company...Kingdom of Allah - God Almighty????

'The Board of Istithmar is led by the Chairman, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Other Board Members include Mohammad Ibrahim Al Shaibani (Director General of the Dubai Ruler’s Court), Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Saleh (Director General of the Finance Department), Hamad Mubarak Bu Amim (Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Sa’adi Abdul Rahim Hassan Al Rais and Sun Yong Chang.'

With my previus article identifying the QEII ship:

  • The QE2 cruise ship. Purchased for $100 million from Cunard in June 2007. In February 2010, the Press Association wrote that Isithmar may sell the QE2, despite its prior plan to turn the boat into a luxury hotel, based at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa.


Last year I was given two visions from the Lord to share. 

There was surrounded all round bright blue skies with clouds - a gold ark with a sheep sitting on the mercy seat. Side by side were two young men the same age one I thought to be Jesus Christ.

The next day I was shown a maroon coloured mantle as if held open. Again this was surrounded in the light coloured sky, with white I do understand God 'is invisible'.

Some time after this, I had the impression that the mantle is connected with Arabia. No idea what came with this..because at the time I was eating cream crackers...Jacob's cream crackers.

Then remembering Jacob's Ladder and promises to people

After this discovering something else...the Emirates Stadium.

Actually this was not the picture that was shown to me...I was looking on googlemaps and guided to discover the stadium and that is how I came to know of the existance here today.

The photoediting tool is not working on this computer - type in googlemaps Emirates Staduim and zoom in closely underneath is a Road named...Queensland Road. Queens Land. The connection with the United Arab Emirates is also clearly identified here too. They are together.

The Queen would HAVE TO BE related to our Arabian family because in History God made sure that the Ishmaelites were not EXCLUDED from his promise. With being sons and daughters of Abraham - there were not only clear instructions there are also promises made to all people too.

One day I had a revelation 'the mantle is connected with Arabia'. During the coronation service a gold mantle was placed over Queen Elizabeth> This is ain imperial robe 'God's Kingdom'.

I beleive that Royals who are sincere in their faith and pray with a focus to do God's Will are also being guided and inspired accordingly. I am not getting the message from God to kill anyone.

This is a recording of the FULL Opening Ceremony and inauguration of Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) - the ceremony took place on 4th January 2010. Notice the design in lights.

Khalifa means 'successor' - (successor to Prophet Muhammah).

In the video just noticing EMAAR - research reveals real estate! 

The ruler of Dubai is wearing long white and on his head, white with a black band - this is EXACTLY how Prophet Muhammad revealed himself to me in a dream - wearing the SAME clothes. At the time, he was standing high up on a hill with green grass, and he appeared 'alive' and as physical form. 

'United Arab' Emirates named for a reason.

Emir means Prince - Emira means Princess.

The 'Fly Emirates' logo will appear on the front of Real Madrid's playing and training kits. Real in Spanish means Royal - The Royal Connection to Spain is something that cannot be ignored or silenced. This is particularly so with the King of Spain - amoung many titles holding the 'King of Jerusalem'.

Emirates is an airline based in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is wholly owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. In the list one of the Subsideries being 'Congress Solutions International'....

Being a solution focussed..thought that was interesting.

  • On 10 August 2014, Emirates Flight 237, a Boeing 777-300ER registration A6-ECW operating a flight from Dubai to Boston caught fire on landing at Logan International Airport. The fire was extinguished and there were no injuries. (Thank God)

Long ago Pilgrims from Boston, Lincolnshire UK travelled to America and so with Boston USA beng named is no surprise - The Boston Bombing 'revealed' Commonwealth Avenue. The road map again is revealing how carefully everything has been planned. Abraham Lincoln comes to mind...

Lip service Christians reject that Prophet Muhammad was a Prophet and Messenger of God.  When Angel Gabriel visited Muhammad and told to recite, 'I knew' he was a messenger for God. Much later I learnd he was taken up to heaven and actually instructed by the Lord to tell Muslims to pray 100 times a day. In this expereince Prophet Muhammad met and spoke with Moses too. ALL the Prophets have likely had dreams encountering Prophets of before - with having seen Jesus and Prohet Muhammad 'being alive'.

Please excuse Christians who have been robbed of the truth.

Articles show outrage by people in England of Charles selling spring water with healing properties to Dubai. My concern is our drinking water deliberately poisoned. The solution is provided that once a free resource can be bought bottled in the supermarket. Perhaps with the royal baptism in the water brought to England from the River Jordan the British royals assume the right to own and sell accordingly.

The author of the blog wrote To be fair to the Prince, the exports of Duchy products is part of a deal with grocery chain Waitrose, and it is likely that the Prince isn't even aware of it.  (perfectly good drinking water in Dubai - not sure if they have travelled there) 

Waitrose...WAIT ROSE...Royal Roses are named.

Last night I was thinking about Prophet Muhammad and guided to find this today. It is said, by listening to people speaking in videos, 'if we have seen Prophet Muhammad will also meet him at Judgement day'. There comes a time when Muslims and Christians - Arabs and Jews must stop arguing.. 

We are many tribes.. brothers and sisters..cousins...equal.

I cannot sit back in silence and watch children being taught to go to war for a Godless King and wizard wand waving Queen with a Prince who gets so drunk - young people are influenced by him - by man made law. Neither can I sit back while children are taught to use real guns...People in England need to wake up - There are parents buying toy guns for their boys to play who are barely out of the pram.

A Godless King is a King without authority of God. 

In the Eastern hemisphere has been the land that God chose - The Holy Land named as the land of the Prophets and yet, this whole world could be a Holy Land - Holy to the Lord by a decison. Of course God in his infinate plan knows the ways of man and what is going on. BUT, people who are obediant to God have been entrusted with 'something' - whether this be a truth, a mantle, crown, or the Holy Chalice.

I hope one that that I can look back on some of my hot headed ravings and think, you really did not need to write that and just trusted God instead. Reading the article about Sandhurst and the £3 million donation from the King of Bahrain (february 2013) Charles is sitting next to him with the group.

Notice the gold shoulder on the King - this man is not just who he is without reason. As I wrote earlier, I do not know for certain where the gold imperial mantle will come from to be placed around the next Queen. What I do know the group of men in this photograph are brothers - they are cousins.  

Just reading the 'Imperial Group' is established in Dubai - hotel and apartments...also in Dubai something else that comes to mind - a 7 star hotel is also built. Is this just about prestige or something else? 

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, by Joi Ito Dec2007.jpg

Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) from Jumeirah beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship.  (Burj means fortified the ship and land have been erected here in Dubai:))
The hotel is located on an island of reclaimed land 280 meters offshore of the beach of the former Chicago Beach Hotel. The Dubai Chicago Beach Hotel remained as the Public Project Name for the construction phase of Burj Al Arab Hotel until Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the new name.

When a decision is made by a Royal - THIS IS BY ROYAL DECREE and so this is a decison that has been made by the Sheikh that is one that must remain accordingly.

The fortified tower of the Arab.....

Both Barak Obama and Michelle Obama are connected with Chicago. I do beleive they both understand the meaning of Providence and Michelle has a gift - she is in tune with me. 

There are people who understand the royal role of responsiblity implementing the Laws. With THE LAW there is a big difference...The Royal Heads do know the difference.

Were palms laid downon the floor as Jesus arrived in Jerusalem? This is a huge palm built on the sea...what  visionaries and inspired people there are involved in this creation on the sea.

There are prophesies that are beyond imaginable and yet there is a God who is compassionate and forgiving those who choose to walk sincerely in the right way with the Lord.

Peace be with you 
Pauline Maria

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