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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Katy Perry: The Killer Queen Throne Overturned?

Katy Perry singing ROAR...wearing a floral crown dreamng of sitting on the throne of the Jungle - where is this? ...Ithink the most important message, considering that Diana was not allowed to express her truth, considering that there is a lot happening behind the scenes. Diana  knew wars were being planned and innocents killed...she knew there are tens of thousands of landmines in our world and people are withut limbs. 

Diana's voice was silenced...There is no room for silence. 

The Cathedral Crowning Ceremony was not exactly secred but the intention to rule over lands and people by deception ahs also shown that people are being killed too. Has another pact been made totake lives for power? Actually on the matlepiece are two crowns and vessels with liquid that could suggest blood...(no coincidence that there is also a rise of movies featuring vampires who are drinking blood...a myth or a reality? 

A long time ago Stakehill was named in Middleton Manchester.

Once people have SEEN THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES, they can also share that truth..Will we see a Princess declaring the truth to free the people from slavery? Katy Perry has the eye of the tiger and is no longer going to be conforming or be silent. Killer Queen perfume is not without reason. 

How is it possible for Katy Perry to overthow a throne..even to act this out because it is possible with her family background that she is also born from a Princess lineage by birthright. 

These video creations are acting out different perspectives to consider and yet one of the most important considerations is how does God overthrown thrones and what is the reason why.

Killing people is forbidden..It is not known if the British royals practice the sacrifice of their first born child as has happened in history. AND IF a Queen mother could kill her first born baby - just imagine how little value she would hve on the entire human race...Read about Abraham and see again how God prevents this.

There is so much happening behind the scenes and we do not know the truth. But there are people behind the scenes that do. There are people behind palace doors and walls have ears. And there are people being divinely guided and enlightened to see clearly what is happening...even behind the scenes.

The Star of Africa diamond is named in Queen Elizabeth's scepter...Blood diamonds is also an expression that is named. A royal sceptre connected with Africa. The Crown is shown to be connected with the Byzantine Cathedral and Katy Perry is showing this with Dolce and Gabana.

The Killer Queen perfume launch took place at The Duke in New York.

Katy Perry has launched her third Killer Queen perfume...She is making a statement and one that is not going to go away...In this image she is wearing a circlet crown of lilac flowers to show that SHE is being spiritually guided and of course there is a growing movement of spiritually connected people who are family. 

Is Katy Perry a Killer Queen or is she Reminding People that there is a Queen making decisions that involves killing people...Has someone made a Pact with Satan to sit on The Throne? 

Katy Perry has come to know there is an important message to convey to the world and it has taken famous people to get their voice and truth to be told in whatever way they choose to do so.

There are THREE CROWNS. The Crown of David's Kingdom. The Crown of the Priesthood. And the Torah Crown. 

This is not a new message. Queen sang this long ago.

If you take a will lose your soul. Freddie knew this!

But we are not the Judge in this world and the reminder that people can go the wrong path in life and teach everyone very important lessons. One of the most important is not to sit in silence.

Katy Perry sits on Santa's lap....with the reminder that there are many children and adults who are focussed on the material world at Christmas, while being deprive and denied spiritual gifts.

Causing a storm: Katy's Japan-inspired performance of Unconditionally at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday was accused of being racist

The article published in November 2013, Daily Mail showed Katy Perry in Japan.  The delicate pastal shades of parasols are facing towards the viewer and used to protect from sunlight.

Officials have stated 'dark forces rule over this land'  England

There is a warning not to play with Magic in 'The Dark Horse' 

The dark forces will not be ruling forever, that is for sure.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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