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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Queen London Thumakda & The Whtie Rose

The English meaning of “london thumakda” is “entire london city dances“. 

Just guided to see this video....

The White Rose is connected with Athens and Athena.

This rose is shown on a beautiful lady from Asia...

Two children had experiences, one a dream of Jesus and the other a visitation with 'Mary his wife' - Jesus holding a baby boy in his arms and told him so...oh the mysteries are being revealed so clearly.

Mary Magdalene had a silver rose on her forehead...

In the first dream, the child did say that there were wedding bells playing in the church and it was the night of a full ancient Jewish tradition, the full moon has been regarded as a very romantic time. The problem is on this day, the child saw Jesus carrying a cross being escorted by 6 Roman soliders..

Mary Magdalene was walking behind him wearing a wedding dress, the child said and a veil. She did not mention a crown, she spoke of a silver white rose on her forehead...

On a different day, the little four year old told me of Jesus and Mary'his wife' in his bedroom talking with him..If a child tells me their truth and it has come from Jesus, I am to understand this for whatever is given. Jesus has told the child that he will communicatewith me directly...

.If Mary Magdalene remained on this earth, Jesus and Mary have remained spiritually connected and this is why the teacher prepared her - so she could continue bringing people to God - pointing people to Jesus who said, 'I am the alpha and omega' no one goes to the father except throughme'

Mary was an intercessor for prayer for the people. 

Divine Right of Kings...unless they have a personal relationship with God thre is no man who can claim the righ to be a ruling King over people who do...The battles for power are egotistical and selfish. There are people who are eager to gie up their soul for power and wealth....When the lights are off, they are off eternally.

A vast number of people from Asia are spiritually connected...

They know the corruption of the British in ancient times too.

But through good and bad...truth can be revealed..

The Kohinoor diamond meaning mountain of light..

The White Rose of Athens is being clearly shown too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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