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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Robert Montague Breaks his Silence of The Lords

Dark secret: Robert Montagu, 64, was abused by his father Victor, the 10th Earl of Sandwich, on an almost daily basis from the age of seven until he was 11

A couple of years ago I was approached by two different people. A Prince asked if I would help a Duke and could not at the time...The other was a European nobleman who spoke about abuse taking place. He had reached out to people right at the very top in political circles for help and the reply came 'there is nothing we can do'....There are many nobles who have been abused - a huge issue, seriously abused.

There are an unknown amount of boys and girls within the upper echelons of society who have grown up with abuse and rape, with livng in a sheltered life, they cannot jsut go and reach to get help.

Who would listen...who would beleive them?

Robert Montague has broken his silence with the publication of a book. He has done th right thing - resisted writing a novel and masking the perpetrator.Diluting the crime to many children.

Robert Montague is, son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich. A Humour Of Love is being published next month under his own name.

The ariticle writes 'In making that choice, he knows he is risking everything, not only his family name but his good relations with his sisters and his brother John, the 11th Earl, none of whom know of his decision to expose their father, who Robert believes abused up to 20 boys.;

In speaking out about his personal expereince..he is also breaking the silence that other children were put at risk with the silence...up to 20 other boys were abused, Robert beleives...Young boys with perhaps confused sexuality.

'In 2000, Robert qualified as a family therapist after many years running a successful import business and this, too, is one of the reasons he wishes to be honest now. 

Speaking from his Dorset home a few miles from the family house, Mapperton, where the abuse took place, Robert, 64, says: ‘There’s a huge amount of shame and a huge will not to cause damage within your family.
I wrote the first draft when I was 16 and I’ve probably done ten versions since then. 

'I always intended it to be written as a novel but then I came to realise in the last three months it had to be done as a memoir.

So imagine the bravery to speak out about Satanic Ritual abuse too...There are men with severed penis's who did not get an erection while children are raped...The door is open to start speaking out -- create videos and speak about your experience. Name and shame - the abusers are to blame, not you.

Show zero tolerance for sexual abuse an evil that is exposed,

People read stories about abuse and think that abuse is not really happening. If all parents are not aware and comprehending the danger to children, they might ignore their child being in danger. In 2009, if I recall, the Daily Mail published a stastistic. 165,000 hits to child porn websites every day just in the United Kingdom. So imagine the reality today. This figuire is so much more today.

It is brave speaking out..if you want to get help and heal frrom the past, keeping the silence prolongs suffering. Sexual abuse is often connected with power and opportunity. In the case of Robert, he was to become a young boy who was summoned to his father's bedroom, after his mother died.

The picture of the Happy Family in the upper echelons in society might not be so...If a man has the genetic makeupof a military mindset, this can be intimidating to any child. Positions of power and influence can be intimidatingto children too. The game the perpetrators have is to fill children with guilt, confusion and even blame. Eventually people realise the abuse was not their fault. Often with stolen years.

There are men whohave been abused and they are keenly aware of the need to break the silence - to also warn other people that thisis really happening in our world behind closed doors. There is real evil in our world beyond imaginable. Protect  your children. Listen to your children. Believe your children!.

And teachers must be alert that children are in danger...

The expression 'overlord' in itself  is nauseating becsuse there is only one Lord that has been entrusted as a Judge and also as the one who knows what is happening in secret even behind closed doors.

Just the other day a man said to me he has a problem with the Bible and Christianity because of the condemnation of 'being gay' which many of his friends are'. I told him God condemns the abuse and violations to cildren.. God forbids any one to cause the downfall of the innocent children.

Diana said to me 'Promise, do not give up because there are many people like me who need your help' - I had trained in counselling to help people recover with eating disorders, My intention was to offer a service to people like Robert - 'so the healing process could begin' without fear and obstruction.

What is prevented to happen - will happen anyway, Robert is in his positon where he has established a Counselling Trust, that helps families work through the complex issues. There are highly placed people who have known abuse for generations........Their healing need cannot be delayed any longer.

There is a system in place that operates to 'care for people', and yet do not provide psychotherapeutic processing to enable self realisation that would initiate a deep healing need being addressed, As long as people are looked at as anythng other than being people there will always be someone who will think a psychiatric label and pills are the answer too, when this is not so...Enquiring for work is how I discovered people are being kept in preventing healing. Some abused can become preditors -not all.  Being moved from one location to another in secure residential units - Is that the best you do England?

Keep speakng out Mr. Montegue and you will find that there are a whole lot more people who are against abuse to children than there are those who are ensuring that this stays silenced 'to maintain an image of respectiablity in society. Diana, exposed homosexuality in the royal hosuehold.

One of her formet bodyguards has recently been jailed for abusing a child. See mirror report below. If her childen were vulnerable to being abused, they would be more so by keeping Diana silent!.

The system in Engalnd is a house of cards...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
No Copyright infingement intended.

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