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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams Suicide - Lisa Williamson too?

The sad news reported in the media of Robin Williams rocked so many people because he was loved, popular, funny, always with smiles....and yet he reminds me of someone with the same character who while making everyone else happy and entertained, he was masking tears that could be seen in his eyes.

Robin Williams has reportedly battled with alcohol and drug addictions...suffering with depression and yet this is being shown how devastating someone can feel to make such a self destrructive decision. I do not get it at all. And yet in the last year I spoke with three people locally who lost loved ones or know someone who has hanged themselves...So drastic and set the stage so that the end will be.

What makes anyone give up...It is hard, with so much sadness in my heart to try and even convey how I feel about this ....another life lost. A huge price is paid for getting addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol. So many people are living this misearble life trying to numb their pain and what other feelings,,,

Robin was only 63....not old at all. A life that was full of so much giving, has also another private life that we did not see at all....What is the lesson? Fame does not guarantee happiness of a happy marriage either. Money does not make a reveals the true character of a person if anything at all...

After reading about Robin William's death looking down the page to other articles...Lisa Williamson also was found hanged....I have no idea who this person is - being out of touch with many things. The name was reported on the same day Robin and Lisa....William and William's son...hanged - dead"

Boomtown campsite 2013

The BBC News headline reads :

BoomTown festival death: Lisa Williamson 'found hanged in festival toilet'

'A woman who died at a music festival in Hampshire was found hanged in a campsite toilet, an inquest has heard.
Lisa Williamson, from Bromyard, Herefordshire, was found unconscious at the BoomTown Fair site near Winchester, on Saturday afternoon.
The 31-year-old, who was at the event with her husband, was treated by medical staff on site and taken to hospital but later died.
The inquest, which was adjourned, heard the cause of death was hanging.'
We do not know the truth..only what is reported.
Boom town is England. 
Up to 38,000 people attended the four-day event at Matterley Bowl near Winchester
MAGNA CARTA COMES TO MIND. Is this connected?
See my previous aricle about William, George and the Duchess in connection with the law. The Magna Carta was written to protect poeple from the people 'who gain positions of power' by whatever means.
This is another example of the loss of life and great sadness - that brings to light important informaton that is relevant to know. The names are not exactly easy to ignore....with the Omen Movie film made, the film is out there and there is a lot of wierd stuff going on..unexplained deaths, crashes, planes and trains.
There is evil in out world that can masquerade as light. The power to invluence vehicles and people to do according to anyones will...can be by taking oaths of allegiance. People give up their rights every does not make sence why these poeple would give up their life.Robin so many friends who loved him...
Just 'typing in Robin and Lisa' - to see if there is a connection. On Strictly Come Dancing there is a couple Robin Windsor and Lisa Riley........The Windor conection is clearly revealed here. 
No one is famous without a reason...
Remembering Harry say, sometimes you have to take a life to save a life...REALLY? Does he not KNOW or understand ROYAL LAW...Evidently not! Does he not know we are forbidden to kill anyone?
Shortly after I saw this the Santa Maria fire stole the lives of over 200 people. The cause they say were pyrometrics and yet the spark could have been a black magic. This was a holucaut killing.
The nurse who was killed when Kate Middleton was in hospital has a Royal surname connected to Portugal. She was also from Asia and so one of the many women who by right would be a Princess of Asia, One of the Crowns Queen Elizabeth holds is the Crown of Potugal with being from te House of Wettin.
Lisbon is in Portugal. Remember the Lisbon Treaty?
Santa Maria....Princess by birthright too..How many fires have there been in connection with Santa Maria/Saint Mary....Sian Green who lost her foot - Sian means Princess of Asia.
Robin starred in MRS DOUBTFIRE....Doubting the fires?..
Is there a connction: Robin Windsor...William and Williams son.
Is Robin Windsor related to THE WINDORS? 
Prince Wiliam usually uses the name Wales...What is happening is written in biblical prophey in the Book of Revelation...It does not take away that two more people have died 'both;;among many people.
Harry Potter comes to mind and the school of magic arts. Any connection>. .
Boomtown - boom can mean a noise like an explosion. Boom is also a microphone that is used in recording televison viewing...My apologies, if I hold back on sharing my experience, then I am not doing as in prayer is being guided to be revealed...Not saying this is directlyconnected. Something is going on.,
Years ago I was told nothing is just an accident. Nothing is coincidence. Everhthng happens for a reason. This was by a very wise man who told me there are people in our world who are serving God protecting the people, There are also people involved with black magic arts who cast spells for protection .
If you belong to God you would not need to do this. Just pray.. Pray with sincere heart and if you are a servant of God, being famous or not...the role and purppse we serve might be painful - people have forgotten this Kingdom was given by God and must Return to God - this Is the Jubilee Law, so people can be free.
The power of suggestion is very powerful indeed. Wish no one any harm, loss or suffering. Wish no one death...but know if there is anyone who is causing death, this will be known too. Back 
My the families and loved ones.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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