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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Watch The Name Changes - ISIS Now Known As IS.

While we look to something and read X it might mean Y.

Iraq in the western world is also spelt as IRAK.

Of the terrible autrocities that are happening ISIS was a name chosen - perhaps to deliberately grab attention of the people as this is capturing the people's attention as it is meant to be. 

The Daily Mail Published a Map that identifies where Mount Sinjar where thousands of people have fled their homes, without food or water.  Masses of Kurdish people have been killed - again massacre of the innocents. The Map reveals also oil fields being situated around Baghdad,

How events unfolded: Yesterday marked a landmark campaign by the U.S., its first incursion into Iraq by air since troops pulled out of the country in 2011

Notice Raqqa - Ar-Raqqah is also called Rakka.

'The city was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate from 796 to 809 during the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. It is currently claimed and occupied by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, and serves as their headquarters as well.'

Hellenistic and Byzantine Kallinikos The Seleucid king Seleukos II Kallinikos (reigned 246–225 BC) founded ar-Raqqah as the eponymous city of Kallinikos. In the Byzantine period, the city was briefly named Leontopolis (Λεοντόπολις or "city of Lèon", in Greek) by the emperor Leo I (reigned 457–474 AD), but the name Kallinikos prevailed. 

Leon meams Lion - The Lion King 'is identified as an emperor'

'In 542, the city was destroyed by the invasion of the Persian Sasanid ShahanshahKhusrau I Anushirvan (reigned 531–579), but was subsequently rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I (reigned 527–565).

In the 6th century, Kallinikos became a center of Assyrian monasticism. Dayra d'Mār Zakkā, or the Saint Zacchaeus Monastery, situated on the tell just north of the city, today's Tall al-Bi'a, became renowned. A mosaic inscription there is dated to the year 509, presumably from the period of the foundation of the monastery. Daira d'Mār Zakkā is mentioned by various sources up to the 10th century. The second important monastery in the area was the Bīzūnā monastery or 'Dairā d-Esţunā', the 'monastery of the column'. In the 9th century, when ar-Raqqah served as capital of the western half of the Abbasid Caliphate, this monastery became the seat of the Syriac Patriarch of Antioch.'

'Zachariah (f'irst century) the father of St. John the Baptist, a priest in thetemple of Jerusalern, the husband of St. Elizabeth and a cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary'
'Early Islamic Period - ' In the year 18/639, the Muslim conqueror 'Iyāḍ ibn Ghanm took the Christian city Kallinikos by contract. Since then, it figured in Arabic sources as ar-Raqqah, but still in Assyrian sources the name of Kallinikos remained. In 20/640–1, the earliest congregational mosque in the Jazira was built in the predominantly Christian city. Many companions of the Prophet Muhammad used to live in ar-Raqqah. The Battle of Siffin took place here and thus the tombs of Ammar ibn Yasir and Uwais al-Qarni are located in ar-Raqqah.'

Learning more with more recent changes taking place.

20th Century - In the 1950s, in the wake of the Korean War, the worldwide cotton boom stimulated an unpreceded growth of the city, and the re-cultivation of this part of the middle Euphrates area. Cotton is still the main agricultural product of the region.'

'In March 2013, during the Syrian civil warIslamist jihadist militants from Al-Nusra Front and other groups overran the government loyalists in the city and declared it under their control after seizing the central square and pulling down the statue of the former president of Syria Hafez al-Assad

On January 2014 it was reported that ISIS militants in the city gained control of the western part of a Syrian army base, while the group closed all educational institutions in the city, where it has withstood rebel assaults.[11]
On July 25, the Islamic State captured Base 17 and beheaded many Syrian troops'
'Callinicum is an archiepiscopal titular see of the Catholic Church assigned to the Maronite Church.The first bishop named to the titular see was Francis Mansour Zayek, the first Apostolic Exarch to serve Maronite Catholics outside of Lebanon. He was appointed on 30 May 1962. The current holder of this title is Samir Mazloum, a retired auxiliary bishop of the Patriarchate of Antioch.'

In view of hat is presented in the news, all  is not entirely clear.

There was named global warming and climate change is bringing our attention to the poltiical changes - A global shift is taking place not quite as we would expect. Not all is clear to see.

The Maronites are an ethnoreligious group in the Levant. They derive their name from the Syriac saint Maron whose followers moved to Mount Lebanon from northern Syria establishing the nucleus of theMaronite Church  *This part of the world is connected with Biblical History.

'Maronites were able to maintain an independent status in Mount Lebanon and its coastline after the Arab Islamic conquest, maintaining their religion and language there until the 13th century. Remnants of their language exist in Cyprus and formerly in some secluded mountain villages, which have since adopted Arabic due to government standardization. The Maronite Church is in communion with the Church of Rome.'

In looking at many of the news reports, there are photographs of men waving guns around with the photographer there and It is not known how many of the photographs are staged propaganda to suit agenda.

My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering and lost loved ones by these most terrible situations. I cannot see any justification that anyone would be beheaded or crucified. And if the leaders are honest with themselves they must also come to the same realisation. Getting somene else to execute someone carries a price on the soul.

I pray and hope everyone realises a higher consciousness.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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