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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Zara NewYork 666 5th Avenue Perfume/Microchip

The number 666 came to mind in connection with New York and remembering turning the television on to see there is a programe, a series running in connection with 666 in New York.

No coincidence really....

The name Zara is a name Prince Charles chose for his neice after much publication that Princess Annes, children will not have any royal titles. Actually Zara is a title meaning Princess.

With a great many people in New York who understand that names have meanings, it really is no suprise that this name has been chosen....or that Zara is a big name now as a brand.

In Bolton, the A666 is also known locally as the devils highway.

Bolton is named in New York too...There is a connection.

In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is named roads, the Boltons - plural The Princess living in there more than one? Actually there might be a few now.

So while Katy Perry has released  3 perfumes 'Killer Queen', Zara New York identifies 666 5th Avenue.

On my previous article Sian Green wears the shirt number 23. 2 plus 3=5

Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana visits Lucent Technology! The creators of the 666 "Microchip" in New York City!

What is the prophesy...those who refuse to worship the beast? 

It is not as if what is going on is a secret...but we do not know everything. 

Babylon is named in New York and in Iraq Kingdom.

Babylondon is named too...

There is evil in our world and tremendous good too. 

The discovery of 666 Park Avenue series was after visiting the doctors and wanting a presciption - he was locked out of his computer, unable to provide this after several attempts. The visit was in the time of telling him an invisible force had pushed me down the stairs and he suspected being attacked by Satan. he had to instruct another member of staff to access the other computer to print a presciption. 

In this trailer, it is carrying with a warning that you can have anything you wish from the dark lord but remember there is a price to be paid. You can enter the building of residence but you can never leave. 

Choose the camp you belong to very carefully.

Peace be wtih you
Pauline Maria

No copyrigt infringement intended.

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