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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Diverse Y-DNA Davidic & Israelite Tribes

Just came across this article, it is interesting and timely.

Quoting in full, with access to other articles posted below.

Many genealogists and others hoped that by studying the y-dna of the famous Jewish Rabbinic families that claimed Davidic descent they would discover the Davidic dna. However many were disappointed to find that these families were of diverse male lineages including J, I, Q, R1b, R1a, E1b, G etc.

A point forgotten is that Davidic status can also be received through maternal lineages. For example the Davidic Nasiim of the Sanhedrin descended from Hillel and Gamaliel were only Davidic through Hillel's mother but were of the Tribe of Benjamin (Q ydna) through his father. Thus those families claiming Davidic ancestry of Q y-dna may be Davidic descendants of the House of Hillel. 

Those families claiming Davidic descent of G y-dna may be descended from the Hunza Valley Princes that came to Sicily in the 11th century descended from Alexander the Great who intermarried with the Davidic Princesses of the Machir Dynasty of Narbonne. Those of J y-dna (Assyrian) may come from the marriage of Merwan ha Levi to a Davidic Princess of Narbonne. Those of R1a ydna (Tribes of Joseph) may descend from the Khazar Royal House which also had Davidic status from the Davidic ancestress Serakh.

The direct male lines of David was R1b-M269 (Sons of Leah) and R1b-L21 (Davidic House of Nathan). Everyone who has R1b-M269+ or R1b-M269- in their genetic tree descend from one of the six sons or Tribes of Leah- Reuben, Levi, Judah, Simeon, Issachar and Zebulon. Tutankhamun was R1b-M269+.  While everyone who is R1b-L21+ is of direct male line Davidic ancestry it does not mean that they are the only direct male line Davidic descendants. However it does mean that those who are R1b-M269+ and R1b-U106+ are not of direct male line Davidic ancestry as they are from the Tribe of Zebulon but are not the only Zebulonite clan. However certain U106 families may have Davidic status through a maternal Davidic line.

However we must also remember that even tribal status may come through a female if she marries someone of a lesser yichus. If a Zebulonite lady (whose father was R1b-U106) married a convert who was E1b then the children would take the mother's tribal status. So while each Tribe may be mainly of direct male lineage from their founder, there would also be those who are of different male lines that have taken tribal status. If such male lines were fertile for sons then the Tribe may after a few generations have a large group of Tribal members of y-dna differing from other tribal members. 

Someone could be a direct male line descendant of Zebulon of R1b-U106+ who marries a Gentile woman. Their son is thus a Gentile but a male line descendant of Zebulon. That son may convert and marry a woman whose father is of direct male line Benjaminite ancestry of Q y-dna. Their son would thus be of Benjaminite tribal status while having male line Zebulonite y-dna ancestry.'

Where there are people in our world eager to prove some royal lineage, just remember there are people already in place enslaving mankind - In England are blatant God mockers, If we trace back our lineage, we might just also remember we are all born free, the system in place might not agree.

A very interesting article above, that provides with this chart an indication how the houses are connected and still do not forget we all have common ancestors. Seek the understanding for freedom.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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