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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Rachel from Yoshua Warning Anointed Ones

One time when speaking to Jesus, I asked him what is his name and he replied in a profoundly deep voice Yoshua...Rachel is sharing a message and I believe this is meant to be.

With already suffering injury, there have been car crashes, being pushed in the road when younger, threats to my life, with also all the brake pipes cut on my car, another time, the front wheel was with one or two spin of the nut and would have been off -my instinct ssaid to check at the garage before travelling on the motorway. William at Victoria Garage saved my life that day...The push down the stairs - EVIL!

Actually in 2014 I was given a dream to show me that someone pushed me - whethr a demon or someone who has the ability to be invisible - it is not the first time. then there is the horrendous pain as if I wasbeing bashed with a rod of iron on my hips and knees, then as if my legs had been broken off I fell to the ground in agony....I was in pain for so many days and looking at my legs a few days later, I noticed more bruises! 

Might be because I am from His Royal bloodline!

Stolen Acropolis Marbles and Stolen Crown..

Of all people chosen to deliver this message RACHEL ...the name of the part Whitney Houston played in The Bodyguard was Rachel too. You see because Rachel was chosen as the birth mother of Joseph and Benjamin from Jacob, who was the Patriarch of the Isrealites.

Rachel was my French grandmother's middle name.

Thank you Rachel and I ask my readers, please pray for the protection and strength of the messengers of the Lord because while I am facing physical attacks and people are evoking demons too - other people are suffering too. I beleive this to be a genuine message because of the names revealed.

The enemy of Christ is harming us and trying to keep the people in the dark. As long as people do not wake up and realise they have been lied to - then the evil can continue to thrive. 

We are in the end times now and there is a spiritual battle taking place. While we might not see waht is happening, God is the all seeing and all knowing. He knows who is injuring His people. 

There are warnings not to harm God's anointed ones. Those who disregard the authority of God and especially about this are going to reap the consqiuences...People who sold their souls for gains - you were given FREE WILL and did not have the understanding to Look to God with sincere heart.

Not my problem...Sacred Majesty is Not God Mocking!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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