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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Golden Rose and Crown Pub of The Year 2015

Best in glass: The Rose and Crown in Snettisham, Norfolk, has been named Pub of the Year

Noticed this yesterday - the day after Rose and Crown came to mind....and it was in looking at a crown with a cross on top, a pink rose coloured precious gem that brought this understnading.

On top of this crown is a gold rose.

The sign writes clearly FREE HOUSE.

Flowers are growing outside white and pink roses?

What came to mind when seeing this rose was the Olympic Games bouquet that featured also an orange/gold rose. Last yearalso I was given a scarf by someone with the same colour roses - and I knew it was one of those 'signs' that was connected to remember the rose bouquet connection.

With a Greek mother who is no longer here, her heritage is Greece and the Olympic Games and lighting of the flame of harmony even today has it''s origin in ancient Olympia. Back in the ancient times men competed naked and no women were present to distract ...Today men and women strive for reaching their potential and what began in one place is now a global phenomenon.....

Featured on the sign is a gold crown with red material inside and a fur rim...This is displayed on a royal blue background. Usually on top of the crown is an orb representing the world. Instead of a cross on top there is an open rose...In one aspect, it may be gold. Orange might connect with the Housse of Orange..

As is, wisdom shared openly with everyone...

This is the rose photograph I remembered from the London Olympics in 2012, there are three types of roses that can be seen here. In other photographs four can be seen. Being bound together with some heather from Scotland and given as a gift is a reminder of the Rose Queens bound together too.

Roses are significant for they are connected with Royal Queens. Roses are also connected with Sharon - Rose of Sharon in Israel. The War of the Roses is a reminder of why if people just trust God there would be no war and yet when there is lust for power, mutlitudes of people suffer and are killed.

One of the gifts that the Pope confers is a golden rose. This is a profoundly special gift and very delicate.

 Pope Paul VI (1963 - 1978) made five awards; Pope John Paul II (1978 - 2005) made nine awards; Pope Benedict XVI (2005 - 2013) made eighteen awards. Since Pope Paul VI, all Golden Roses have been awarded to churches; all of Pope Benedict XVI's awards were to Marian shrines. Pope Francis made his first award of the Golden Rose in November 2013.

There are poeple who take issue about drinking alcohol. More than anything today i do understand why people seek to bury their misery and hurt in a bottle. God only knows the suffering that multitudes of people are going thorugh to numb their pain..Drinking is also a social experience for many people too. One day thinking about the pubs, I realised actually these houses in a beleiving society could be a palce to break bread and drink wine together 'remembering Jesus'...

'The quintessentially English pub overlooks the village cricket green and there are rumours that it opened in the 1300s to serve workers who were building a nearby church'

The Rose and Crown Pub is in Snettisham Norfolk. Snettisham falls within the district of King's Lynn. A link below is posted to learn a little more of this quaint vilage where treasures from history have been discovered and so perhaps this is a sign for more connections to the past to be known.

It is deeply saddening to learn of the persecutions that have taken place in history and extremism hascome with brutality and death - perhaps for profit too.. It is so wonder why people have been robbed of the gentle way in faith and to take careof this earth we are all living on. There is in England some really pretty countryside and lovely people who have been fortunate not to live in the dark ages of fear, terror and wars...and I hope the children today never see these dark ages again.. 

With the Rose and Crown being named the Pub of the Year 2015, we are still in 2014. Will there be a crowning of a Royal Rose Queen in this year too. Who much is going on.

Then again the pub is in King's Lynn....

Remembering the overtuning of an Orange car outside the pub - that was a freak situation and yet it happened for a reason. Fortunately the lady survived. This overturning of the car took place outside of the Bricklayers Arms in Kingston - Was a throne being overturned with this? See link below.

Actually I do recall something happening in St. Petersburg.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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