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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Victoria Beckham London, UN and South Africa

Snap happy: One fan takes a picture of the flagship store on Dover Street on her phone while she waits for the doors to open

While the opening of Victoria Beckham store in Dover Street London, sparked a lot of interest with media reporting too. Victoria was not in attendance, instead she was speaking at the UN in New York.

Meanwhile her husband David, being the other half as the ul tra stylish modern couple, along with parents Sandra and David and sister Louise all arrived for the opening of the store.

Fans of the Beckham's are unlikely to be disappointed with David supporting his wife's success. In an earlier report I wrote about the Beckham's mainly because I believe they show people that a wife and mother can have a business career and a family if she wants to. Not every man gives women the freedom to grow as a person. If any man oppresses his partner, he oppresses his children's development too.

There's a Beckham in the building! While Victoria is out of town, her doting husband put in an appearance at the store launch

In New York, Victoria was made a UN goodwill ambassador. The mother of four children said in her speech that it was her responsibility to use her public profile to raise awareness Becoming famous allows the opportunity to use her  voice to the greater good and for some people, the drive to make a positive difference has required fame first.

But it did not star there. The Spice Girls promoted Girl Power.

The mother-of-four made an impassioned speech, saying 'I'm a woman and a mother and I want to reach out to women'. Mrs Beckham missed the opening of her store to be in New York

Quote The mother-of-four made an impassioned speech, saying 'I'm a woman and a mother and I want to reach out to women'.

'When she is back on UK soil, fans can forget any mental images of Mrs B proudly positioned behind a till. While she promises to be in the 6,000sq ft store ‘a lot’, there are no tills to speak of. Nor, indeed, is there a display window. Or rails of designer frocks as soon as you enter'.

Victoria has seen that  women in Africa are remarkably strong women. Sometimes life presents circumstances where women have needed to be strong - not just in Africa, all aroujnd the world. Women are greatly underestimated and undervalued in our world. I believe part of that problem is the promotion of false idols who do not enable progress.

Perhaps women are strong because they needed to be to survive. Often it takes looking at what is happening overseas to highlight a problem that is happening at home. There are women who have become stronger than the bully to use their voice accordingly. There are a great deal of downtrodden and oppressed women in our world globally today.

History in Africa has been with ruling overlords and slavery, the most horrific conditions and oppression. Multitudes of people have grown up with ancestors who have known fear and this is carried in the genetic make up. The determination overcome this oppression has been with often reaching out for someone to help save them. 

Recently I watched a film that Brad Pitt played his part as the man who heard the story of someone taken into slavery and stripped of all his rights. So the team of Angelina Jolie and her husband being called to highlight profoundly disturbing realities for a great number of people in our world even today is because this is necessary.It does not take fame to address these issues - fame gets the attention and a voice that is not silenced.  There's the difference.

We are in times of great concern today. These very dark ages of slavery and oppression must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Even people masquerading as light - the bottom line is this world was not given to one family and corporate control but for the people to live on and thrive. It must be said with emphasis the British royal family do not have divine right to rule this world.  This is a truth that will not sit well with everyone. Victoria and David are friends of William and Kate - 

Victoria states every woman is entitled to their health. She is born in a system of hierarchy that contributes to people being ill one way or another - even the reprocessing of water. Billions of people take mediations that are consumed then expelled from the body - are people drinking this toxic water again? Toxins are being added that causes brain disfunction? Silence!

Victoria's speech is of a woman showing passion to want to a positive difference. She wants to learn and she wants to do what she can do. In this time it is necessary to get all women on board and strengthen women in this unity. It is happening globally and a wave cannot be stopped. It is time to break the chains of oppression permanently universally. 

In the steps to progress - this video title is  Victoria Beckham "Woman of the Decade" at Glamour Woman of the Year Awards 2013

People in the music industry are many with sensitive hearts, who feel for the people in Africa and want to make a positive difference, Most people known pain, loss, suffering and watching family and friends suffering addictions and even loss of life through illness and suicide. Most people have not known famine, racism, slavery torture and condemned because of the colour of their skin. The reality is this still prevails and must be confronted and condemned.

Victoria gives the impression of being shy and very body conscious. Look beyond this. She has her own thoughts and a voice. People who are shy or do not speak out openly, for whatever reason, often have a lot to say and at 40, life will have presented a lot of exposure to something that will reach the heart and mind, especially to someone who has travelled in the world.

There are 'actors' who read scripts. Actors are playing a part. in our world there are so many issues that using the sticky plaster will never heal the wound. Instead it is necessary to be healing the root cause of any ill. If people are caught in a tradition that oppresses anyone, the natural inclination to learn and grow, to evolve and contribute might not be there and even be prevented. In some lands people who have been restricted in circumstance and even financially  have excelled academically and this is with placing much value on education.

In Queen Elizabeth's sceptre is a diamond named the Star of Africa, cut from the Cullinan Diamond with it's origin to Africa. The Queen was crowned as being chosen by God at the time and officially accepted the role of being crowned a Spiritual Mother for people. A caretaker of the people and an intercessor for prayers for the people (said in context). If she is a sincere servant of God and hearing the Lord clearly - she will also be guided by him too.

In London and also in Africa Victoria is named on the map.

Victoria is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. Lake Victoria was named after Queen Victoria and one of the great lakes. 'Lake Victoria receives its water primarily from direct precipitation and thousands of small streams.' ' The lake was named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke, who was the first European to discover it. Speke accomplished this in 1858, while on an expedition with Richard Francis Burton to locate the source of the Nile River '

It is no coincidence that Victoria is famous today. There is also 'Victoria's Secret brand name and perhaps Victoria has a secret too. Queen Victoria most definitely had.

When people are sincere are involved in charity work selflessly, amazing things can happen. When people are using a charity front for an agenda and gains, that is misleading. 

There are in our world a vast number of millionaires and billionaires who are pledging their wealth and ready to help transform this world. There are people who have made a tremendous amount of wealth and gained influence because before they started their journey they made a promise to God 'if they become famous they will use their voice'....if they become rich they will use their wealth for a specific purpose. And for the people who lack, giving does not always need to be financially  Skills, giving time with care is profoundly important giving.

There is a lot happening in Africa for the people in Africa. A land mass that can establish a new world of academic training establishments and universities -with a people willing to learn to gain understanding and 'not to be given another set of conditioning that in the long term stunts their development'.

Remembering the commercials in England about HIV and AIDS. Then they suddenly stopped. The real issues of concern in our world are often silenced - Do not be quiet!. Can the cause be eliminated.With the Ebola plague identified, there have been other's identified too. These are biblical prophesy With women who have been oppressed and children growing up with this conforming mindset - Yes it can be.

Notice people from African roots have been great 'soul singers'. When people gain their voice who know the truth, they can use their voice but the most powerful use, it to enable other people to use theirs too!

Wishing the best to Victoria in her humanitarian work. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria ml#ixzz3ETTadY74

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