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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Evil Arrogance & Deception Judgement of God

"That, Which is Not of Me, is Against Me, and Comes From the Evil One... Says The Lord"

6/9/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Jayse and Timothy, For a Sister and Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear - Regarding the doctrine of hell and eternal torment, as taught in the churches of men

Thus says The Lord, He who is holy, He who is true: Have I not made the matter known? Beloved, how is it you have yet to discern? Tell Me, in this doctrine of hell and eternal torment, as taught by those who call of themselves Christian, what fruit is displayed?...Love? Joy? Peace? Patience? Kindness? Gentleness? Goodness? Mercy?! So then if it bears no fruit, according to My own Spirit, from what spirit must this doctrine come? And upon what foundation must it be built? For I have already told you, whosoever believes in The Son abides forever; and whosoever has not The Son shall perish and not see life...Therefore, you do greatly err.
Behold, I shall speak plainly, so those who have ears to hear may hear and draw close, and those who have not ears to hear may forbear and depart: ANYONE who holds fast to the false doctrine of hell and eternal torment, as taught in the churches of men, DO NOT KNOW ME! Nor have they embraced Me in truth, nor does My spirit dwell in them; I do not know them! Thus refinement shall be their portion, and abasement their due reward, in the Great Day of The Lord! For by strong rebuke I must correct them, and with an outstretched hand I must bring swift discipline upon them; for they have surely blasphemed My name even on the highest order, polluting My glory by all they say and do!

Therefore, beloved, hear My words and also understand: You must forsake this doctrine, for it is most perverse. You must withdraw yourself from all who teach this doctrine or seek to uphold it in any way. For as it is written: You can not drink the cup of The Lord and the cup of demons; you can not partake of The Lord’s table and of the table of demons... Therefore come out from among them, and be separate! Come to ME, beloved!

Come to Me and embrace Me as I truly am, and I shall also embrace you,
Cleansing you of all this filth which covers you,
Setting you apart from all these voices which have deceived you!...

Then shall that which was brought forth from a lie,
As a veil of darkness to cover the heads of My people,
Be destroyed by the light of pure understanding
And undefiled wisdom...

Crushed beneath the weight of the Truth,
Which I am and can only be received in Me...

Says He who is faithful, He who is true.

The Judgment of God Is True and Without Question; The Error of the People Is Great, Brought Forth Out of Deception and Evil Arrogance, Leading to Corruption and Death

9/3/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear - Regarding capital punishment, suicide and cremation

Listen, O peoples of the earth, and have understanding, for thus says The Lord: The penalty of sin is death. Thus all who have sinned shall surely die; all must rest, all shall lie down in death. Yet there is a people who shall not sleep, nor shall they lie down in death, for the time has come, says The Lord... A people who shall be awake at My coming, a people who have received of the divine gift, a people who know Me and in whom I am known, for I see of Myself within them. They shall be lifted up, not preceding those who have fallen asleep in Messiah; this is the first harvest and resurrection. For there is but One Way, One Truth, and One Life! From the beginning, there is but One!

Yet there is another who is cast down, who goes about to and fro in all the earth, perpetuating lies and spreading forth abomination, leading many away from the Truth. From the very beginning satan was a deceiver and a murderer;  he has never been on the side of truth. From the beginning he has sought to ensnare My people and destroy My nation. For the heart of man is easily swayed, by the deceit of his own heart is he led away, on account of his flesh he becomes entangled... Thus their adulteries are many, and their idolatries have no end.
Behold, hand in hand they march toward their destruction, embracing the lies, as they parade their transgression openly in the streets. For the wisdom of the wise has perished, and the knowledge of the prudent has turned to dust. For the people are void, they all have itching ears; as cattle to the slaughter or as birds hastening to the snare, they give heed to those of clever words, failing to perceive it will cost them their lives... Therefore the mouth of Sheol is open, the pit is dug deep, and the generation of My wrath shall surely be cast into it! Indeed, they shall all walk through the valley, until death comes to claim them and the grave hides them away! Says The Lord. 

Therefore, hear the word of My mouth and humble yourselves, O sons of men, that you may see with new eyes and restored vision: If you kill for the sake of justice, though you yourselves remain unjust, have you not transgressed twice in your spirit? Yea, three times have you sinned against The Lord your God. For man knows not the justice of God, nor can he comprehend the judgments of The Most High... YOU SLOTHFUL AND MOST WICKED GENERATION, YOU ARE ALL MURDERERS! Even to murder the murderer is murder! You do always transgress! You know nothing of the power of God or of My mercy revealed in The Messiah, whom you call Christ, nor are you able to search the hearts of men!
O foolish and deceived generation, if a man has committed murder and you put him to death, you have placed yourselves in the seat of judgment, making yourselves equal with God! Thus “blasphemy” shall be written upon your heads, and “murderer” your new name! Yes, punish the man who has committed murder, yet kill him not, lest he turn to Me in sincere repentance, in The Christ’s name, and be forgiven. Shall you then slaughter the sons of God, piercing the hearts of those made new? For those whom I have cleansed are clean, and all who accept The Son of Salvation are made new.... O peoples of the earth, how long shall you tread the wide path?! How long shall you walk in the way of Cain and run greedily in the error of Balaam, holding fast in your rebellion as Korah?! For your sins are many; behold, they are increased beyond measure!

Shall sin judge sin and declare the punishment before the time?!
Is not My judgment, that of capital punishment, for all who have sinned,
And destruction for all who refuse to repent?!...

Yet I sent My only Begotten Son, to suffer your sentences for you;
Therefore, you do greatly err...

Peoples of the earth, where are your hearts?!
Err on the side of hope and salvation in Christ, where one can not err!

Therefore, concerning those who kill the body, yet can not harm the soul, I say this: He who murders his brother has committed great evil, even he who has conceived of murder in his heart is guilty, and those who carry out capital punishment are of the same. For they have put themselves in the judgment seat; behold, they have placed themselves upon My throne. Yet you, O sons of men, know not what tomorrow will bring, nor can you look upon the soul of a man; even all his thoughts are hidden from you... Thus only God shall make an end of evil! Only God shall destroy the wicked of heart and cast the sons of satan into eternal darkness, into the void of lifeless nothingness! For only He who grants life may take it away! I AM THE LORD!... Or have you forgotten Whom you shall fear, The One alone who can destroy both body and soul?!
Beloved, I have seen how your hearts grow cold and how your souls waver; I have looked upon those who strike themselves down, upon those ensnared by the devil. For the sin of suicide is very grievous, a sin which only multiplies suffering and increases pain, of which the dead have no knowledge, for there is only silence in the grave. Therefore hear and understand, those who take their own lives are twice murdered! For they were first murdered in their heart by the devil! Yet to kill is to kill, even of one’s self... YOU SHALL NOT KILL! Commands The Lord.
Yet greater still is the sin of those who murder the innocent, those hidden in the womb; behold, even all who voice their agreement shall not escape the wrath of God when it comes! For My anger is kindled, and I shall surely stretch out My hand against them!...Behold, the sins of this generation reach unto Heaven! A murderous and most wicked generation, a great multitude who stand in agreement, a whole generation seeking the penalty of death, as they shake their fists toward Heaven! Yes, by your own admission you are guilty! Behold, according to your own laws, YOU should be put to death! YOU are the ones who should be sitting in the chair! HYPOCRITES!... You have destroyed yourselves, says The Lord.
O foolish generation, you are selfish and have no understanding; your knowledge is corrupt, and you have played the fool. Thus your folly is evident, and your blood shall be upon your own heads... Behold the people, look upon all these inhabitants of the earth, a whole generation not desired, a people who are wise in their own eyes, an arrogance which has no equal!... Your bodies are not your own! You are but branches growing from The Vine!

Apart from Me there is no wisdom, apart from The Holy One
There is no life, apart from The Vine there are no branches!...

Behold, the leaves wither and the fruit has been cast down,
For the people have no favor with God!
Thus every dry branch must be broken off and cast into the fire,
All corrupt fruit must be left and tread down!...

For the temple of God has lost its form;
Its comeliness has departed, every chamber is empty!
For the heart of man is hard, and his countenance unyielding;
Thus the pride of man has become a chasm, both deep and wide...

Behold, the whole world rebels against Me!
They seek to destroy My dwelling place,
As they endeavor to cast their Maker to the ground!

Therefore, thus says The Lord your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: Tear down the temple of God, and I shall raise it up again! Behold, at the Last Day I shall raise them ALL up again! So then, again I say to you, if one heavy-laden with sorrow, with hopelessness and pain, ends his own life, he has indeed sinned... Twice murdered; slain first in his heart by the devil, then in his body by his own hand. Is he lost? No. For the man dead at his own hand, coerced by the devil, will live again, because I am The Resurrection and The Life who shall call forth both the first and the second. For all who have sinned are dead in their sins, yet by Me they are made alive again, as many as drink My blood and eat of My flesh...For I am The Life Without End, The Only Fountain of Living Waters, The Bread of God which came down from Heaven and gave life to the world! Behold, from the beginning I had overcome all things! From the very foundation of the world, I AM HE!
Thus all who have died but sleep, for I am The Lord and I shall raise them up again. And of those who are Mine, I shall not lose one, for I am The Lord and I shall raise them up again... Even those cremated and those long since turned to dust, yes, all shall rise! For from the dust you came forth, by My knowledge you were made, and by My breath you became living souls!
Can not God raise up children to Abraham, from the very stones, if He so chooses? This I have already told you. Why then, O peoples of the earth, do you rant and rave and wail like the heathen, as one who has no hope? Where is your trust? Indeed, you have forgotten your God, and are greatly deceived; you do not know Me, nor will you believe. For if you knew Me, then you would know The Father also, and understand that all things are possible with God. For all is given into My hand, and by Me do all things consist, for The Father and The Son are One. Therefore, let those who ask in faith receive, and let those who believe have understanding, for the fear of The Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom. For I have already told you, that neither man nor angel can truly kill another, nor is satan able to raise the dead.

Only The One who formed it can raise it up again,
And only by the hand of Him who created it shall it be utterly destroyed...

Thus if one refuses to be restored in the image of God, which I am,
He shall surely perish, he shall be blotted out;
His life shall be taken from him, and he shall never pass this way again;
 Indeed, it shall be as though he had never been.

I am the perfect reflection of The Father, The Image of The Invisible God...

Behold, I died and am risen, and by My life you now live,
That you might become the perfect reflection of Me,
The only One in Whom is everlasting life...

Therefore receive Me as I truly am, that you may be born again;
Put on the raiment of God and abide in His Kingdom,
Which was and is and is to come...

Life without end. 

Powerful messages indeed and as seen in Timothy;s message above. The Power of the Word is sometimes very powerful as a sword cutting through into the core of the being and Truth is Truth. 

Repeatedly I have had messages that Killing is forbidden and the breaking of the commandments. One of the first messages I was given by God in channelling word for word was about Peace. I will locate this and post it on another link so that you can read the message. It must have been known after previous attacks and freak car crashes that I would be instrumental by the Lord in England to return people to the faith but, I tell you, speaking to some Church ministers I have reservation to where their true loyalties are.

Actually I am surprised that not everyone grasps that it was the breaking of this commandment that the Law and Authority of God became eternal and this is why Jesus was taken up to heaven. He was and is the selfless son for it was through this act and the injustice that any injustice and killing people can be challenged. If anything this can be the measuring rod for correction over the generations. 

How can anyone be a Minister for God if they have doubts in God? And how can anyone even be in the role of a teacher if they have not had personal experiences - especially with prayers being heard and answered or how Jesus is communicating personally in dreams or with heart to heart messages. 

There are changes happening in our world that are long overdue. And it is for people to get the message that no longer is God going to tolerate His name being used in vain especially to harm any people. Are the people who go to church being reminded of prayer for spiritual protection. (the Lord's Prayer is given too)The State Ministers might think it is OK to keep silent about demonic attacks and Satan's minions at work. their role is to provide spiritual food and ensure people are spiritually protected; with their prayers too.

Jesus has been sitting in a Church in Bolton listening to the Minister's sermon, so the grandmother of a child told me. I realised he is watching and listening to what is happening in England very carefully. 

It is written in the Holy Scriptures what is going to happen:

A New Covenant
not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them," declares the LORD."But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days," declares the LORD, "I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. "They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,' for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them," declares the LORD, "for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more."…Jeremiah 31:32-34

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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