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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Most Unnatural: Womb Swap & 3 Parent Babies

Well there has been lots of talk about the Antichrist and there has been something else shown to me too. There is also talks of clones of Jesus well that would be no suprise in this timeline.

The abomonination of the Lord is not named without reason.

Today people accept IVF as a norm, while in the ancient times barren women have gone to the High Priest in prayer and children have been born as a consequence.

Today people are heavily sold unatural science that has been promoted and it might be that this suits the agenda of the people who are right at the top ruling over these lands and making the laws.

As people mess up their lives and are blind, they can tolleate the self appointed overlords. But they are not knowing what they are being placed under the authority. It might be a monster made.

The news report in the Daily Mail reveals today@

Growing new eggs from skin cells
Artifical wombs - this would allow 'an older' person to have their womb implanted into a younger woman so that a baby could be born. Imagine, the royals in the future could marry who they want and just take the womb from the Queen and implant it - so the baby would be born from a royal womb. A very twisted thought but not really when you consider the Eugenic mindset are at work.

Scientists are creating overies

and penis transplants too...

sperm washing and sperm injections

The report says CCTV for embryos

Human cloning has been taking place for a number of years.

Take a look at the latest Frankenstein movie - open your mind.

All the scientific experiements are documented.

The only reason this is coming to light now is not because they just started with these experiments, they started long ago. It is that the timing no to keep things hiddn any more.

If one person has IVF - then the finger can be pointed as to why all he reasons tthat these experiments present ethical values. The Royals know a child that is not born from the uniion of the man and wife naturaly and within a lawful marriage, they cannot succeed to the throne.

So if they know this, how little value is on the pepole to promote IVF and make it already difficult for families to remember why it is important to maintain the family unit with protection, from evil forces, from division and also from the snare of those hwo benefit from dividing people.

No one would protest if there was a baby born 'by a sperm donor' because afer all there are millions of children born this way - born from an extra marital affair at the very least.

As for the wombs being implanted, it will be known that surrogates are being used to carry a baby for a couple who might be unable to concieve and want a child. Now with same gender marriage made legal. Elton John and David Furnish reached headlines with having  ababy in this way. If they were unknown we may have never heard about it and they are instrumental to reveal the truth too.

If loyalty is to status, then this reveals shallowness and weakness of character. Even Diana was able to stand up and oppose the family that people pander to and adore wihtout knowing their true character of their agenda, without knowing if they are sincerely serving the Lord God. And this means preserving the Kingdom until he returns, maintaining the TRUE CHURCH - the role that only the Queen holds in her role and maintaining the Laws of God - this was her solemn vow..

The Queen has shown an interest in stem cell research. So she has put our attention on this and yet, is she in agreement with it....I do not sit and gush at the lady or her familhy and it is because what exists is far removed from what was shown to the people to be sincere and true.  

It is known long ago, when interbreeding takes place, there is a genetic degeneration. That is why there are laws in place to prevent immediate family marrying and having children together. When there is genetic degeneration there is a mindset of people without care or conscience.

When children are not raised with love, knowing they are loved and this is especially from their mother, emotional intelligence might not develop. With living in a tme where vanity and materialism is more of a priority to many women instead of nurtuing with love, materialism and vanity becomes the foundation of self beleif - decades ago the diminishing of women's self esteem began. Distorted photographs that are airbrushed and altered, shown to women who look in the mirror and feel they are not good enought. The cosmetic (physiological altering service is booming)

The articles are presented below...Just venting today.

At one time, having a baby or babies was to show a blessed marriage and the fruit of the womb being so precious...Today women want a baby or babies to define who they are, feeling a letter being if they do not have a child. There are women who are not meant to have children in this timeline.

Thjere are women who have chosen the surrogate route and then concieved naturally and had a baby. While there is with one celebrity emphasis that she loved her children equally, this might no always be the case. People have babies for different reasons and some have a materialistic agenda.

Is anything sacred at all in this time?  Not the miracle of natures way to unite two cells in a womb and months later a living breathing baby is born...A reminder of the miracle of life.

In an earlier article I wrote of man rejecting God.

Man has an agenda to rule over God in his arrogance.

There are women who will do anything for a baby ....except pray.  And there are women who will do anything to trap a man and yet, it has been shown, with Diana, once she served her use she was no longer required. But what if she is still alive...I cannot ignore this. Not now anyway.

We do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

We do not know the devious plans of man...

December 28th 2002 'We've cloned baby, says cult.

Doubt and disgust over the birth of 'Eve'

The article headline writes four more on the way.

This is another difficult article and I KNOW there are people who have made the difficult decision and great expense to have babies via IVF. But my concern is the people who KNOW if the population make decisions to their detriment in the long term, it will work out in their favour too.

A baby is no longer a cuddly bundle of joy - a livin doll to cuddle when it grows older. In the formation of personaltiy development and emotional intelligence, it is with these ethical considerations and long term possible repercussions on society as a whole.

It is not know what will happen in second or third generation, if these beings have offspring. Man knows the implications when the close genetic bloodlines are breeding together.

Something that might look good, might not be.

Many a woman has been broken hearted because she is unable to concieve orr has lost babies...My heart goes out to these women. It is a tough decision as to whether to bring a baby inn this world with enduring wars that could also come onto our lands. The system is not protecting people.

The establishmemt is protecting the establishment.

The oaths of loyalty are tighly in place. No one is saved.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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