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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Warning: Jesus Message 19th October 2014

Trying to locate some historical papers that are related to an international legal corruption case - this time again they go too far and show that they are even prepared to advance with corrupt evidence.

This time it involves the High Court in Leeds....Another lawyer has been hired, presumably not paid and probably told lies like other lawyers have been told here and overseas. The Queen knows the truth - Queen Elizabeth, Would they force action against the Queen - doubt it, they took an oath to her and if they took an oath to her heirs and successors, justice will likely be enduringly refused with other cases 'that I find myself being forced into. Well it is foretold that Babylon will be destroyed - Babylondon?

Reading  clearly, my father states on his will that he is/was domicile in Greece. He also states that the will made in England does not revoke any other codicil or testament made in Greece or elsewhere in the world.
His wifes own handwriting is credible evidence that she states what he said about being in a sham marriage and that he did not want to marry her, that she pressured him. Difference is in this case she abandoned him and then used endless excuses not to be with him. She is 24 years younger..

She stated her intentions years before...Her crimes are exposed.

 Trickery and coercion, pressure and threats of homelessness to enter a contract in England with a lawyer - as a way to be sued for an international legal bill they can go to hell - that is where they are heading if they are persisting with this case because it reeks of very evil influence here to cause my destruction.

My father's merry widow tricked him - his words, into  marriage which is a sham,  his words, scam was her intention.. She denies I have any connection to Greece when my mother was Greek - the Queen wrote to her even,  my mother's family are Greek and the Greeks and Jews cannot be denied their descent because it is tied in with ancient Laws - Laws the British establishment do not allow to apply.

Man;s ambition to rule over God does so in the Unlawful Courts.

Will the English court drag the Queen into court and force her to pay someone else;s legal bill that has been accumulated with fraudulent intent and with fraudulent information. Why not? She collects over £13 million a year in her role and her officials say the crown is not even hers it belongs to someone else!

 No they would not. Well they should not force me to court either.

They should accept only credible evidence in a court and this is especially so as I was told a High Court decision could only be based on points of law. Perhaps they forgot. What is the Law?

Being forced into court in 2003 in front of a London District Judge and 3 barristers I made a declaration to God Almighty stating I am Greek Orthodox (this comes with an irrevokeable birthright)

Anyway, my ranting is not  good for my health..The entrapment, if that is the word, to try and pressure me to enter legal contract, 1) so their legal bills can be paid 2) so I lose and renounce any title or birthright is not going to happen....not now and not ever.  3) to intentionally break me psychologically. The lawyers and judges in this land are serving the Queen, her son and grandson they are under influence of them.

Anyway I got a letter from yet another Lawyer the merry widow has managed to hire , who is trying to force a situation in the High Court in Leeds now...She tried with the High Court of Manchester for a few years and it is justified not to trust any of them with what is happening. There crimes are exposed.

Two days before I received the WARNING TO CAVEAT. With absolute exhaustion, I asked Jesus heart to heart, writing down word for word his message to me in this time and with my situation.

Jesus said to me in the spirit, heart to heart, soul to soul:

My one in a million is a lifetime of cultivation so that you grow and heal and allow other people to grow and heal too. You are not the only one who lights the lamp of those who cannot see in the dark, but you are my one in a million light holders for taking this light for me in this world.You help me dearest one. 
You are dealing in a precarious situation with people who do not care about you or me Pauline. They cannot see their acts are part of the fall Pauline. There has to be destruction before transformation takes place because there is refusal to allow humanity to evolve. 
And as the creation of the new world takes place my dear, there will be those who stay behind not knowing any different of what is following next. Fundamentally humans might be flawed and yet only in their choices and actions. The materialistic world drives people to do evil things.
What prostitute is a young woman to look for a man almost as old to be her grandfather so she can gain from his estate. What better to be a sincere friend and be given a gift from the heart.
You are in a situation with a woman of no scruples. She does not see her future and what will come to pass with her actions. Your court process and suffering could have been prevented, and yet the cruel minds rise again as they have in history. This wickedness will be destroyed. 
There is no evolving soul in this process for the situation is wickedness in intent and to cause one who has searched for me to suffer hen your role is with greater responsibility. 
It is bad enough the blind refuse to allow you to implement a way forward to at least help and that is because they do not want to be removed. The shallow empty celebrities are distractions and yet the intent of reasoning and progressiveness has been prevented. 
The mindset to profit from drugs instead of preventing illness in the first palce and yet people have to see to wake up by theirselves. I did not ask anything from you except to write.
Your love keeps me alive in this world. Your love {plugs in} with other people who radiate something that cannot be understood by the uninitiated. 
See how much you have learned these years to understand more how everything fits together. This information cannot be made available to everyone, because people do not know everything, 
Each person is like a piece of a large jigsaw puzzle that fits together and as you have your directions, North, South, East and West, so there are people who you will come with that extends a branch of a family line - joining humanity together in harmony. 
The wicked ones are misguided ones. And the hurting ones are the angry ones until their anger subsides. I will help you grow more in your stature so that you can feel confident in your experiences to deliver the truth to more people. Your insecurity has been with knockbacks and massive blows to your person and life and yet at least you are rid of the dead wood and those who hinder progress. 
Stay strong dear one and be true to me and My Word.
I want you to share your you came to have faith - the simple things, small miracles in prayer is what this is called.
You chose long ago to write instead of being on stage and fame. You will be well known for the purpose to bring people home to TheFather. 
You are my helper dear one and I rely on you because we must restore Holy Jerusalem and prevent utter destruction again. 
There is no hope for the Godless ones but you can inspire faith, learning, experience and painting. Open peoples minds so that they see the signs of what to recognised. Open hearts  receive me easily than those who reject me.

So despite going in the really bad situation I wrote this on 19th October and record openly because if I hold one candlelight and when you light your candle from mine - how easily it is to light a million candles. Being one in a million, so are you, there are over 7 billion people in our world.

Earlier I was trying to set a inspired painting to sell digital downloads on the internet -  this one is most profound in 2012. This was before Jesus revealed himself  in a vision very clearly wearing his crown and mantle standing at an open gateway with light behind him. My painting is of Jesus standing with his crown and mantle with  people around. There isa woman is walking towards him. In looking there is another woman who appears to have scratches on her back wearing a white dress - perhaps a wedding dress.

Before Jesus revealed himself, he provided me the proof it was him first revealed in paintings.So just looking at the date of the message 19:10 biblical scriptures to see what is relevant to validate:

9Then he said to me, "Write, 'blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.'" And he said to me, "These are true words of God." 10Then I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Do not do that; I am a fellow servant of yours and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus; worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost Luke 19:10

10 No matter what case comes before you from your fellow citizens who live in their own cities, whether it’s a dispute between blood relatives or a dispute regarding the Law and the commands, statutes, or verdicts, you are to warn the parties so that they do not become guilty in the Lord’s presence and so that anger does not come upon you and your fellow citizens. 2 Chronicles 19:10

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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