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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

BBC "I Never Said Yes" Rape Victims Speak Out


There is a lot seriously wrong with the British legal  system. There is also the prevalent attitudes and insensitivity to the victim, the vulnerable are also targets for intimidation too.

There is greater concern in England where even gang rapists. A group of men were reported to  have had sexual intercourse with a young 17 year old at the same time - The court let the men go free without reprimand or correction.. Did the loser pay the legal bill too?

Actually I confronted this writing to Tony Blair back in 2004. This was in my letter when asking for help for justice but justice never came..Perhaps he was too busy with the wars.

 When money talks, and if preserving the famous and wealthy in such deprave acts, the Judge in that case  just has made this world a very dangerous place by his decision. If a Judge who is taken his oath to the Queen, her heirs and successors allows rapists to walk free, that judge has made rape being legally and socially acceptable. Did lawyers get paid too?

The men who take women might not think they are rapists. They need to ask how they would feel if their own daughter was raped. Would they cheer and celebrate the violation, I doubt it very much. There is ignorance and a lack of self awareness. 

Women have been blamed for too long, instead of males learning to avert their eyes. There are women who are being made pregnant from rape..and in England there are great number of single parent women who are abandoned far too easily, without support or help.

The mentality of using and abusing woman, violating girls and leaving them is not new. What is happening today people are having a voice and the crisis cannot be ignored.

One day the people who sit in the law courts, the magistrates, judges and juries, the police and lawyers will all realise that they were not there and so can never make an accurate judgement on what happened.....Rapists often gets way with their crime. The victims are the ones who often live out many years of their life...they are the people who are doing the time.

The criminal  justice system has turned a blind eye to too many real crimes and they are not prosecuting corruption - corrupt lawyers who corrupt court process. Clean up the system and bring in people who are motivated to address crimes and ensure the healing needs are met for the people who are raped and violated. Every person  who has suffered a miscarriage of justice is a survivor......Some rape victims never get over their experience.

The most important step people who have been raped can take is to seek support and speak with someone...There might be a local self help and support group to join. Shared experiences this can remove the feeling of isolation and with baby steps, nursing pain..... 

The most terrible violation to be raped remains very raw under the numbness and  the video above might not expose this devastation to realise the impact. Perhaps men need to see what they do to violate woman the devastation they cause to realise they did wrong. 

The individual has been raped knows their own truth. The individual knows their own healing need. To deny this from anyone and to refuse to believe a victim or rape, shows a mindset who is the cause of rape escalating in this land. This is being addressed openly now. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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