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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Magna Carta, Legal Battles & Karmic Consequence

'In 1297 the Model Parliament  confirmed Magna Carta in statute law. Much of this statute has since been repealed It should be noted that while Parliament can repeal and amend any Act of Parliament (statute), Parliament was not a party to the original Common Law contract and cannot, therefore, amend or repeal it lawfully, and thus its original provisions remain in tact'

You might need to slow down/step the video to read the text. Of my personal experience, I have documented including some of the text in this video that is related....also about people's rights and liberties. For a long time I have said this is not a land that practices democracy - for goodness sake the stolen Acropolis marbles and repeated refusal to return them came from a people who were given the understanding of Democracy meaning power is given to the people. This land takes peoples rights and liberties away and worse, it denies people their spiritual birthright

Instead of a church and this meaning an assembly of people moving closer to God and the people being enlightened and guided -= being free from oppression and slavery, there has been the creation of laws and changing of laws to ensure that people continue to be enslaved by man  and his rules. When there is a low mentality - people who have not evolved spiritually, making decisions to the detriment of people, there might be reactions and yet, the low mentality who gain by oppressing people is why this evil prevails.

One of the points raised in the Magna Carta is relating to widow inheritance. Unfortunately my father married an opportunist who was 25 years younger and she pressured him into this. Her letters prove this to be so and that they lived apart for many years with excuses on her part to stay in England. The sham marriages are a deep concern UK and when one person enters into a fake marriage union, they have an agenda. The English court do not recognise legally those who trick people for financial gain and inheritance.

In another situation I was injured in a car crash and forced to go to court 200 miles away, being told there is a large legal bill because the driver refused to settle out of court. She stated her intention to lie and deny my injury all the way and get away with it. I was told if I do not attend I will be liable for this debt.

The drivers barrister Mr Aggrey Orleans lied on his oath and even denied my professional training and qualfications taken to establish a business and provide what was seen as a vital service. Having sent in numerous times all the evidence to prove perjury and lies told in the court, justice was still denied. With repeated attempts to get justice told I will never get justice and be fobbed off. In this situation bailiffs were sent to my home with one days notice after a warrant had been issued I knew nothing about.

While quoting some of the Magna Carta there is reference to man and in discrimination law, being forced into court in England and continually violated by the crimes committed in the English court I can assume to have no protection in this land. Being told I am a nothing and nobody who will never get justice was by a lawyer..It is by coercion that people are being forced into court to profit the lawyers.

Injustice is actually a very serious crime against humanity.

(38) No future official shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported statement without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it.

(39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights and possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived in his standing in any way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by lawful judgement of his equals, or by the law of the land.

(40) To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay Justice.

(45) We will appoint as justices, constables sheriffs or other officials, only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well.

It took a lawyer from India to tell me that the English court cannot deny Justice according the Magna Carta and yet the lawyers in England have refused.Only one elderly Barrister was willing to help me and said to find a solicitor to access him and I heard every excuse with refusal including there is no profit to be made.

When I contacted Cherie Blair's chambers upon recommendation I received a letter in reply that they did not have the expertise to advise. A five year old saw the diagram of my injury and could identified where I was physically hurt - this was extracted from physiotherapy records, treatment denied by Mr. Aggrey Orleans.

Over the years I have heard lawyers say their truths while seeking justice with chronic asthma from trauma and even in a tearful state. Asking do you not care about people, with many innocent people in prison. I was told 'there is no room for care or conscience in the legal profession.. I was also told that I will never find a lawyer who will represent me because no lawyer will go against another lawyer in this land or they will never get paid work again. ..One lady laughed when telling me she used to work for a barrister and 'they are paid to bury corruption'. MY BIGGEST regret is not to have taken down the names and law firms these people.. This is why there needs to be a structure implemented to bring an end to these abuses.

In the video above there are some points that are identified.

'Charter' - A written grant from the sovereign power of a country conferring certain rights and privileges on  a person or corporation, also a document incorporating an institution and specifying its rights.includes the articles of incorporation and certificate of incorporation.

'As you can see a charter is a grant that does not apply to men, women and children , it applies to 'persons' as long as you are deemed to have the privileges of a person. Under canon law, although man and person are synonymous in grammar, not all men were classed as persons as slaves were classed as 'things',  At this time in England most of us would have been serfs, in other words slaves and this would have been the majority of us. So to any lord we would have been things and things (chattels) have no rights. They have no personality, they are personalty; movable property and William's Domesday Book is a list of all his personalty as all censuses are. So when you combine this with liberties:

Liberties: The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, forced labour, privileges, rights etc, civil liberties. 

Something that is plainly obvious starts to emerge. It says above legally free but 'things' cannot be legally free as they have no legal personality ie status, they do not exist in the legal world. so in effect they have no legal rights. 'Things' are not physically or legally free and can be kept in confinement, servitude under forced labour. They have no privileges, no rights and no civil liberties. 'Things' do not enjoy social, political or economic rights and privileges, they are property of another under the whim of that other. Even its name alone spells out, it spells out who it was wrote for and exactly why it was wrote. Liberty is not freedom, liberty is a grant of rights but would only apply to the ones of status. Those who believed they were better in some way as we would know it now, the upper class high society. This legal document set forth the class divide, although already well established, this document maintained that this concept would carry on through the ages, even to present day and even the parliamentarians own words spoke by Jack Straw "it is very essential and it is needed to be modernised so that it can be maintained"

The concept of liberty forms the core of all democratic principles and societies, yet as a legal concept it defies legal definition, which to me is very obvious because it actually defines slavery and is the antithesis of moral or actual as slavery is. We must remember that legal is in form only (persons) a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality and within this comes the legal  ability to enslave those of lesser quality. A master slave syndrome is maintained by an immoral legal concept in the form of liberty under a false belief system based upon nothing more than human suffering and a delusional miscomprehension that anything and everything is OK as long as it has a label 'legal' upon it, such as war. What is most evident here is the fact that 'society' relies on a democratic process and this is where the true meaning of society rears its ugly head. The socially dominant members of any community, a definition of society says it all and describes what a democratic process really allows allowing the socially dominant to live off he backbone of the rest of the community believing they have divine right to do so and no matter what is needed to maintain this deception, it is ok as long as it has the label legal applied to it.

(this goes on to explain in detail the relevant points)

o warn of error and give chances for correction to officials and those who have lost their way. After all, we are all sinners and God gives us many chances to correct our ways too.

And another consideration, because tribes have intermarried, this has created discord and confusion to people and yet in the divine plan it is always to reconcile people to God. There are warnings given and if anyone harms the Jews they will surely come to ruin - being more specific in the understanding I was given from reading the Scriptures, the people who are maintaining the Law and Authority of God over the whole of mankind are of Jewish descent and the Levites are actual family of Jesus Christ so to deny any people their birthright and divine right is going against God. Woe to the rulers...

It is important to convey that a great many chances have been given to the British establishment and their corrupt officials to correct their ways and they have not repented. Justice has been repeatedly denied. The Holy Laws have been corrupted - violence has been done to the law. The cruelty of man is masked with respectability. While warning people, officials are laughing at people being killed in wars as worthless pawns in a sick and evil power game, They do not understand the law of Karma. 

Remembering as a child I made a promise to assist peace and healing in our world where I can...little did I realise that my birth is in a family uniting many nations and actually every aspect of my life has been planned out. Knowing that God has seen and known all - my mistakes and downfall, still has been to assist in his divine plan and averting another great world war has been a preoccupation. There is a far higher road and for humanity to be saved from utter destruction this must be known.

God does not deny Justice. Man is the cause of injustice! But we are put through these experiences for a reason that perhaps if people can see how a lie can destroy lives and that the refusal to work for justice is the reason why millions of people have been killed - let the lawyers live with that! And all those who have refused to work for justice - may their hard earned diplomas be shredded completely. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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