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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 7 November 2014

Russell Brand London People Power 5th November

The protest, organised in hundreds of cities around the world, saw the activists wear masks depicting the sinister face of Guy Fawkes - a mask made famous in the film V for Vendetta

Russell Brand and Vivienne Westwood joined thousands of masked anti-capitalist demonstrators who descended on Westminster for a Bonfire Night protest, bringing chaos to the capital.

Russell Brand has stepped out and spoken out for the people in London, revealing a few home truths. Even the Mayor of London is serving the corporations - actually I wondered if he was serving his own pocket to be honest.

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was also spotted at the march in central London 

The peaceful demonstration in London outside the Palace of Westminster is part of a global demonstration against austerity.No one is responsible for the debt created by someone else and if the Queen is chosen by God as this is portrayed, she could cancel the accumulation just by one decision and do so with being God fearing of the consequences of what will happen if the continuation of evil thrives in this land.

Two days ago I had a dream hearing the voice of a lawyer from Europe stating my father's will is made according to International law, He has not seen it and there is no Notary stamp. There are issues including the sham marriage the widow identifies in her letters. (The situation I am faced in is because his widow has run up an international legal bill and initiated legal action in England and Greece for me to pay) In my dream next a great fire followed - an inferno as intense as the image seen below.

The Houses of Parliament is where the laws are decided and made. This is the building where the Queen reads out the Acts that are given to her by her government; with giving royal ascent to these decisions. The woman many people see as a puppet, is with people going to war and injustice in her name.

As laws are made and decided in the Houses of Parliament, this is in the Royal Palace of Westminster. also with already a great fire taking place in Windsor Castle in 1992, we are shown that great fires do happen as they have happened in history. Of course it is possible a great fire will take place in the Houses of Parliament too and yet, when these fires to destruction happen, they happen for a reason.

V for Vendetta shows the act of blowing up the Old Bailey and the Houses of Parliament. Officials in the know, also know the time of evil and lawlessness, oppression and human rights abuses taking place by oath taking officials who serve the dark forces will not endure forever. If I recall back in 2012, the Daily Mail
 published about a fortune needed to fix problems in the Houses of Parliament in London.

Finding an article in Ghana the Old Parliament House was gutted by fire reported December 19, 2013, so we cannot ignore the possibility of this happening in London too. If I recall, the Barrister who lied in the Central London County Court is from Ghana - Mr.Aggrey Orleans. (Admitted in 2010 to the Bar of the Republic of Ghana)  He abusively stated on his oath  that I never studied and had no professional training or qualifications, with no business intention. He lied to be paid. Note the name Orleans - is he a descendant from the House of Orleans - this could explain  the severity of his attack on me!

While most adults in England may know there is a connection with fireworks and Guy Fawkes, we might not all know about Catherine of Alexandria a Princess who the Catherine Wheel is named after.A movie is made about the story of her life with  yet another death so that people could be free from oppression. The movie also presents her with a crown of thorns over her head, a lady who was the chosen bride of Christ.

Evil thrives so easily in this time and so sadly people are blind.

It was in late 2012 that I watched V is for Vendetta - above is the extended trailer. A woman who was broken and yet became the person to was to close the door before  the destruction of the Houses of Parliament. And it was also shown the destruction of the Old Bailey with Lady Justice on top blindfolded. The movie identifies when there is injustice, there is an imposter in the place of Lady Justice.

In a portrayed sense of insanity, what could be described as poetic justice that comes about in a way that perhaps the traitors to the people might consider very carefully as they pack together with their evil plans. The decisions maker for wars will eventually discover they are not untouchable. Notice in the film clip above talks of the government fabricating the news  - Spin doctors are named for a reason.

On a website it is written about the mysterious group anonymous:

“We are Anonymous.  We are Legion.  We do not forgive.  We do not forget.  Expect us.”

A few weeks ago I was at someone's home who spoke of a military occupation on Queen's Park in Bolton with a proclamation that if anyone tries to overturn this goverment they will be committing treason. This apparently is the only law that stands with the death penalty - so it is OK for them to decide war and kill other people? It is Ok for paedophiles and for the government to make decisions for media black out on Satanic Ritual Abuse so those involved will never be exposed. Evil will not thrive forever.

The symbolic acts of destroying the Houses of Parliament.

Remembering the dream I had sitting with Diana days after the car crash in Paris. She appeared very much alive and chatty, making me promise never to give up because she said 'many people like me need your help' - then she said come with me I want to show you something so you can see for yourself' - we went into Buckingham Palace where we encountered the Queen who acknowledged us both. So is Diana alive - I have not seen her face to face but I have never been allowed to forget her so easily.

News report photo at William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

What the future holds I cannot say...What the bible writes is of Babylon being destroyed. Babylondon? And in an inspired painting - not being a fine artist, it was a painting that was to reveal the message after it was completed, there is evidently great rocks falling out of the sky. There is a prophesy of the stars falling out of the sky too...Could one and the both be the same. The painting shows destruction that is taking place right next to a river and the Houses of Parliament sits on the edge of the River Thames.

Parliament Buildings Fire in 1916 - Library and Archives Canada / C-010170

'On a freezing February night in 1916. With the exception of the Library of Parliament, the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings was destroyed and seven people died.'  The fire took place while WWI was raging in Europe. Queen Elizabeth is also  Queen of Canada. 

Onlookers in front of the Reichstag (German parliament) building after its virtual destruction by fire. Berlin, Germany, February 28, 1933.
On February 27, 1933, the German parliament (Reichstag) building burned down due to arson. 

On 23rd May 2014, a report was published of Parliament House in Dehli India  a fire broke out on the third floor, with 7 fire engines immediately arrived when reported at 8:40am and doused at 8:50 am.
Fire in parliament house

There are people in this land who think nothing to kill and destroy to silence evil goings on allowing the evil to thrive and endure. There are people who are active in combating evil...and there are people praying as we struggle in these evil times. There is a spiritual battle taking place now.

The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons (1835) by J. M. W. Turner. Turner witnessed the fire, and painted the subject several times

The Queen and her family did not look entirely comfortable during the 60th Anniversary commemoration service..The Church of man can easily rule by deceiving the people...Already long ago the stage was set.
Henry VIII defied the Pope and declared himself Supreme Head of the Church of England. Since baby George born after  a seemingly crowning service in the Anglican Cathedral in the Solomon Islands in 2012,  The Archbishop of Canterbury refers to the Anglican Church as the Worldwide Church.  So when you see church services and prayer gathering under the heavens, this is actually justified.

The Catholic Church has been exposed for evil and yet do not be so blind that there is not evil goings on and perverts within the Church of England too. Then there are those who are in ministering  positions who are not bringing people to Christ but at least they get a home...Do they bring forth the Word of God though Jesus Christ, who states ' My sheep hear my voice'! John 10:27

Magna Carta and the Emergence of Parliament

The Law lords are seen inside the Houses of Parliament and yet what if their heart is far removed from doing right by the people? What if they are not sincere in their faith to God. What if they have a personal agenda? What if they ignore the Laws that are given by God? Are prayers being said by the Queen that they make the right decisions for people? If the Queen is chosen by God is she not for all people?  She has a choice, to put the people first and this be selfless service. Yet this is the land of injustice!

''The Magna Carta freedom under the law'; the law that is today with police with tazer guns, stopping, fining, oppressing people and impoverishing already impoverished people...if this is the law of this land we are living all of us in a very dangerous land today.  God help the people. People in England have been robbed of their spiritual birthright and divine rights - God given birthright!  

England, the land that has rejected the authority of God. 

That is exactly how this was planned to be....

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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