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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Shroud of Turin, Prince of Peace I AM Akiane Kramarik

The Shroud of Turin has so much speculation and yet I found out something that is most significant. The shroud has been preserved and was finally bequeathed to the Holy See by Umberto II. Imagine that this has been preserved for so many years...

Then I came across the most gifted painter who began as a young child. Akiane Kramarik is surely inspired and guided painter - a gift that some people have, but this is a young woman who was meant to capture the public's attention. In America she is much celebrated. Her painting of Jesus is well known.

There are people who are saying Jesus is black - if people have not seen his face, they will not know what he looks like. In the video we see an image of his hair neatly styled, when I have seen him I cannot say this was the case and his hair appeared to be longer - Then I discovered Akiane painting I AM.

Notice something about this photograph, the way the hands are placed and this is significant. A very gifted young lady who has lots to smile about. She is guided to paint and making a fortune for whatever she will do with this - perhaps she has another inspired purpose .....I really do not know.

In my experiences of seeing Jesus in visions and dreams he had long hair - and the long hair is significant too. There is a reason for everything....this is part of the mysteries to discover and understand.

Here is one of the Greek Holy Icons - notice the positioning of Christ's fingers. The hand of mystery is given. Notice the open book with writing and it is with a reminder that everything is written. As the God of all ages never changes, so the Holy Word and Law He has given is to ensure his promise remains.

Being guided to discover this portrait and again with the focus and connection of all the fingers and thumbs in prayer and contemplation has purpose. The artist is unknown, Credit to these inspired hands.

In this video there is writing that obstructs that painter in bringing the face of Jesus as he is guided to life...It is in this painting the colour of hair was seen in a dream a few years ago, when holding a man, there were drips of gold liquid (blood) onto the floor...He as also at this time painfully thin, so it is interesting that people are reconstructing and inspired to paint Jesus, because they are inspired by a much fuller face today.

While in Manchester in 2013, I encountered a man selling The Big Issue and he was the image of Jesus with this hair colour....Another homeless man has his face wearing the crown of thorns on his t-shirt, we talked for about an hour as he was telling me his experience. Asking him if he believes and prays - that is when he opened his jacket and said 'I am Jesus' -My message before this was in three years time you are going to be someone who is going to help turn homeless people's lives around and inspire people....

Fast painting of Jesus Christ (Orthodox) Kyrie Eleison

Trying to find another painting, realistic seen many months my recollection it was seen on a video and I cannot find it now. This also was likely to be an inspired painting, much like the clarity of Akiane's Jesus was presented as being darker, deep eyes, and with a serious disposition seen in his face that was captured. For now I cannot find this but if I do, it will be added to this article....

There is a difference with these paintings to painting portraits because they are inspired paintings. They prepare the way for people to be ready to receive the man...The dreams and visions that people are having might be to share and prepare the people too....Share safely and know if you are seeing Jesus you belong to him and he is your guiding shepherd in life too. It is said that the House of Israel will see Jesus and as we are scattered around the world, the way we see might be in visions and dreams initially.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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