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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 29 December 2014

Caprice and Miracle Sons - One From a Surrogate

The Daily Mail has published again an article about Caprice and her sons. One is born from a surrogate and she has openly shared this so that people know this is happening in our world.

Baby steps: Caprice takes her 'twin' boys Jax, left, and Jett, right, who were born within weeks of each other, for a walk in London

Baby steps: Caprice takes her 'twin' boys Jax, left, and Jett, right, who were born within weeks of each other, for a walk in London

Just a couple of days ago I was writing about Queen Victoria not being a beauty - a large lady in stature who sat on the throne - a lady who was given the title Empress of India and so she would be also Empress of Asia. With Israel being situated on land that is geographically named Asia, the connection is made.

Behind her statue is a mother with two babies - they are evidently different sizes and yet both babies are held by the mother. This is a mystery that is known. The lady is wearing traditional clothes.

Were the'builders' in Manchester giving a physical form to a mother with two babies born at different times, that Queen Victoria knew about - with the small crown belonging to a baby 'from Asia'? We really do not know. A Queen who died, took to her grave, her truth. The one alive Elizabeth II knows the truth.

There have been people who have given birth to two babies who were twins - weeks apart. I was quite surprised when my Greek grandmother spoke of  her experience and one twins died. Her son. Then it did not make sense andyet in learning and studies, it made more sense.When one twin dies,  psychological attachment of the twin can remain, even if unexplained can endure, When one twin that has shared a womb with another twin, dies, the other can go through life feeling a loss and also 'incomplete'

The ex-model and her children pictured last year. She was told by doctors she was unlikely to have children but was surprised when she conceived one naturally after arranging for a surrogate 

Caprice: 'The ex-model and her children pictured last year. She was told by doctors she was unlikely to have children but was surprised when she conceived one naturally after arranging for a surrogate '

Caprice two boys have a connection to each other even if they are born from the womb of two different mothers. I do not know what happens next in these circumstances - if the mother, in this case Caprice would then adopt the child as legally her own to satisfy the legal process. It is all very complicated.

If there was a child born to a mother from Asia, or born in Asia, this would make this a child of Asia. -In this time of revelation it was not any surprise to read a report of surrogates in India and a thriving business

In the perverse world we are living in, people have forgotten that sometimes women are not meant to have children for a reason that is connected to a far bigger picture. Today there are countless orphans in our world who would value the love of a woman, a motherly figure - with love and care, children thrive.

In the ancient times, barren women have become pregnant following prayer. Even today it is possible that women have become pregnant because of prayer. One of my relations by marriage,  was unable to carry a baby full term and devastated being without a child. There is a time in some societies if a woman is married and does not bear a child - she gets the blame. And yet history has shown in the ancient times 'pious' women were unable to conceive - this has been for numerous reasons that night be today scientifically explained. And it is with rejecting God and looking just at the science, that man can easily lose his way.

Another woman spoke of her daughter going to a Harley Street specialist who said that it is unlikely she will become pregnant because the egg was disintegrating in her womb...I was asked to pray that they would have a child - whether it was my prayer that had anything to do with this, I cannot claim this. It was God's will that shortly afterwards she became pregnant. God was quickly forgotten in that household.

The power of prayer is much underestimated. Knowing nothing about Caprice and her faith, we do not know if she had prayed and asked for help to have a baby...After giving up trying the natural way for a short duration, she chose the surrogate route...and then became pregnant. Both babies are presented as miracles. hen a baby is formed and born - a living breathing human being, it is a miracle of life

And as the power of prayer is powerful, praying that sincere prayers are heard and answered, This is why the Priests in the ancient times had such an important role. The  children who are born as a result of prayer to God do not belong to man to rule over...If anything the first born Israelite sons belong to God.

Caprice did not just think about using a surrogate, according to a report. She tried for a baby and then chose this as an option. Then she got pregnant naturally....and so she has two sons, who she as reported, loves equally as the other. There are people who love one child more than another. And the heart of Caprice with her capacity to love, with being ready to be a mother - loving her children came naturally.

There are women who desperately want a baby and for some reason they cannot have a baby naturally - whether this being unable to conceive inside the womb, or as a way to avoid having the intimacy with a partner. Naturally allows the union of the seed - with the sperm fertilization to take place.

The House of Lords was asked by David Cameron to allow a Lesbian Queen and baby born by sperm donor to succeed to the throne. I think this says it all and ' if this happened', evidently David Cameron has no regard for the Law and Authority of God. What regard if any, does he have for the people?

The concern with surrogacy is trust and yet with these 'experimental programmes' they do go against nature, and they can, also be abused. There is concern about IVF being used to implant human clones. There has been experimentation with animal and human DNA being mixed - so reports have shown.

A few weeks ago I watched a film and cannot recall the title - in this there were babies born and placed with parents, who were not allowed to express love and affection. The family were prevented to express their feelings and people had to take their daily medications. In the movie babies were being killed - as they were born without love these 'experiments' were terminated of life by an injection in the brain.Shocking!

 A so called Eutopian society being created with boundaries and isolation, control and limitation. This could happen again  and already this is showing in society the wheels in place  set this in motion. Today there must be over a billion people on medications; their minds and feelings suppressed to reason and feeling. People are now trained  to accept IVF -Having a baby this way is this an acceptable norm yet?

Still the masses are sleeping...People are kept conforming.

Years ago there was a the promotion of babies arriving by being carried by the stork...a baby arriving that has been presented as if from outside the womb of the mother...This was years ago.

There were surely many women and men that thought, if babies could be delivered by stork,without undergoing pregnancy of the pain of giving birth..the mail order baby...male order baby is here.

Order relates to Law and man's laws are here...

There is nothing that is happening in our world that is not being revealed in some way. Even reading the News reports, there are indications of what could be happening and the 'few good men' in this establishment are speaking out with reports disclosing possibilities of agenda. One headline Lord Tebbit states 'Maybe I will be allowed to marry my son' - Royals maintaining stolen wealth and inheritance might be agenda.

For different reasons people are speaking about their personal experiences. People are speaking out about paedophile rings and being involved in ~Satanism. This can no longer be silenced any more.

You are justified to speak about your experiences too.. If the establishment in any land found made to order babies offensive and wanted to ban it,..This would have been done and yet, there was exposure of human clones made by government officials long ago...There was opposition too. By who? Who noticed??

The Holy Bible identifies the abomination of the Lord.

The abomination is the one who causes desolation!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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