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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Extreme Mouse/Rat Plague Recorded Video 2011

In the ancient times the biblical plagues were sent as a warning from God for repentance to the wicked Pharaoh to release the Israelite slaves that were kept in captivity and oppression.

We known from how God has expressed His Truth in history that the same laws apply then as they do today. The fulfilment of the Law came with Christ and since this time He has made His Truth known who whomsoever He has chosen. Warnings of repentance continue today in these times.

Warning that this video is shocking..and also a warning that there might be an increase of these creatures because they are being sent for a reason. We cannot ignore this happening.

In this next video even more shocking to see;

When seeing sackfuls of rat tails one can only imagine how many rats are actually appearing and to vast multitudes of where they come from can only be explained from a far higher power.

Over one and a half million rat tails have been collected.

Every 48 years the rats descend on Mizoram in India.

Now there is an interesting date because it is every 49th Year that the Jubilee Year falls and the return of the land to whom it rightfully belongs to...

With Queen Victoria being made Empress of India and the Kohinoor Diamond sitting in the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth - this Diamond has been put to be inherited by each Queen of England.

When there is defiance and refusal to release the people from slavery and oppression in history, is it not possible the sudden plague of rats is a reaction to this as in history?.

With India in Asia the Crown of Asia would be identified.

The 7 Biblical Churches were in the Roman Province of Asia.

Israel is also situated geographically within Asia too.

Because the British establishment have ignored the Law and Authority of God, this might explain why the unexplained giant rats have been seen...with so many other apocalyptic signs officials do know the truth they are just not beleveing or deliberately keeping people blind.

There have been repeats of documentaries of a great flood that . will take place and justification for this but they natural justification has not considered preventative measures..

As with every problem identify the cause...

Enslaving humanity so that false idols can be overlords?

.Defiance to the Holy Laws would evoke a reaction...

Learning too Trust in the Lord is not so Easy...

But to understandwhy something happens, it is not always so obvious and yet a pattern or theme happening in such precision of timing...there is surely a way to discover more about this..

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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