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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 15 December 2014

More Videos: Warning from Jehovah & God's Promises

Sharing these messages because they are precise in their deliverance and it is for the person who is listening to hear beyond the words...We are in the end times now and these are the warnings to expect.

In one of the messages that I had received a few months ago the Lord spoke of what they have done has gone too far and so we see that there are armed police and silencing to the masses of what is really going on. Of the Global warming and climate change - the earth is reacting to the evil one who rules over the lands and people by deception. Officials know what is happening and yet they are silent out of fear.

If you look in the Holy Scripture, there will be the detail of the truth of prophesy found written....The easy way to access the truth is search the Bible online typing keywords or what you want to know.

This video identifies the antichrist who is wicked.

'My chosen, the apple of my eye, my remnant, my loved ones, I promised them land many years ago and I intend to keep that promise. When the enemy comes against my chosen and anointed to unleash, I'm sorry (she corrects her self) When the enemy comes against my chosen and anointed I shall unleash a wave of fury, one of what will destroy much of what I once created and leave many wondering why. 

The enemy knows why. He knows why. He has caused this. But only he can take credit for what will soon come. This has been his plan from the start - to destroy what I created and make my children pay the price. Well he underestimated My Authority and forgot that I AM the Ruler from Above.

He will have a short time to grab those souls who will form an alliance with him. And then I will finish what I have started and rid the filth of My Land. It's over. The war was already won long ago when I died on Calvary. I freed mankind and set the captives free. I rejoice that my chosen one that He bought much and great honor and glory to his Father. There is no other name that any can be saved except that of my precious son Yeshua..........'

This video title is Living Waters (Received 10/8/14)

Studying Ephesians 2:19-22

'Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and the household of God; and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone; in whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: in whom ye also our builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit'.

Of the most important role in a family, is the person who is bringing the people back to Christ and together under the authority of God because as the person who is guardian and protector of our souls, He has ensured that there are people who are guarding and guiding his precious children, so they do not fall prey to evil influence. Sadly many people do and how the evil can be seen might be going down the wrong path in life. But the evil can be in turning families against each other - the wars taking place is having people killing their own family.  

Back in the ancient times, people fled the Holy Land and came over to France. People had gone to live in Asia Minor now Turkey where the ancient 7 churches were situated. There have been wars and genocide agendas to kill specific people who knew the truth - the Jews know about the three crowns. The Jews were given the Oracle of God and the Law. Greeks have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit - one holds the lamp and the other being a light for the lamp and Christ is the light of all..Since Jews and Greeks have married, Truth continued to come from the people who God has chosen - The Holy Scripture reveals truth through God and His Light. 

We can read song lyrics on paper and yet it is not the same as hearing the song with the orchestra playing and this is how it is with the Holy Scripture. Anyone can read the words. Understanding is revealed through the senses and the Spiritual essence within our being where our soul dwells. Our Soul is in communication with God and so if you are integrated within your being and remain true to your heart and soul, when studying the bible and communicating with God with being open to receive; understanding will be made in this way too.

Ask and you shall be and you shall find...knock and the door shall open - this is a scriptural message about prayer, being divinely guided and for the door of heavenly Jerusalem to pen. As when Jesus is revealing himself it is as he is alive and he is the person who is opening the door to everyone.

In the practical life, mobile technology allows people to communicate anywhere in the world. Without the use of a device, or any contract or payment, you can communicate to Christ at any time, any place and without cost. If someone is outside your house calling out your name - can you hear their voice? Jesus knows who is sincere and who is not. He knows who belongs to him and who does not. All people who belong to God the Father have been given to Jesus Christ and all people who belong to Jesus Christ have the protection of God to live under His Laws in context - those who rule over lands and people by deception are frauds.. 

The throne is in heaven and the footstool is on earth. 

This video is titled 'Who shall enter in?'

The video discusses the fall of America and the world. The Bridegroom returning to come for His people. The message was given on 10th September 2014, the day before 9/11 that remains heavy in many peoples hearts. But we are given the reminder that everything that is happening on earth is known about in Heaven. There are evil acts of man and divine intervention by God - the messages being given are because they are meant to be.

Message from the Lord to the Wicked Man

Word from The Lord: Tithing Comes From the HEART!

Prophesying in Tongues Vs Praying in Tongues

While in the modern day we are given the expression 'language' while in some lands 'language' is referred to as 'mother tongue'. Since the ancient times there are people who speak different languages. Some people are gifted to speak many languages and so their ability to communicate with many people, this opens the door to remain connected to exchange dialogue and understanding. God does not limit how He communicates and this is the most important message to understand with this reference point to everyone.

If someone is communicating in 'tongues' that does not make sense and there is no one to understand - how do you know that the message comes from God? You do not. As there are people who eagerly want powers and gifts of prophesy, God does not choose because people want. He is choosing his sincere servants who will deliver His Truth to the people without confusion or any manipulation or agenda.

World War comes.....

Dream of military lockdown...

You will notice that 'foreign troops' are placed on lands and this is surely deliberate. The training of military and preparedness for war is man's plan but for who are they serving? God forbids killing and so this is for Godless man. The rulers did not bring forth the Word of God did they? The ways man has ruled over lands and people have been deceptive. People have been promised protection in history - this protection came from God. When the rulers seek military protection, they have strayed from God. 

The Godless kings might have huge egos. Christ does not.

Being monitored - televisions have recording and monitoring ability as do computers. Think about it 'Windows' you can see inside and out of windows. Not exactly rocket science. As people are also encouraged to buy modern technology, recording and monitoring with GPS tracking increases and this is reflecting what is happening behind the scenes. But as man is monitoring mankind, God is monitoring man and there is only a matter of time before those who rule by deception to control and oppress people will no longer be...History has shown people being liberated from slavery. God will do the same again.

In a previous article written yesterday about the rocks falling from the mountain onto houses in California, it is interesting to discover this lady is guided to be living in California too. Exactly where is not known however, it has been revealed that we are all exactly where we are meant to be in this time - precisely.

God has his plan and he also has his back up plan.

Word: Because you turned your back on Me!

So why are people put in the position to suffer with Godless man ruling over this world well this is because mankind turned their back on God. It is said in days of old Israel wanted a King to be set over them - today there are a few men who want to be King ruling over people. Is this not defying God's authority? Any man who rejects God's authority has no right to be King! It is as simple as that!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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