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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Word from Yeshua: Do not fall prey to the enemy

Word from Yeshua: Do not fall prey to the enemy

My angels watch over you....

Published on 7 Nov 2014
Received September 18, 2014

Psa 91
2 Thess 1:9
Heb 12:2
Deu 31:6
1 Pet 5:9


Some of the messages are warning and offering repentance and yet the message I was given earlier in the year that what has been done, there is no turning back from. Great evil has been done. So the truth is known by God and who is doing what behind closed doors. The deals made and defiance prevails. 

One day there will be people who will say they did not know any different - everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. When those who are supposed to be taking care of the people and preserving the safety and well being of the people are doing the opposite, hands will be rapped - HARD! 

Jesus has shown the suffering he went through so that we can all live and be free living to be under the authority of God but the defiant ones are preventing this...the God mockers are preventing this. For the suffering that has been caused to people, the death and destruction - is this not inviting the same fate. Stop promoting the war and killing of innocents for this is the works of the evil one - the son of perdition - utter ruin. 

The lawless one is the one not given authority by God. 

When loyalties is with being paid and with seemingly gains, those who rule by deception have people taking oaths of allegiance when there is no sincerity on their part to do right by people. When people look to Christ it is because He is sincere and in the Holy Bible people are warned not to take oaths to anyone.

As there are reactions in our world now...the extreme reactions is with what is happening to the deception of people behind fake smiles. Forced conversion of religion is just as bad as being forced to obey someone who is blatantly defying the authority of God over this world and so we must endure with patience til the evil is cleaned up!  Pope Francis spoke of the Mafia repenting or they will go to hell. Did they repent? 

Who owns the cancer sticks corporations - cigarettes? The government collect high taxes on these and as long as people are living under stress they might smoke more...addicted to the stick and pushing down their feelings trying to cope in a spiritually impoverished land. People are trained to worship false idols instead.

The real life hunger games is taking place in England too. 

There is a disgusting mentality of people in England that is defying the authority of God to be paid!  With officials also saying this land is ruled by dark forces, would mean that the entire structure of the British establishment is operating under the power of Satan. This would explain why injustice is rife and wars based on lies.

Reading the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, it is written about a Prince and unfit King yet again this has been declared. Monarch Programming is heavily happening in USA too. 

Who is serving you know?

Good people might choose to serve Satan and yet, there are people who are choosing a path of seemingly gains not realising this comes at a price. The price that is paid might even be your own soul if you go that route. In England the shameful land of injustice would rather promote the Godless, then do right by God.

Everyone is learning their lessons. The homeless, impoverished and suffering are the people God watches over. He sees behind closed doors the plans made to keep people down and conforming. In England once home to over 1000 monasteries until Henry VIII dissolved them. When people rule over lands and people by deception this is done by the laws of the land and the law court corporations too. Then the controlling of resources for profit and also food is controlled too. The GMO and product replacement with toxins is deliberate. The warnings have been given over and over and yet fell on deaf ears. Every cancer sufferer is a statistic that is measured and those who mastermind to control levels of population also have been deciding who lives and who dies.

Such a horrible death the killers are going to have.

In one of my inspired paintings I was shown the pit that someone wearing a mantle is going to fall into. The pit of hell. A mantle is a cloak and there is a prophesy about this that will come to pass eventually. 

England the land where the majority of Britons do not realise that evil is at work or that demons exist. Even with all the vampire films - people do not realise there are people who are killing and consuming human blood - this is not new. There are people involved in rituals and human sacrifice in England 'for power' and I was told to gain and maintain gains and powers...What the Lord God Almighty allows, He can also take away.
A great many people do not even believe Jesus Christ lived and is still alive and they cannot understand how Jesus is the saviour either. The British royals are not saving souls. People who are believing are praying to save their lives and their souls. There is a warning NEVER to take God's name in vain. There has been much effort gone into make people doubt God, making this land for evil personified to live on freely. 

Inside everyone is goodness and bad.....but there are people willing to sell their soul to be possessed by demons for gains and that is where evil can be easily to the detriment of individuals or the whole mankind. The eugenics movement do not consider that they are degenerates. There is cause of obstruction to allowing humanity to evolve spiritually and this is the greatest apostasy to allow evil to flourish in these times.. 

The agenda to the detriment of mankind is planned well ahead. A gullible population have chosen to trust those who do not care about the population - actors on the world stage are not given authority. But there are people who are responsible and conscientious, seeking to live in the right way and do right by everyone. It is a choice. A doctor has the choice to heal or contribute to the worsening of the condition of the patient. But in a system where the doctors are being paid and not spiritually awake, they can also be serving the dark lord...

It is too easy to blame. Seek the way to be saved. Pray!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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