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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Royal Taylors Camomile & Vanilla Tea Delivery

Today Royal Mail knocked on my door and handed over a small box - not expected. Opening the brown box I noticed the crown emblem on the golden yellow box, features three pretty white and yellow chamomile flowers and three pods of vanilla - Amusing myself, the Royal delivery bringing tea to relax.

The careful combination of two products is shown....

Reading more on the box it is written with the crown - ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS - KEW

The label Taylors of Harrowgate since 1886.

A white label on the side writes 'Created in partnership with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

Well it is certainly a gift for some peace and relaxation - this tea had actually come from a competition that I had entered one day, passing time, procrastinating and restless to sleep.

With writing about the cheesegrater tower earlier with the lamp, crowned by a bell shape feature, an orb and cross, I thought it quite uncanny to receive this today afterwards. Being aware that gifts can bring messages, unexpected gifts, this is something that I had made myself available to gain as a prize and the arrival of this came with divine timing. Most certainly time for relaxation is welcoming.

My message to everyone, if you receive and unexpected gift, no matter how big or how small - especially the little gifts that cost little, they carry a message sometimes to take notice of.

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, known as Kew Gardens is now a World Heritage site and includes Kew Palace. Kew is in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Since 1965 Kew has incorporated the former area of North Sheen[5] which includes St Philip and All Saints, the first barn church consecratedin England.[6] It is now in a combined Church of England ecclesiastical parish with St Luke's Church, Kew.

Kew forms part of the Richmond Park UK Parliament constituency. The current Member of Parliament is Zac Goldsmith. - a gentleman who looks remarkably like Diana, as if they are twins. 

The Scriptures book of Luke documents the genealogy of Jesus. So if there is anyone who is disputing the credibility of the Holy Bible, the ancient tribes are also documented too.


In Kew Saint Anne's Church is named.Saint Anne is also the anglized name of the Mother of the Virgin Mary What is missing in the Holy Scriptures and known about somewhere right at the very top, the MtDNA - the bloodline genealogy of women who are from the family household of the Virgin Mary

The title of this genealogy record is the Messianic Family. There is a link below at the bottom of the page where the full size readable image can be accessed.

In the movie The Da Vinci Code there is a scene inside a church, where records have been kept to trace the ancient Royal bloodline. The Da Vinci Codes reveals a Princess from France.With the Channel Tunnel connecting the United Kingdom to France, something else came to mind this morning too. I was thinking of the tomb of the unknown Solider in Westminster Abbey - He was brought from France.

Westminster Abbey is connected with the Plantagenets and it is in seeking information there are many links advertising a book written by Paul Binski. Westminister Abbey and the Plantagenets: Kingship and the Representation of Power, 1200-1400. 

'On July 6, 1245, Henry III commissioned the total rebuilding of the church of St. Peter at Westminister originally built by Edward the Confessor, whose shrine lay within its walls. Published in conjunction with the 750th anniversary of Westminister Abbey is Paul Binski's Westminister Abbey and the Plantagenets, which focuses on how the Abbey is a reflection of the Plantagenet kings, especially Henry III, their power, prestige, and patronage.# (read more in the link below)

In looking to learn more....It is written From 1414 to 1435 the earldom of Richmond was held by John Plantagenet, ....learning more about this title too..

The historical ties between the Ducal crown of Brittany and this English Earldom were maintained ceremonially by the Breton dukes even after England ceased to recognize the Breton Dukes as Earls of England and those dukes rendered homage to the King of France, rather than the English crown. It was then held either by members of the English royal families of Plantagenet and Tudor, or English nobles closely associated with the English crown. It was eventually merged into the English crown during the reign of Henry VII and has been recreated as aDukedom.
 The title Duke of Richmond It has been held by members of the royal Tudorand Stuart families. The current dukedom of Richmond was created in 1675[a] for Charles Lennox, the illegitimate son of King Charles II of England and a Breton noblewoman,Louise de Penancoët de Kérouaille.
The family seat is Goodwood House near ChichesterWest Sussex

If I am to take this small box and analyse it for a message today, earlier in the morning a thought had come to mind if the golden mantle comes from Arabia. The box is written Harrogate that is in YORKshire. The three Chamomile flowers also are a reminder of the white and yellow rose of the House of York. And it is interesting a couple of years ago, thinking if I lived in a warm climate, I would grow vanilla pods.

With Kew I thought Key ..and one time typing Key ..It is possible that Kew was supposed to be a Key that is disguised in the be honest I really do not know. This is a journey of discovery

In typing Kew to find out more, there is advertised Kew 159 and looking on the website, it is written GOODBYE KEW. 159, Welcome to Jigsaw (Kate Middleton was given a part time job before she married William at Jigsaw) Something else came to mind shortly after writing about the dubbed Cheesegrater Tower, the Isle of Man flag features three legs...No idea of the history..Got to be careful with the Jigsaw.

Actually earlier today Stanley also came to mind..There is a sharp bladed knife named Stanley knife but I was not thinking about that at all. Queen Elizabeth is toasted on the Isle of Man as Lord of Man. If with the Return of Jesus in this timeline, being as this is His Kingdom, He is The Lord of Mankind.

Having corresponded to Buckingham Palace, The Government in the Isle of Man and the Ministry of Justice in London who are in charge of titles. Officials know at the top who is eligible for titles and honours and experience has shown they are meticulous on the subject of entitlement to be King. With concern about credibility of titles sold on the internet, I communicated with ll the above by telephone and letter.

The Isle of Man titles belong to the British Crown. And with a man David Howe claiming a right to be King of the Isle of Man - it is interesting that he also lives in MARYLAND, USA. Anyway the signs appear to reveal in the time of the return of the Davidic King. Jesus is a descendant of King David.

Who would think all this information could come to light from a small box of tea? Consider how much more information is being revealed in dreams, where every element of symbolism has meaning.

Time for a relaxing cup of tea now:)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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