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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Michael Jackson- Liberian Girl Message

Michael Jackson- Liberian Girl ...the message, did you get it? A lady from Liberia who changed the world of people - who is there being filmed in this...Why Liberia?  A location is named specifically.

Geogrraphically a location is identified in West Africa...

Noticing today also Liberian Girl is reported in the news playing at Royal Court Theatre. These connections are made to be discovered...As the world is awakening to the freedom of slavery, we cannot ignore that there are people who are making a stand to end sexual violence in our world today too.

'A devastating, freshly-angled indictment of misogyny'

The Independant writes: 'Diana Nneka Atuona's remarkable debut play was originally aired at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence and now kicks off the Royal Court's year in Matthew Dunster's powerfully disturbing immersive production in the Theatre Upstairs.

With extraordinary boldness and range of empathy, the piece plunges us into the early years of the first Liberian Civil War (1989-1996) in which over 200, 000 people were killed, and it offers a joltingly unusual perspective on the recruitment and brutalisation of child soldiers in the “Small Boy Units”.

A couple of weeks ago someone gave me a hand made ship...The Mayflower, it was not in good shape, and I rescued it from the bin by bringing it home...A first I brought to give it away to an enthusiast  to thine remember 'every gift carries a message, epecially unspected gifts. I was given my own ship :)

Of course I am not sure the Courts would appreciate my arguing a case saying 'someone has built a replica Noah's' ark so lets return to the right laws as we are told to live by, not the law of the land that goes against God's laws as they do here in England...Do htey used Admiratly Law? I own a ship now:)

Queen ships are named...The Mayflower is named...

Notice the white bird with a scroll....The Holy Spirit brings the Word of God and it is written down. The heavens know as this has shown to happen throughout history..eve if people deny this. 

Now looking to see if the Mayflower ship has any connection with Liberia...after all in some way everything and every one is connected....What is truth is also always going to be validated too.

On This Day: The “Mayflower of Liberia” Sets Sail

On Feb. 6, 1820, a ship of freed black slaves set sail from New York for the coast of West Africa, where they would found the nation of Liberia........(read more in the link below)


Here is  photograph of the Mayflower model of a boat that is published on the internet by GWENT POLICE...Gwent is in Wales...The article writes, If you believe this is yours please call 101.

The timing of this article was just before Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee  Party and published on May 30th 2012 - the day before the feast day commemorating the visitation of the Virgin Mary...The entire month of May is dedicated to Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ.

Now what is so special about Liberia...Land of Liberty.

Liberia, a state in West Africa was established by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African American slaves and their free black descendants. It is one of only two sovereign states in the world that were started by citizens of a political power as a colony for former slaves of the same political power, the other being Sierra Leone In 1847, Liberia proclaimed its independence from the United States but, although it retained its independence throughout the Scramble for Africa the country remained in the American sphere of influence. Until 1980, the state of Liberia was dominated by the small minority of black colonists and their offspring, known collectively as Americo-Liberians.

There is more to be discovered and uncovered...Just guided today to connect this together to  learn about and share here with everyone. Remember, Michael Jackson was inspired and divinely guided too. 

Notice in the song Liberian Girl, David Copperfield is there amount other well known names ad faces...This time Michael is behind the camera...Did you see David's illusion of Reality Television?

Sometimes there is a connection with people that is felt and yet not easily explained. Ever wonder why some people are famous?..Might be because they are related to many of the audience too...might be with lots of media hype, If the Royals do not know and abide by Royal Law in context, what is the point?

Peace be with you

Pauline Maria

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