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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Church of ENGLAND Advert Lord's Prayer Refused?

Yesterday I had seen the headlines, but did not get to write about this... There were other headlines that were disturbing too....but today I am here for a short while to share this.

A recording to the Lord's Prayer has been made that shows people in different circumstances and backgrounds, cultures  and colour of skin - for those who look to these differences.

Let me show you and than you can see for yourself.

Watch and listen carefully...and remember this God given prayer.

In this land, this advert is most important...most important to remind people of all backgrounds and professions, to whom does this Kingdom belong....Are we not ALL equally servants of God. Are we not obliged to remember the teachings do not equal evil with evil, sword with sword..

For the only sword to fight back with is the WORD OF GOD

A few days ago I published a video of young Myriam who is a reminder to all people what TRUE CHRISTIANITY is all about. It is not about placing godless Kings over us, but in Placing Christ the King over us, THIS WAS A DECISION BY GOD to SAVE HUMANITY FROM EVIL.

The lust for power is so has happened before...

So what is the movie this advert was to follow by.

The blindness to allowing evil is at a huge price.

Now if you examine the headline and why this is written today. 

The UK’s three leading cinema chains have refused to show an advert by the Church of England that features the Lord’s Prayer, citing fears that it could offend people.
The 60-second advert was due to be shown before Star Wars: the Force Awakens, released on 18 December, and has smashed records for advance ticket sales at UK cinemas.
It was cleared by the Cinema Advertising Authority and the British Board of Film Classification, but the Odeon, Cineworld and Vue chains – which control 80% of screens around the country – have refused to show the advert because they believe it “carries the risk of upsetting, or offending, audiences”.
The church warned that the move could have a “chilling effect on free speech” and said it was at a loss to understand the logic behind the decision.' read full article.
We do not know if this is another attempt to keep people in the dark and that being the real reason why this advert was banned. After all, once people start to wake up and realise that they are actually communicating with the BIG BOSS, they might reject anyone else. 
The film Star Wars: the Force Awakens..
Star Wars awakening, too big to silence...
This series has been going on for far too long.
If truth is silenced then truth will be revealed in another way. What is truth - well know this we all have our individual truths..and there is also ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
The Lord's Prayer in different languages

The Lord's Prayer in the original Aramaic
The Lord's Prayer in Arabic...
The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew by Andrew Hodkinson

May the faith and prayer of believers inspire you to pray.

There was a time, when people were prevented to pray - there was a ROYAL DECREE made to change all this too. Be careful of praying for false idols to have power to rule over you when you are having your own rights being blatantly taken away.  We are warned.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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