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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 23 November 2015

Manchester Evening News Sinkhole Report Alert

Noticing the news headlines today in the Manchester Evening news. Arriving home and looking on the internet about this - wanting to see the evidence of the sinkholes - it is not as imagined.

The link is posted here so that you can see for yourself.

Please read on and check out the other links.

For some reason I expected an actual giving way of land with a big hole in the road....and perhaps, just perhaps that the emergency services 'in the know' of what is happening regarding ruling over this land and people by deception are expecting something...There have been other sinkholes reported before.

With all the talk of global warming and climate change, the British establishment have been silent about the return of Christ and the royals have lined up a few generations to be overlords..dismissing Royal Law in context, which seems a bit odd really. In case you do not know Royal Law is written in the Bible - but even if there are books missing...still the truth does not people are now realising.

Game of Thrones came to mind today after reading the headline...then learning that Prince Edward had been on a visit to Bolton University. Something else, Nigel Farage team handing out leaflets. Odd!

This hierarchy system loves to promote the working class - as reminding people that there are those of a far higher social station....What a shame they do not promote equality in Christ here in England.

Recalling years ago drinking in Chelsea introduced to some London MP's, I declined the invitation to go to Maggie's house..Maggie Thatcher.. Not sure it would have changed anything though..

What is certain, what is happening in our land is known within the system...The police were evidently on red alert, if that is the right expression...the cracks have already started to appear...and no one can stop what is going on with these landslides...eventually people will have to consider beyond what they are told.

What was happening in Oxford Street London? If anything.

There is an incident noteworthy to report in the news - as if also preparing the people, planting the seeds of fear ...the problem is that London is hugely busy and especially in this time of year.

Now this is a sinkhole - this being Mancunian Way, Manchester

Here is another in LONDON, Ontario - notice the names.

As it happened a lady from London Ontario had befriended me, so I was alert to these names and with Queen Elizabeth II being Queen of Canada etc, and Buckingham Palace being named being the work place of the Queen...(Westminster wasthe Royal Palace where the laws are made etc.)

Buckingham County is named in Virginia USA.

Notice that Washington is named in Canada too..

And Manchester is named in the States, but what is most significant being New York....where in Queens, Crown Heights has been is also where Athens and Greece have been named.

More sinkholes  are identified connected with London

Unfortunately I did have forwarning of these what I thought to be landslides a few years ago in a dream. They were huge, and showing that houses area going to be demolished too. While writing about them, at the time there was no proof of them happening and I was hesistant to write of course..

The apocalyptic signs are happening around our world,..Our earth is reacting to those ruling over the lands. And the people are going to be forced to rethink where their loyalties are and valued.

Being reminded of a far higher authority than godless man...those who assume authority seemingly ignore this. They would rather pull the wool over the blind sheep's eyes...This cannot be ignored.

Indeed these sink holes around the world could get worse.

Recognise why they are happening and the dark dark agenda to the detriment of mankind that has been increasing and what is unfolding since these have taken place.

Having had three dreams of floods - these have also happened since, but not where they were seen. However there have been signs to show that flooding is taking place on the higher lands. Of course, people might blame the weather, and whatever else the political spin and distraction is given.

The floods might be false signs particular as itis expected to be deluge when Jesus returns...but I  cannot help but wonder how many people are thinking of Jesus or will be on Christmas day..There are people who do every day and there are people placing their complete trust in him too....

..If natural law is to take its course as a lawyer quoted, this can be seen as being connected - but sometimes more can be revealed about the location and situation of what is taking place.

A sinkhole on a road, are there laws being made regarding these new roads and the old, that are to the detriment of people...Did the officials in this land forget the warnings that are written..

This is what is written in Holy Scriptures...

Woe to Tyrants
1Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions,2So as to deprive the needy of justice And rob the poor of My people of their rights, So that widows may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans.… Isaiah 10:1-2

Those who have been rejecting God might want to think again.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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