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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Padre - Validating My Angel - This I Must Share. P1

A few days ago I clicked on a link....It asked that I fill out my details and a man who named as Padre claims to be in communication with our guardian angel will provide a free message.

I have written back to thank for the message and validation.

who are you ?

I will share aspects of this message because it was revealed.

The only reliance I have to protect me is from God through prayer. If total strangers offer to pray for me that is much appreciated but when there are fees for rituals - no thanks. I am not interested.

Firstly the course of time, (2012) I discovered two angels are connected with my birthdate. Being a Gemini this would make sense...I will share this information...only because what was revealed.

One being Hariel  This angel is from the order of the Cherubim

15. Deus Sublenator (The comforting God);
הֵרֵיֹ  (hey resh yod) –- HeReYo
וַיְהִי יְהוָה לִי לְמִשְׂגָּב; וֵאלֹהַי, לְצוּר מַחְסִי.. תהילים פרק צד:כב
The Book of Psalms Chapter 94:22
Latin Vulgate 94:22 erit autem Dominus mihi in refugium et Deus meus quasi petra spei meae
King James Version 94:22 But the LORD is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.

הֵרֵיֹאֵל HeReYoEL Hariel –
Against the impious. Governs sciences and arts. Religious sentiments, morally pure.
Influence time and dates  04:41 - 05:00 31th May until the 4th June inclusively
  HARIEL.  His attribute is  Creator God .

One invokes this angel against those who blaspheme against religion.

Quote< This angel rules over the arts and sciences; he influences useful discoveries and new methodologies.  The person born under this influence will love the company of good people; he will love religious sentiment and will distinguish himself through the purity of his morals.

Meditation on this name bring: Long range vision: help to clear your vision and foresight every part of your life. Grasp the couse and effect relationship that govern all reality. remove the momently illusions and help to be focus on real results. open your eyes and help you to feel more through your intuition.

The negative side of this angel rules over schisms, and religious wars; he influences the impious and all those who spread dangerous sects, and search for the means to establish them anew.;

In the discovery that God sees and knows all, our life is already planned before are a born, it was not just something I had with reading the scriptures - a few words would come to mind and I would look them up, at the start using the internet and being let to specific scriptures. They made sense.

When I pray or ask God for anything..I am not asking my angel If I want guidance from my angel, I would sit quietly and ask for guidance from this source and write down what is being revealed in the Spirit. A dream has revealed an angel to me with 6 wings, these are of the Order of the Seraphim who attend the throne of God. So I cannot ignore what is revealed, because Jesus was also in this particular dream.

There is a Seraphim that presided over the date of my birth - according to this information and vastly informative website. So I am going to share this too. 

2. Deus Auxiliator (The helping God);
יֹלָיֹ ( Yod Lamed Yod ) YoLaYo
תהילים פרק כב:כ וְאַתָּה יְהוָה, אַל-תִּרְחָק; אֱיָלוּתִי, לְעֶזְרָתִי חוּשָׁה.
The Book of Psalms Chapter 22:20 
Latin Vulgate 21:19 tu autem Domine ne longe fias fortitudo mea in auxilium meum festina
King James Version 21:19 But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me.
יֹלָיֹאֵל YoLaYoEL Jeliel –
Influence time and dates  00:21 - 00:40  26th March until the 30th inclusively

 JELIEL.  His attribute is  Helpful God .  He rules over Turkey 

This angel rules over kings and princes, and keeps their subjects obedient; he has influence over the generation all beings which exist in the animal realms; here establishes peace between spouses and maintains conjugal fidelity.   *naturally I did wonder if this angel rules over queens and princess's too.

My connection to Turkey is with being Greek Orthodox and the Ecumenical Patriarch is situated in the heart of Istanbul - He is the spiritual leader and regarded as first among all equals in the Holy Orthodox Church. (As a dream has revealed that Christ is connected with my church and watching over My Church - it is for a reason, in these dangerous times

People forget, God Almighty is the Authority over all, and the angels that watch over us are assigned by God before we are born. We might not see our hidden helpers - But God sees our needs through them.

Now before I continue, with Dan Browns Book Angel and Demons - we cannot ignore that there are demons too and as angels can be evoked for protection and help, demons can also be evoked - but I doubt they are being evoked for the most positive of reasons. There is written a spiritual battle taking place and if we place our completely trust in God,  do you honestly think God is going to lose this? No

As there is the Bride of Christ, so there is a Bride of Satan.

There is a Princess of Angels - there is a Princess of Devils. I read about the latter in the 6th and 7th book of Moses that many people do know about. But also people do not know that we are all tested.

While the handmaiden of the Lord - today there are many, is serving God through Jesus Christ, are we really sure that anyone is not a handmaiden of serving Satan...No actually we are not sure.

Something else it is written that the Kings set themselves up. But do not attack them, it is written that the Prince;s will tremble..God will do what he will do to bring everyone to repentance. 

As a young girl my grandmother was very worried for my safety in England - then years later she sent me back here and said you must return, it is in your tyche (sounding like tihee- *fortune/destiny. So here I am suffering again with the damned legal system here and the God mockers in this establishment. 

But I realised also a few years ago, this has something to do with the stolen Acropolis Marbles - the Acropolis was once the seat of the Government of God  Then I discovered something else - In Izmir, then named Smyrna were my Greek grandmother's family are from, there is an Acropolis that was there. Today built over this place is a is named  Kadifekale (The Velvet Castle)

Talking with a friend some time ago, I had a realisation - if I had proceeded with my business intention  without blocks and vultures too - I would not be sitting here, on the internet, or accessing this vast wealth of information at the tap of a few keys. I would not have discovered Google or Google Maps too.

My mind was at one time opening a treatment centre, collaborating with doctors and therapists, to provide services training and working to remove stigmatisation of Eating Disorders, The latter I did.

As an individual I could only work with individuals or groups..but on the internet I discovered something profoundly more important. There are many millions of people in our world with a multi-layered healing need. As far as having insight with studies, and some understanding - I can offer a little to help. 

The realisation that my chosen pathway to assist global peace and healing has been blocked - it is with also experiences that made me alert so some hidden power that is capable of causing death too. Fortunately while not strong physically - a few incidents, near death experiences, car crashes and falls - I am alive.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about this..and realised with my mother becoming paralysed from the neck downwards - something was going on. Someone spoke of a curse put on our family while in Greece one time, with my mother Athena being in a wheelchair during much of her adult life, and her first cousin Athina also being wheelchair and housebound much of the time...It was when my brother living in America telphoned to say he had been in a crash and wrote his truck off. He is born on the same day and year as Diana - Princess of Wales, also in London...The crash happened around the same time.

I could indeed go on. My father collapsed and went into a coma around the time of the World Trade centre impact, I had a few days with a head ache and became worried something terrible was going to happen in the world. He was airlifted in an ambulance and after 6 weeks in a coma the died. But in this terrible time, 3000 people were killed and I question this...Why did this this really happen. I wanted to know.

So with George Bush's brother working in security  issuing of temporary passes to people would have been his responsibility. The bill for clearing the asbestos did not become applicahle because the insurance policy covering the impact also paid for the rebuilding cost too. World Trade Centre became than known initially as the FREEDOM TOWER..(Liberty Street named too?) then One World Trade Centre.

There are other discoveries that are made but I want to stay with the World Trade Centre for the moment because in the smoke there are images that show a face of a demon. This I did not ignore.

But at the time of the impact, waiting awake  to see what it is that will be reported in the news that would validate this awful feeling I had that something would happen (something that I could not prevent, even if I wanted to) as soon as the planes hit the towers - I know and said THIS IS IT.


Sometimes I do say something and it really does not make sense at the time even to me -the wisdom that is hidden within must not be ignored because our soul understands more...we as human beings are being conditioned to stay blind, bow down and conform to the man made laws and earthly court.

The authority over the court is who? A Jewish friend said 'I do not recognise the authority' This is those who rule over the lands and people by deception - robbing people of their God given birthright. 

The 'smokescreen' means it is showing something but something else is hidden. There were reports of gold missing and so much more..what actually took my attention immediately was many months later discovering that tens of thousands of birth and marriage records were also destroyed. THIS IS IT, I thought.

In my spiritual awakening it is with discovery too, in particular discovery of very important information and with the revelation that has been given, whether heart to heart soul to soul talking with Jesus, or in dreams after a prayer to God the Father..I do not think God wants humanity to be destroyed. 

I do not think God wants humanity enslaved by the Godless.

The divine plan is already written very clearly.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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