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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Two Days Same Scripture Message - It is Important.

Before learning of the Paris massacre I had cupped the Holy Bible in my hands asking God what he wants me to know and this time I had at hand the 'Good News Bible' on both these days.

There are 944 pages of the Old Testament and 330 pages of the New Testament with images in addition so the chance of opening the same page on two different days is quite great. This has happened before where the message was so profound, a personal message, I got it..but seeing it the second time, I knew then that I was being shown something to understand then and to take the Word of God very seriously. 

Just now, with lifting the Bible up again, on the third day of asking, the pages rolled and stopped - to take me directly to the same scripture...Saves me looking for this again - Thank You God.

Now where my hands are placed one on each page when seeking the Word of God in the bible, I have also seen the left hand revelation as what is happening and coming to pass - leaving/left...and the right hand as what will be - right/correct and what will be shown to know to be relevant for the time now too.

As the first message was a letter to the Emperor at the time, I can only share in Bold the actual words that stood out most of all for me...although I am including the entire letter. 

“We want Your Majesty to know that the Jews who came here from your other territories have settled in Jerusalem and are rebuilding that evil and rebellious city. They have begun to rebuild the walls and will soon finish them. 13 Your Majesty, if this city is rebuilt and its walls are completed, the people will stop paying taxes, and your royal revenues will decrease. 14 Now, because we are under obligation to Your Majesty, we do not want to see this happen, and so we suggest 15 that you order a search to be made in the records your ancestors kept. If you do, you will discover that this city has always been rebellious and that from ancient times it has given trouble to kings and to rulers of provinces. Its people have always been hard to govern. This is why the city was destroyed. 16 We therefore are convinced that if this city is rebuilt and its walls are completed, Your Majesty will no longer be able to control West-of-Euphrates Province.” (Ezra 4:12-16)

I am going to return to this scripture with something that was revealed to me another time, perhaps last year that is relevant to the revelation given above.

On my right hand the Emperor Darius ordered the work to continue - I am only going to quote from this what my eyes were specifically guided to see and know.

“Stay away from the Temple and do not interfere with its construction. Let the governor of Judah and the Jewish leaders rebuild the Temple of God where it stood before. I hereby command you to help them rebuild it. Their expenses are to be paid promptly out of the royal funds received from taxes in West-of-Euphrates, so that the work is not interrupted. Day by day, without fail, you are to give the priests in Jerusalem whatever they tell you they need: young bulls, sheep, or lambs to be burned as offerings to the God of Heaven, or wheat, salt, wine, or olive oil. 10 This is to be done so that they can offer sacrifices that are acceptable to the God of Heaven and pray for his blessing on me and my sons. (Ezra 6:6)

First what stood out is Your Majesty and ordering a search of birth records, from those that are kept of ancestors, as a personal revelation, this must also be done perhaps considering what I am writing here...openly. 

The rebellious people....all is written above...

Now to re-visit what was discovered in history - not knowing if all the books are included in all the Bibles - but I did discover this in one of a few. And in case anyone is wondering, I do have a copy of an English translation of the Quran - but this is not used for the purpose for guided learning. 

Maccabees 1 writes with an account of history:

This history begins when Alexander the Great, son of Philip of Macedonia, marched from Macedonia and attacked Darius, king of Persia and Media. Alexander enlarged the Greek Empire by defeating Darius and seizing his throne. He fought many battles, captured fortified cities, and put the kings of the region to death. As he advanced to the ends of the earth, he plundered many nations; and when he had conquered the world, he became proud and arrogant. By building up a strong army, he dominated whole nations and their rulers, and forced everyone to pay him taxes.

It would be necessary to read this particular book for more detail - it is just to highlight the relevant points that were revealed to me on day that I am meant to understand even today.

Today there are armies and people are being forced to pay taxes. Are these funding the illegal wars> The lawless one is documented in the Holy Bible - the Son of Perdition is one who utterly destroys./ 

In Maccabees 11 - this is a scripture that revealed a Royal Decree - If it was not meant to be there it would not be found. But I do not think it is written in every book that is published...(seek and truth will be revealed and if you are meant to discover a truth where you are meant to, you will be guided to see.

 Ptolemy sought to make a covenant with King  Demetrius II ...

From there King Ptolemy sent this message to King Demetrius:
    Let's make a treaty. My daughter is now Alexander's wife, but I will take her back and give her to you and let you rule over your father's kingdom. 10 I regret that I ever gave her to Alexander, because he has tried to kill me.
11 Ptolemy made this accusation against Alexander because he wanted to take over his kingdom. 12 So he took his daughter away from Alexander and gave her to Demetrius; he broke off all relations with Alexander, and they became open enemies. 13 Then Ptolemy entered Antioch and assumed the crown of Syria; so he wore both the crown of Egypt and the crown of Syria.
Now I must publish this because this letter is specifically what I was guided to read at the time...When God guides me to read something it is for His Purpose.

28 Jonathan asked the king to release the territory of Judea and the three regions of Samaria from the payment of taxes, promising that if Demetrius would do that, he would pay him a lump sum of 22,000 pounds of silver.29 The king agreed and wrote a letter to Jonathan to confirm all this:
30 King Demetrius to King Jonathan and to the Jewish nation, greetings.
31 For your information I am sending a copy of the letter I have written to the Honorable Lasthenes about you:
32 King Demetrius to the Honorable Lasthenes, greetings. 33 I have decided to grant the Jewish nation certain benefits because they are our loyal allies and keep their treaty obligations. 34 I confirm their rights to the land of Judea and the three regions of Ephraim, Lydda, and Arimathea, which are hereby annexed to Judea from Samaria with all the lands belonging to them. This will be of benefit to everyone who goes to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice, since payments of the annual tax on produce and fruit from these lands will no longer be made to the king, but to the Temple. 35 And I also grant them relief from the payment of revenues now due me from tithes, tolls, salt taxes, and special taxes. 3None of the provisions mentioned in this letter shall ever be canceled in the future.
37 You are required to see that a complete copy of this decree is made and given to Jonathan, to be posted in a prominent place on the Temple hill.

Jonathan Helps Demetrius the Second

38 When King Demetrius saw that the land was peaceful under his rule and there was no further resistance, he disbanded his whole army and sent everyone home, except the soldiers he had hired from the Greek islands. This made all the soldiers who had served under his predecessors hate him because they had lost their source of income. ! Maccabees 11: 28-38

The dependency of earning money  from war and killing people is not reaping good karma. One American told me while he was out destroying other people's homes - he returned home with no job and found himself homeless. He could not complain. He woke up and realised he lost his way.

King Demetrius discovered in the Bible  took my attention with my grandfather having this name. Being told  he once owned a diamond mine with his uncle and sold his share to pay someone else's gambling debt. I assumed he had inherited this. There was also a missing/ stolen diamond I was told would have been mine. My grandmother's promised jewellery was not given either, Her love was more valuable.

So with all the above, especially the refusal for justice and persistent prevention from my God given birthright - I have known a long time my situation is rooted in the most diabolical evil. But as an instrument of the Lord, we are tested and put into all sorts of challenging situations...I realised also in this time, these few years that Moses had to be raised inside the Royal Palace to see what was going on inside the Kingdom. As I was born in England and sent back here from Greece to witness what is going on.

Being as Queen Elizabeth II wrote to my mother, she would surely know who she was. My mother asked me what I thought of Elizabeth and I will reply as then. She is very reserved and still waters run deep. I was asked how I would feel if she came to visit - not revering her in any capacity, but explaining that I would offer her a cup of tea, probably talk a while but I would leave you two ladies to talk together...

I bear no malice but she is obliged to do right by me.

Royal Law in context is found in the Holy Bible. 

The Acropolis was once the seat of God's government on earth.. if we ignore the Commandments God gave, our God given birthright and reject even written law that pertains to inheritance rights - what use is this other than  create discord and deprive people to learn to be obedient to the TRUE GOD.

One of the Ten Sinai Commandments is NOT to Kill.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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