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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Major flooding in Middle United Kingdom - Why?

Learning of the flooding taking place in England (and likely elsewhere in our world) is with this time being more severe and covering larger areas...remembering a painting from the inspired revelation collection that showed clearly flooding will come and it will not be by some high wave.. Also with having had three dreams showing flooding - there was another with Jesus on a boat taking people to another land.

The Daily Mail writes in the headlines with photographs.

The day Britain went under: UK hit by worst floods in decades as towns become 'mini Venices' and thousands flee their homes after a MONTH of rain falls in 24 hours... and more is on the way 

  • The Met Office has issued two red alerts for rain, the most severe warning, in Lancashire and Yorkshire & Humber
  • Towns and cities - including Leeds and Rochdale - flooded with up to 6 feet of water when rivers burst their banks 
  • A 200-year-old former pub has been destroyed by the pressure of the water at Summerseat, Great Manchester today
  • 20ft sinkhole has opened up on the M62 near Rochdale, forcing the road to be shut between junctions 19 and 20 

Read more: 

The BBC reported with more information.
Heavy rain has caused more flooding in northern England, with homes evacuated in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and rivers overflowing in Manchester and Leeds.
Vulnerable people are being evacuated from 2,200 homes in York, where people in 3,500 properties near the River Foss have been advised to be ready to leave.
Six severe flood warnings - indicating a danger to life - are in place.

PARTS of Bolton and Bury have been hit by flooding after a deluge of rain.
The Beehive Roundabout in Horwich is almost covered in water.
This appears to be on land specifically connected with the crown wearer - and Bolton is also named in New York as with Manchester, Athens and Greece too. The road map has been very carefully laid down and it is up to people to wake up and see what has been done and what is happening on our land and overseas too.
Deluge - why is this happening...Crown wearer Who?
In one of the articles above there is a helicopter HM Coastguard - Is that Her Majesty or His Majesty? The Court services - before Her Majesty - now HM Majesty..
Queen Bee is an expression while in Manchester City Centre there are Bee emblems and as it is the people who are in service, police, army etc serve the Queen. One police officer said she only serves Queen Elizabeth emphasising this...But if there is an oath being taken to serve the Queen without being named - that person is influencing even to the detriment of the police and also over people..Evidently this is going on. These people have lessons to learn too..
Just the other day the radio host in New York was telling me that she has bees with concern about what is happening in our environment. 
Bees are essential for pollination of plants, trees and other vegetation that produces food - as with a population of people, people suffer under the current regime. People believe they are free in England when actually deceptive rule thrives too. With the global control system - it is said the Queen does not carry a passport but it appears to be the passport & security corporate structure is highly lucrative too..
Noticing a few months ago a Catherine Wheel with the serpent on an ambulance ...the Serpent in the Holy Scriptures is associated with the devil or Satan...Just saying with what is written.
Did something happen to trigger the cause of these floods?
The full moon was in a powerful placement on days connected with dark and light forces -  Queen Elizabeth brought this into her address in her Christmas speech....She knows...She knows what is going on.
What has happened to suddenly cause all this and do not justify it with excessive rain...There is a reason and we cannot ignore when the return of Christ comes that there will be deluge too - it is written.
What appears to be apparent is the warning that the floods and destruction could become more severe and this could result in death.....There is also 'a gas fire' shown. There is a gas pressure station built on land connected with the crown wearer on land named National Grid -with already floods appearing on the higher ground at different times ...If there is to be a great fire - this would justify the flood too.
Reading the Mandate of Heaven - this could relate. 
Having been away from the television - mine went kaput last year but the BBC still collect their license fee and exercise the right to illegally fine people who do not have one...Also  there are warnings also not to make unjust laws...the arrogant ones in this land do not care who they persecute of prosecute. One day they might discover they will not be in a position to ever be able to detrimentally impact anyone again.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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