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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Pope Benedict XVI Prays to Infant Jesus Prague 2009

The video title is named on the link as the Pope crowning the infant Jesus and yet it is seen on the video that a gold crown is laid on a cushion....sharing this for a reason.

With the deception over the world. the people who are serving Christ in truth are also being guided to serve in the right way too. In this gesture, it is to be understood in context of which I will explain.

As it is known in the heavenly realms who is sincere and who is not.

The baby crown being presented to a figure of Jesus gives a very clear message. Jesus Christ is the King and Sovereign...and yet there is something else in the spiritual mysteries that is to be understood.

The God of Love and Divine Mercy is not the god of war...

Jesus is active in saving souls, not the other way around.

Jesus does not change his mind or his promises to people.

The Pope is Sovereign in his role and history has already laid out what must take place to preserve the people. There is a strict criteria that preserves the Church and also the people...

Those who cannot comprehend having a personal relationship with God might not also be able to comprehend being divinely guided either. In this timeline, people were promised that they would be divinely guided - that the people will belong to God and the ruler over the people is the same.

But as this seems to be ignored, the reactions in our world, is like the godless fighting the godless - someone evidently has made a pact with Satan given the police saying this land England, is ruled by dark forces. But it is a greater problem that being that the officials are serving the monarch and family.

Still it is also to be remembered that Christ put Satan in his place. Jesus does not bow down to Satan whatsoever. God set up the situation so that we people can see who is sincere and who is not. But what people may not realise, all that is happening behind closed doors and who is involved in Satanic Rituals is already known too. It is all written in the Holy Bible...What they do and the evil ruling too.

The gold baby crown that is shown -- shows us all that a crown for a baby has been made and we should understand. In images, a small crown was worn by Queen Victoria 'for a reason'

There are crowns mentioned connected with Asia Minor for the simple reason, it is in the Roman Province of Asia where the 7 Churches of Revelation are identified and the messages given too.

A Church is not just a physical building - it is traditionally referring to an assembly of people, If I recall, with Henry VIII declaring himself Supreme Head of the Church of England - history could repeat itself/.

Pope Benedict XVi resigned early - a very carefully contemplated decision with prayer and also with divine guidance about this decision. God knew what happened before and what has happened since.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams also resigned and took up another post, causing reason to be curious why this was taking place. There was surely a reason when two people who were respected within the church to leave.....but still they could continue in their prayer focus if they choose to.

The small crown being placed at the feet of the image of baby Jesus who is crowned, is with showing the world that there is a crown. Is the crown is being returned to where it rightfully belongs?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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