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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 21 December 2015

Soldiers Could Face War Crimes Trials In The Hague

Another important article is published in the Daily Mail today

'Just leave me be: Soldier's plea as lawyers force Iraq veterans to relive horror of combat after surge in legal claims' (the title headline writes)

Quoting: 'Servicemen cleared of any wrongdoing in the Iraq War have been forced to relive the horrors of combat years later as a result of a surge in legal claims.

In one case, six soldiers – two of them suffering from post-traumatic stress – were ordered to give evidence about their role in the shooting of an Iraqi in 2003.

During the hearings, one pleaded with the inquiry to let him get on with his life, adding: ‘Can’t you just leave me be?’

From a psychotherapeutic perspective, from what is written in the Daily Mail, it appears that the people who are referred to, want to 'forget their experiences' perhaps what they witnessed, or what they were expected to do' - or revealing more incriminating information. 

By the response ' Can't you just let me be' - evidently these soliders have had to rationalise their experiences and try to move on.. Not waning to talk seems to be with avoidance to.

They do not want to what is it that they know?

The article writes more so we can read between the lines.

'The soldiers – who have had the incident hanging over their heads for years – could even face war crimes trials in the Hague. The six were questioned last month over the death of Muhammad Salim, who was shot in the stomach during an arrest operation in November 2003.'

Just from this the name Muhammad stands out and Salim written, but something else comes to mind and that being the name Selim is the name of the Sultan of the Ottoman empire. No coincidence at all - perhaps a mispelling or even a relative- descendant.

The article continues ' Last week it emerged that his widow had been approached by an agent used by law firm Public Interest Lawyers, who persuaded her to make a claim against the British. As a result, men were forced to give evidence to the Iraq Fatality Investigation in person, even though many had already submitted statements.

To continue with the article the Daily Mail write:

Kingsman Andrew Price, Lieutenant Colonel Routledge and a soldier known only by the cipher S014 appeared before investigators in London. Private Edward Morris and Kingsman Ryan Jones, and the platoon sergeant, referred to as S011, gave evidence via video-link from Liverpool.

Both S011, who shot Mr Salim, and S014 said they suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident. S011 said he shot Mr Salim, who was carrying an AK-47, in self-defence.

Pte Morris of 1 Kings Regiment said he could remember little about the incident. He begged inquiry chairman Sir George Newman: ‘Can’t you just leave me be? That’s all I’m asking.

Are these people swearing allegiance to a King - who?

No wonder they do not want to talk...questions that most intelligent people will begin to ask themselves - are they ordered never to talk and keep silent. Have they been threatened? What would we learn if they reveal the truth on the war based on lies?

The appearance of these men in court will be with written evidence, providing oral evidence and of course if their testimony differs from what is written to what is claimed within a court, then if the judge wants to be ultra keen - perverting justice and even perjury might be addressed, whether there are prosecutions or not that take place. 

To establish the war based on lies, with all these enquiries cost absolute fortunes with not even yet Tony Blair being prosecuted but who was he serving, Was he paid to lie and push an agenda that is about global control of land and resources..I really do not know. Just thinking about the geographical location and what is happening in our world...and also not evading the possibility that these wars are hugely profitable for the weapons of war manufacturing industry with all the relevant vehicles etc. Killing of the innocents yet again.

Of course with the huge debts created with interest that can be identified as Usury, the debts must be paid back by those who supported the war- I DID NOT, and the hold of the people is with keeping everyone in place with laws of the land and oaths of allegiance - peoplle willing to serve their overlord for payment and even 'recognition'

As it is completely forbidden to kill anyone according to the commandments of God, the act to go over to another land and be armed and carry out orders where people are being killed by the  same or partnership military - crimes against humanity is still taking place.

Instead of prosecuting the many who signed up for this action - look to the person right at the very top and address that. If there was no military rule and no one pretending to serve God when they do not, there would not be acts of war and retaliation that prevails. 

The other day I had discovered a video, that discussed Count Vlad of Romania - as we mostly know through the films as Prince Count Dracula. I did not know what happened since and assume so many other readers are the same. We have to research to find the truth or with what is happening overseas, as the truth by people who know..

The Truth that is written in the Holy Scripture is to be discovered Iraq, Babylon - and the Kingdom of Iraq was named so who is the Queen of Babylon? London is also referred to as Babylon - then again Baby-Lon-Don...Mother of Baby Don Lon.

The toppling of rulers is to replace with what? 

As the people are trained to think smalland keep conforming, I was told by a lawyer from overseas that this world has been placed in Corporations and so with UK being a corporation etc....This all being placed in a TRUST, would make the Corporate Trust structure easy to pass on from genertion to generation...But that is not what God planned for us.

Psychological warfare is being used to promote fear and justify the terror attacks that are carried out by armed police and soldiers with weapons - even intimidation tactics. 

Time will tell what will be and what will happen.

Will  corrupt corporations be shut down? 

What will take it's place. Why is justice still refused?

Trust God before you trust man and the media.

Keep an open mind and then see the big picture unfold.

The Hague is home to the International Criminal Court. 

There is an expert on the Law of War who has spoken out. This is how it is. Chris Coverdale said if you are paying taxes to fund war, you are breaking the law. Well the wars based on lies still need funding and the injured might not be working either..

Are the laws based on profit to fund any of this too.

The Right to Rule over Lands and people is Who? Who is actually protecting people - really? With lawyers who say they are willing to lie to be paid is a concern. But bear in mind this is just England and there are ethical lawyers who are concerned with what is happening in our land and overseas. In 2005/6 an elderly barrister said. ' the legal profession was once a noble profession...sadly it is no longer what is used to be'....He knew the truth.

There are people in our world waiting for the collapse of the old world order that seems to indicate being the British legal system - with officials making up laws and in court the laws being corrupted. 

Who are the good guys and who are not..WE DO NOT KNOW!

GOD KNOWS...the All Seeing and All Knowing ONE

Everything happens for a reason. The Divine Plan is unfolding.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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