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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Esther-Frumet Koenig, Being Queen of Jerusalem

It is interesting how some information comes together and then, something  else that is a reminder, perhaps  we are on the right track here...or not.

With searching on the internet,  intuitively typing Esther Queen of Jerusalem, I found a article that relates to a real woman and ''being Jewish.

For the purpose to keep this article publication in it's original form it must surely be shared in it's entirety.  For this reason the link is shared here too.

Esther-Frumet Koenig - a young Jewish woman who is shown to be Jewish at the core of her being. Jewish law is also identified with accepting 'gifts.

Sometimes it is intuitively right to do the wrong thing - seemingly wrong with regards to social expectations and yet still the right decision to make.

Diana, was described by the government controlled media as a 'loose cannon'  have to admit, what she did, speaking out, exposing the landmines and perhaps making people aare of the war agenda, she was not going quietly.

An honorable trait I recognised in my mother. If she was right, she would not budge (not that I am saying I am right) but to give in under pressure, is enough to make anyone realise, by the consequences, to always listen within.

There is a people in our world who rightfully described as seemingly difficult; complex, stubborn  and determined they might be. The reality is not quite as it appears in most cases. Actual expression of Jewish people can be misunderstood and yet also much can be learned from the real Jewish people too.

Being principled, not following blindly, aware, not taking gifts that compromise - (the inner self) not replying to justify words or actions,  at times being silent when the truth is in that silence, and speaking out in a way that could rock the whole foundation of society, social conformity and expectation...

Being confident you are right when everyone else is telling  you are wrong... to speak or say nothing at all - perhaps only Jewish people understand.

The soul is not born to conform to anyone mortal.

Being Jewish - being whole...mind, heart and soul.

One woman acted in a way some would consider to be more than outrageous. Just imagine shredding official  documents trying to change the law. The letters were about changing the Sabbath to a Sunday.

This Esther was surely guided to do that day!

Several times in recent months there has been scripture revelation about the Sabbath it is important...keeping this day Holy to the Lord.

As it is the law courts here in England there are many lawyers doing 'settlement deals  outside of the court that interferes with righteous justice. There are deals being done between police and criminals too - all a bit iffy obviously.

And as our world is being taken to a very dark place by those who corrupt the law, they are not realising God is watching everything they do, crimes and lies too. There are people who know the truth...Jewish people do!

In the meantime, Jewish women are more than one today who are speaking out in a way that might even seem beyond outrageous - but if this is what they are guided to do it is not a good idea to silence the truth.

Learn  the lesson quickly....this applies to everyone!

Oh and never threaten to kill a Jewish woman!

Peace be with you
Pauline  Maria

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