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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Kim Clement Prophesy Donald Trump, Restoration America & The Woman (25th March 2011)

Prophesy is a really delicate claim in this time, yet this is the title of the video discovered a  few days ago. In fact what caught  my attention in the heading  was seeing the words 'Restoration of America  to click and listen.

The actual title is written exactly as presented

Prophecy | Donald Trump, Restoration of America, Third Party, The Woman | Kim Clement

Prophecy Date : 25th March, 2011


Direct access here:

'A woman' is described in detail  her eyes these words are said to be from the Lord. As it is the eyes are also known as the windows to our soul. 

'She shall be strong in faith, virtuous, beautiful in eyes and her eyes shall be so beautiful. Her eyes shall be  round and big.. I HAVE CROWNED HER, SAYS THE LORD AS I CROWNED ESTHER'

The emphasis of this message cannot be silenced. 
If we are to consider the eyes being the windows to the soul, and write this, taking this into consideration, not with just  a visual beauty:
She shall  be strong in faith, virtuous, beautiful in soul and her soul shall be so  beautiful. Her soul shall be (whole) and big (expansive). 
The message continues: 'I have crowned her (past tense) says the LORD, as I crowned Esther. (past tense so the Lord has already done this).
When I heard the above message 'The Spirit and the Bride say come' came to mind. The Spirit refers to the Holy Spirit (See Revelation 22)

The message is clear: God has anointed a woman with His Holy Spirit' and with the reference to ESTHER, does she have a specific task to do?

Esther became a Queen, who was also Jewish.

Now I would like to share something else that is written elsewhere at a previous time. These connections are relevant and important for me to notice.

The second point I noticed was the date...

On 25th March 2011 I had a series of visions, first seeing Jesus on the cross following prayer for strength and healing. The detail was horrific to see - I could see the blood on him, his wounds, the INRI over his head and the crown of throns he as wearing. He turned to look directly towards me, that was the first time I comprehended his crucifixion- when struggling with my own survival. 

Next: the vision faded away to see another clear scene. A small group of women wearing pale blue and white clothes, as it with one woman teaching. I got the impression this took place somewhere overseas and perhaps what follows on after the crucifixion of Christ. The cross was seen as depicted. 

Next, in the fading scene another third and final vision was as if I was above , looking downwards looking towards the earth that was completely golden. I could see people standing a distance apart with their arms raised up towards heaven.  (Then I opened my eyes)

Also The date caught my attention for another reason. On this date, the Church commemorates the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Annunciation is when Angel Gabriel visited Mary.

In learning more about Kim Clement, I discovered he died last year and like many other people, just discovering this man and his song  I wanted to know why the Lord had chosen him for this time and found this:

 'In 1973, in a gutter outside a South African nightclub, Kim Clement almost died from a heroin overdose and deep stab wound to the chest. He remembered an Anglican priest telling him one day he would be desperate for Jesus. As the life blood drained out of him, Kim called out, Jesus, if you're real I need you now! He was taken to a hospital by a stranger where he recovered. He dedicated his life ministering the love and prophetic word of the Father to the broken and outcast. For the last 16 years, all over the world, God used him as a voice of hope to the nations. On November 23, 2016, Kim entered his eternal glory. I know he heard God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." Kim will be missed sorely here on earth, but his voice lives on in the hearts of those who received God's healing!'

One of Kim's songs 'Mountain of The Lord'

Access the video directly from here.

Kim Clement died 60 years old giving hope to so many people who have fallen in life and facing death - He called out to God answered him.

The land Israel is discussed in a way that is timely.

'The mountain of the Lord covers the whole world'. 

The mountain of God that offers rest, peace, transformation and life.

A man who was a living testimony to the truth he shared from his heart. A gift to the world and reminder to how very precious life is and how when we are at the end of our life, how God can step in and take over...'for his purpose'

Kim Clement was known as a prophet, suffered with brain bleeding and other complications before he died. He was 60 years old.
A senior pastor and spiritual leader of House of Destiny, 

This is described as "an online church family."

The special gift to inspire hope, not all gloom and doom. Kim shared a picture of destiny that brings people closer to a loving God, instead of frightening people. Add to this, understanding the power of prayer, transformaing people.

"While Kim's ministry is unorthodox by "institutional standards," it is firmly grounded in both the Old and New Testament scriptures, as detailed extensively in Corinthians, Samuel, and Kings."

A Prophet of God is someone receiving a Prophetic message directly from God - something that is going to happen. This will be written in scriptures too.
In this timeline we are being reminded of God's Mercy and how He will raise up the lowliest of people as his helpers to bring His Truth to people.  A second chance a new life without addictions, just the Spirit of God, soul healing and learning was likely way beyond his imagination to be possible.
Miracles happen with prayer...
Faithful prayer for healing is not without a cause. What better way to remind people who have gone down the wrong track in life, become addicted to drugs and utter self destruction, than for God to show - He Loves..
Kim Clement brings to mind there is a Saint Clement. Just sharing a link  to learn more about this man to understand another Saint,

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria



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