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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 13 January 2018

'He Who Listens Hears Clearly' Message 12th January 2018

Being absolutely exhausted, with writing all night, it seemed as if not long after closing my eyes, I could hear the Spirit of the Lord speak again and again and again. Each time saying 'Thus sayeth the Lord' followed by a few words...yet I was unable to move even to reach for the pen to write the message down.

On the third time I heard the following words

'Thus saith the Lord, when I say Move - Move' 

Not even able to lift my head at the time to see the time, I knew this was vitally important not to forget. Still I wanted to sleep some more before being able to open my eyes and see clearly to write..remembering these last words.

Thus saith the Lord, when I say Move - Move'

Eventually, the following message came as written and I knew I had to write the words carefully and was being prepared. This is a reminder that if God is calling out to get your attention for his reason, He will make sure you listen.

12 January 2018
Start time 12:55
End time 13:25

So The Lord saith this and that. He who listens hears clearly and he who does not hear does not hear at all. 
I know my chosen ones and who can deny them?
Hate them not for they have been tried and tested more than many could cope and they called out to me many times remembering my help and blessing.
For the grateful I give; for the ungrateful who want more and then dismiss me and my call in their life, why would I try to help them more to lead them in righteousness. 
When I say 'move' is it not so you can hear and to know when I say move go hither or tither that you will to the same? So my word dear is precise - tell them this and then they will understand.
The good conscience will find me easier than the one who hates and rejects me. When his time comes for repentance and judgement, he that refused to do right before will not be forgiven so easily. 
Those who wrong my people know; and you my imperfect trier of hearts, you have suffered in the hope of righteousness and found none at all. 
Dear, you promised to be an instrument to help peace and healing - are you not the first to see the cause of that which causes it not?
I have shown you many things. The disasters are not by accident. There are people who have seen more than they can handle too.
You have seen the big tidal wave and the daylight too. The question of survival was not on your mind and those who are shown other judgements too.
I will part the waters for you and I will make way for my righteousness. You will see what you are meant to see and your glimpse into the past and a glimpse into the present and future;  the returning fire is for a reason, the quakes for a reason. They who build without me and claim to rule without me, i will show even if they hide away - I know.
And the land of righteousness that uphold my name without shame are they not my people at all? Those who do not mention God hope that people will forget too, for no one questions what is right or wrong any more. 
They talk and do nothing.
They quickly profit from war and yet cannot value peace and prosperity where investing in the people - invests in the future.
They who think the law is corrupted to keep gains that are not theirs at all, upset the social order and the rights of the people were lost. 
I came in the Spirit to show you God knows what they do and the Son of God is eternal in his soul forever more. 
They seek his life now and even try to silence the truth; but the battle for souls from my righteous ones is lost already.
The evil one is doomed; so the powers of darkness work to cause disharmony , chaos and confusion. So the Spirit of the Lord calms hearts and minds.
The enemy gives tablets to drug people and then names tablets as a device to feed the addiction. 
It is a crude generation who cannot see clearly to respond accordingly; the blind leading the blind and those causing chaos and confusion giving a headache. 
Tell my people: Turn to me, the Lord God Almighty and with simple prayer, pure heart and pure intentions I will listen. 
I want no excuses or justifications of wrongs.
Be sincere and stop the nonsense to hurt my people. 
Help the widow, the orphan and the fatherless if you belong to me people.
Pauline you are like a widow left alone; an orphan with parents dead and family who caused your fall. You are mine by this right for I am the Father who tends to my children lovingly. 
I did not harm you by beating you, nor molest or rape you and I did not pressure you to take the wrong path in life. 
You did not see what I have planned for you - You who tried to do right by everyone and cried many tears when you were wronged.
I give you a family  who love you worthy of my love; for the persecuted and prosecuted Jews know the truth. 
You have been accepted into homes by strangers who trusted you in a time they called out to ask if there is a God to help them. Well I am that same I am and I know the people who trust me and those who do not. I will pour out my healing balm on those people that they can know me as you know me.
The rest will remain in the cold for they do not seek the truth  or do what is right -saieth the Lord'

The messages that include the words 'Saith the Lord' are precise words given in the Spirit and not my own..As written this is the complete message.

The message times identify with the following scriptures:

Jesus said 'When you see a south wind blowing, you say, 'It's going to be hot,' and so it is. (Luke 12:55)

When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’ (Luke 13:25)

Every effort has been made to people who have been put in this role to share messages and follow instructions, with warnings for repentance. As serious as some of this message and others can be, we are at the end of the road now and God has warned and warned and warned. His messages are clear.

We who are tired and enduringly suffer...Hold on for Christ is revealed over and over again. The Spirit of the Lord is the Spirit of Truth.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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